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  • Keene (NH)
  • Annual Tuition: $25,547
100% of 6 students said this degree improved their career prospects
83% of 6 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 11/20/2019
  • Degree: Management
"Most of my professors were great and took time to meet with me regarding extra help or advise on my future career path. There are so many great resources to take advantage of. I urge students to take advantage of the career center where you are able to get advise finding jobs after graduation and help on building a resume. I attended a talk offered by the school about a local company where I was able to speak with the staff afterwards. I ended up starting a paid internship with this company which I was able to count as credit towards my degree. There was a period after college where I was unemployed and it is scary. Within less then a year I had a job which I considered decent experience . One year after that I found a job that was good pay and good experience and I can finally say I am putting my degree to use. I would have never made it to where I am today without this degree."
Unhappy Pre Med Student
  • Reviewed: 2/13/2019
  • Degree: Biology
"I love being educated at Keene State, don't get me wrong. My professors are amazing and I feel like I learn a lot and they care about what I'm learning. BUT this school does deserve two stars because the ONLY good thing they do is education. The student accounts staff are rude and generally condescending and not helpful as well as most all of the administration I have spoken to. Residential Life is rude and genuinely don't care about your living situation or needs as long as you are paying and they can catch you on enough 'health and safety violations' to fine you about $100 dollars a person. Right now we have 2 showers for all of the girls in my building that work and they don't care to fix them let alone clean the cob webs from the ceiling or vacuum the floor once a month at least. When they found 'unsafe' extension cords in my dorm (that had been there since the beginning of the year and weren't a problem for the previous three safety checks) I was given 10 days OVER CHRISTMAS to finish a video series about being safe in the dorms. If I didn't complete it (which I didn't because I had never received a letter from the student conduct office and it looks like spam) I was put on 'academic probation' which meant I wouldn't receive my scholarship to pay for school after trying to handle the matter myself I was told parents hold more weight because "they pay the school" so I let my mom call and raise hell so that I could keep my scholarship and the school could keep me as a student and the money my tuition gives them. As a biology major they, note that they don't offer a pre-med track, I would suggest going ANYWHERE else if you want to go into medicine because no one here can help you get into med school, tell you about med school how to apply, what you need to know or even what classes you should take at Keene to be successful in medicine (except maybe some MEMBERS, not the adviser of the pre med club). The "pre-med adviser" who has only met with me on one occasion and isn't my regular adviser AND is supposed to write me a letter of recommendation for med school doesn't even come to pre-med club meetings to get to know students. She is one of the least helpful people I have met here, from the moment she gave me a sheet of recommended classes for med school and sent me out the door and hasn't responded to an email since. Keene State doesn't care about you or what you do as long as they get their money. Their ONLY saving grace is that MOST of their professors care about their students. If you want to party every weekend and get a good education, and be disrespected by almost every administrator and other non-professor staff, then Keene State is the place for you."
Martha M. Schmidt
  • Reviewed: 4/22/2017
  • Degree: English
"As an undergrad, I loved that all my professors were so knowledgeable, within not only the English and writing departments (my major and minor areas) but also in the arts and sciences. Like many of my fellow students, I had extra credits on graduating because I took advantage of non-required courses that were of interest. Some of my favorites were the art history and music courses. In my view, the college should have made available more music courses to non-majors! Also, rather surprisingly, I found several of the most eye-opening courses were in the sciences and psychology. The professors made the material not only relevant and interesting, but went out of their way to chat with students individually about course content and current issues. I can't say enough good things about the English department during my time at KSC, they had many wonderful professors with different scholarly interests. Sadly, several have moved on or retired, but several I know are still at KSC: Dr. Stroup is an expert at integrating different subjects (art, music, science, etc.) into the literature courses he teaches, and Dr. Schur provided some of the most fascinating classes on Russian literature (including a co-taught class with Dr. Darby in the music department)."
Makayla Ferrick
  • Reviewed: 2/25/2017
  • Degree: Performing Arts
"Keene State College has shaped who I am today. Going into my freshman year, I wanted to open my own dance studio. After having an outside study opportunity, funded by Keene State College, I was able to work and connect with dance professionals and other students in the field that helped me decide what I really wanted to do with my future. I had always wanted to teach dance but the people I met through this experiential learning opportunity allowed me to appreciate working with older students. I now know that I want to teach dance at the collegiate level. I want to teach at the collegiate level because I like to challenge students as well as allowing them to challenge me so that I can proceed to grow as a dancer/choreographer. Now that I am a senior and have had numerous advising meetings, outside study opportunities, and have grown from my professors guidance, I feel ready to graduate. I am confident after the work I have completed at Keene State College to not only attend graduate school, but succeed."
Andrew Pierce
  • Reviewed: 8/19/2016
  • Degree: Occupational Safety
"Keen state college is located in a small town in western New Hampshire. It is a college town and there is not much to do off-campus but the downtown area is within walking distance of the campus and is a great social area. The professors at Keene are eager to help, they are flexible, and understanding. The food is mediocre but there are lots of places to eat in the downtown area. There are many opportunities to participate in club sports teams as well as intramural teams. The students are friendly, and outgoing. Overall, I would give Keene State College a B rating."
  • Reviewed: 5/25/2013
  • Degree: Chemistry
"I enjoyed college life, I would have liked to live on campus longer and enjoy more student life activities. I love my career but if I had to do it again I may have chosen Engineering. Try to get an internship or a job shadow at a place that specializes in your career choice to make sure you like it."