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  • Reviewed: 3/11/2015
  • Degree: Religious Studies
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"I'll get to the point of the positives and spend my time addressing the common negative sentiments raised in more depth. First off - I’m graduating in May. I have had a tremendous experience from start to finish. I plan to continue my education, beyond the MA level, and the only reason that I would leave is because I do believe there is value in obtaining degrees from varying institutions. However, my experience has been SO positive I am re-thinking that. Professors - Some have slammed them for poor communication, unfair grading, and for varying from their “dogmatic” opinions. To this, I can only say that of the 12 profs that I have had, I would say ALL were very easy to access via phone, email, or even Skype. All have replied within 12 hours (usually less) during the work week and within 24 on weekends and holidays. Some (2) have seemed a tad more aloof, as if they are just along to grade work, but in both instances, when I needed them for clarification or additional instruction on a point have stepped up nicely. One was in the process of his dissertation, so I think perhaps he should have taken a year off to do that. Financial Aid - Seems to be a common complaint. I cannot attest to this, having not used FA. They are Just After the Money - Considering they have some of the most reasonable tuition rates out there, offer great rates for military and vets, give a 25% automatic scholarship to public safety employees, and don't nickel and dime you with countless odd fees, and give you drastic reduction in tuition for taking at least 9 credits per semester, I would say that argument fails miserably. The only fee that I have issue with is the 45.00 fee to pay semester tuition over the 4 months as opposed to all at once. I will admit that seems silly to me, but all in all, I challenge you to find as good of an accredited education at the rates you can at LUO. Workload/Tough Grading - At least on the Masters Seminary level, I can attest that Liberty is no degree mill. You are not going to drop in and just buy an easy Masters here. You are going to work for it and if you want a top GPA, then you are going to earn it. There is a ton of reading (Usually 3-4 books per course). There is a ton of writing. With weekly forum essays, responses, along with book reviews/critiques, research papers, etc, expect AT LEAST 20 pages of graduate level writing, complete with citations and in consistent Turabian format, in each class. AND THAT IS A LIGHT CLASS. I just finished OBST 661 - Isaiah and it was easily double that (with a total of 3 long forums, and 5, 6-8 page essays. Most classes, although not all, also have mid-terms and final exams. Mercifully, these are all open book/note tests and to me, have seemed to be pretty reasonable if you actually are reading and highlighting the assigned texts. As for grading, seminary research and writing is the heart of the Theological Studies program. So therefore, the papers usually make up the heftiest component of the overall grade. If you cut corners and/or struggle to write at a scholarly graduate level, in Turabian format, you are going to get hit. The grading is all rubric based, so there is very little to the claims that professors are being capricious in their marks. They have to justify each grade based on the scaled outline. However, this is a grad program. Step up to the challenge. You will be proud of yourself and your degree in the end. My pride in my accomplishment, and in LUBTS, is a result of the rigorous program. I work full time and took 36 credits in one year, mostly to access the full-time tuition block rate, and it was a sacrifice. Most of my vacation time was used to write papers. Every evening and weekend was consumed with study. Trying to make sure I established time for my family meant many log nights after they were in bed. Eight weeks left, and then mission accomplished. Unfair Teachers Who Take Offense to Different Viewpoints - I have not seen this whatsoever. In fact, I am Pentecostal with strong Arminianist stance, in a Baptist Seminary. I have professors who are Reformed believers, Roman Catholics, and the gamut of non-charismatic evangelicalism. I have never been down-graded, embarrassed, marginalized, or treated unfairly, whatsoever, because I have disagreed with them or them with me. In fact, I routinely get comments on my essays or papers that tell me they disagree with the point, but grade me high because I can support my position with solid argumentation. And that is a huge part of what I see in the Seminary. The very first class you take, Intro to Seminary Studies, teaches you the value and techniques for making a solid, logical, scholarly argument. If you cannot do that, or just papers that do not argue a point, then you will have a tough time. Too Much Christian Content Laced in the Curriculum – Did you do any research prior to enrollment? If so, this right out there for the whole world to read. Liberty is about “making champions for Christ.” No matter the course of study, Liberty seeks to prepare you for work in that field and to take a Christian perspective into it. This is such a peculiar argument to me. Again, it goes back to you having to demonstrate that you have earned your mark, and thus, your degree. This is not a drop in, log on, thumb through a few books, write a few lines, and get an MA. This is real school—real GRADUATE SCHOOL. Lastly, I will say that LUO gives you every opportunity to succeed. You have free access to an amazing library of scholarly databases, books, articles, and materials. You have access to writing guides, and tutors who can assist you on your papers and with your argumentation. I trust that there are a lot of folks who have legitimate gripes about particular aspects of this University. But please be dubious of anyone who universally slams the institute based on a single element of broader experience."
