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Ann Hansen
  • Reviewed: 2/7/2023
  • Degree: MBA
"Keller Graduate School of Management has proved to be an excellent choice for my MBA program. The professors bring a unique balance of both academia and real-world experience to the classroom. My ability to apply what I am learning to my career has been outstanding. Ann Hansen"
  • Reviewed: 4/6/2021
  • Degree: MBA
"Best option for a working adult. I even took classes while being in another country. It was perfectly laid out. Once complete my career moved positively. You get what you put in to it. I wish they offered the PMP certification. It is a profit school but set up just fine."
Jamie M
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2019
  • Degree: MBA
"Keller Graduate School of Management has been wonderful. Christine Ridge (Naperville Campus) and Justin Shook (Addison Campus) have been wonderful. Not only did they get me back into school, they were able to get my financial aid going, but they were also able to get me grandfathered in so I could still finish my degree in the expected amount of courses. They are wonderful. Plus this entire time we were fighting the clock for the start date for school. They still pulled it off to get everything done in time to get me in school within 1 week. Great Job Keller!! Special thanks to Christine Ridge and Justin Shook."
  • Reviewed: 4/19/2018
  • Degree: MBA
"I attended the Manassas, VA school from 2010-2013, using both the online and onsite platforms. I used my Post-911 GI bill to go to school while my daughter was young, so full disclosure, my perspective is without student loans. I really enjoyed this school. As with ANYTHING in life, it is what you make of it. If you do the bare minimum to get a passing grade and degree, then that is what you will walk away with. This school does not have the fancy name to prop up a lackadaisical student effort, so if you don't work hard to learn, you won't have much to show for it- truth. Having professionals in the field teach the classes are a great asset to actually LEARNING about your field of study. If you approach it with the intent to become a better educated practitioner in your field, you will walk away from this school with real-world tools that you can apply right away to your job. Fast-forward 5 years, after much more hard work, I have a great job working from home at an IT company with a pay that supports my family as the sole bread-winner. I use what I learned from my Masters of Project Management and MBA all the time. It is an excellent catalyst for jump-starting an emerging career or spark up a stagnant one, IF you dedicate yourself to the process of growth and learning. If you are looking to get a diploma with a special name on it so your boss/colleagues can ooh and ahh, by all means, attend a big name school and those are great too. If you work hard at learning at that school, then you will have the knowledge and the fancy title, and that will probably work really well for you, and if I'm being completely honest, that approach will probably make you more competitive against someone like me who went to Keller. It's not the only way though. Keller really did provide me with an excellent education that I use on a daily basis and it does not deserve the "diploma mill" reputation that I have heard before. Not to mention, its 100%, unlimited access to the post-911 GI bill allowed my to earn three masters degrees. It was a huge amount of work, many many sleepless nights/waking up at ungodly hours. This school is NOT easy if your goal is to both learn and get a 4.0. But I would imagine that it would be fairly simple to do the bare minimum to get a B- and a degree, just like mostly everything in life. If that is your attitude I recommend not applying for any graduate program at this time. Good luck to you and I hope this helps you make a decision if you are on the fence about attending."
  • Reviewed: 12/15/2017
  • Degree: MBA
"This degree is not respected and not worth the cost. I omit the degree from my resume because of the disrespect the degree receives in the financial industry. This school should not be accredited and should not allow for federal funding. DeVry was bad Keller of DeVry IS WORSE."
Graduate, 2012
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: MBA
"The professors were great. I love the fact that most were practitioners."
  • Reviewed: 3/18/2017
  • Degree: MBA
"Other than the high cost associated with the school, I must say what I learned at Keller was phenomenal! After moving from State to State for years and raising a family of 4, my hope and desire to finish my Masters Degree had almost dwindled. I would enroll for classes only to have my family move away to another state for a new position or appointment. I attended a total of 4 State Universities but I was never able to finish my degree because they lacked the Hybrid (Onsite & online) 24/7 competitive advantage Keller provided me. Not only that, but the quality of learning at those State Schools was no better than Keller; and in some instances, the hands-on-activities approach Keller provided made the programs a lot more superior! They were preparing us for the real life experiences they themselves had experienced or were experiencing since most or all the professors were already professionals in the areas of their expertise. The other component to Keller is that it is mostly tailored towards the mature, responsible student who can study on their own and not expect a professor to do all the work for them. I credit my ability to complete a Master's degree to the way the program is offered and structured. I would suggest though that Keller puts some of the money the students pay into their Career Services to make sure Keller Graduates find jobs after graduating and help remove the stigma of attending a for "Profit School"!"
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2017
  • Degree: MBA
"It was a wonderful experience. The teachers were very knowledgeable of their given subject. I would recommend this school to any student as I feel as though I actually received a quality educational experience."
  • Reviewed: 5/18/2013
  • Degree: MBA
"I attend Keller at the Philadelphia campus and I've had a mix of experiences. Financial aid at the campus is awful. My "conusltant" doesn't consult. He e-mails me days, sometimes weeks, after I ask a question and never answers his phone. I leave messages but they never get returned. I won't use his name because that's mean but he's terrible.The "coach" there is really nice. She helps answer all of my questions and in a very timely manner. When I have issues with getting in touch with financial aid guy she helps me quickly and always gets the answers I need. She is my consultant and my coach.Keller has some good instructors but not all so I urge you to be careful. Online options are okay but some classes should be taken at the school. Overall, I'd recommend the school at Philadelphia. I can't wait to graduate this year!"
Yovanka Castellanos
  • Reviewed: 10/27/2010
  • Degree: MBA
"Totally disappointed. I completed two Masters in Keller, the MBA and the MFAM. Just at the beginning was worth it for the customer service and the teacher but as the time passed its been one of the most terrible experiences.Customer Service is terrible, actually no service at all. They change a lot the people working with them in the Miami campus, reason why is extremely difficult to be able to provide continuity to a case.The Dean in Miami is the most irresponsible person in the world, does not respond emails, don’t care about anything and just keep voiding all situations.In order to take my CPA Becker Classes with them was a mission because they did not want to recognize the credits at the beginning and a group of students had to contacted by email almost the president to be able to enter in the program and receive the credits. I also requested a revision in my grades in one class, almost 2 years ago, when I started, and I am still waiting for a response after tons of emails to the Dean.Finally the college made a mistake and did not include a class that I took on my current loans at the time and after almost a year fighting and trying to find out what happened they admitted the mistake, just release my transcripts to be able to sit for the CPA exam BUT are holding my second Diploma because "I have a balance" that I need to pay.It’s just ridiculous.... I’m transferring to another college just to complete the 6 credits that I am still missing for my CPA exam. It’s just a nightmare."