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2015
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 0
"Beware! If you are thinking of attending this school just to see what it is like - - DON'T!! They MAKE you take bible classes that WILL NOT transfer to other colleges - that is how they get you to pay for all these credits that are mandatory to get your degree, but if you decide to transfer to a different school, more than likely BIBLE will not transfer! ALSO, if you choose not to return, they keep adding up charges that you have no idea why and take the money from you! They have your credit card for deposits, etc., but they make up charges in order for you to get out and put in on your card! They tell you that they will investigate it, but believe me - by the time you call them again to see what they are doing about it, there is another charge for something else that is crazy!! Like, they charge you for the dining and you aren't even there! It's like, "pay to get in and pay to get out"! Just beware - if you want to go there for bible, that's fine, but don't waste your time and money for anything else unless you REALLY know you are going to stay! PS - they have some REALLY fantastic brand new buildings - - I'm sure the money that they keep taking from me is helping to pay for them as well as everyone else that has dropped money there."
  • Reviewed: 1/22/2015
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2012
"Great school! Large in size but with a family feel, a great experience overall."
  • Reviewed: 11/27/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"As a pending graduate of their MSN program. I feel that I can submit an honest review of my experience as a student. First of all, online learning is quite different than brick and mortar classroom learning. Many online students are second and third degree students who are adults with jobs and families. Liberty does not differentiate between the 18-21 year old population from the residential day school and the 30-40 & 50 something year olds they teach online. I felt as if I was constantly being dictated to, lead down paths to nowhere and when I attempted to bring these inequities to anyone's attention, I was swiftly reminded about this policy and that policy basically telling me how to properly "act'. I am so frustrated with my entire experience, everytime I sign onto Blackboard I get "knots" in my stomach because I know I'm going to have to wade through some type of aggrivation about something. I just want to be done and run as far away as possible. Their attitude seems to be "this is college...figure it out for yourself". As an adult learner with a busy life...the only thing you want to have to figure out is what you are supposed to be LEARNING. Adults just want and need things fast and uncomplicated....Tell me what you want, tell me where you want me to go and get it, give me the proper information and hyperlinks and let me do my job. PERIOD. Not with Liberty University. I am constantly struggling with wrong information, websites and communication that is down, confusing, missing or incorrect/outdated instruction or information and when you report the problems, it's like YOU are the one with the problem not THEM. If I had sent this email to liberty, I would be getting a letter reminding me of the honor policy regarding capitol lettering in e-mails. They would say I am yelling at them..........And I still wouldn't get my problem soved any easier or quicker. I received my BSN from a Christian School named EASTERN UNIVERSITY. is was a blended classroom and online program. They set the bar incredibly high regarding help, consideration and respect to students of ALL ages.......I expected so much more from Liberty, so much more.........I'm really disappointed. I would never consider taking a theology class from them. EVER. Sometimes I feel as if they are so focused on intergrating Christian Theology with my nursing practise that I am missing valuable concepts and information regarding how to become an effective TEACHER. Someone I respect once asked me..."Don't you know about this and that and thus and such....what are you learning in that school you are going to?" I was very much embarassed and had to literally find a way to teach myself valuable information I was missng relating to my profession. I think if you are a residential student you would probably have an extraordinary experience at Liberty. I think you could find better online programs however.....I sure do pray you don't have the same experience I did."
Graduate Alumni
  • Reviewed: 5/21/2014
  • Degree: Human Services
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"I am a recent graduate of the human services program with a health and wellness specialty. I truly enjoyed my time there at Liberty because of the subject matter that further my learning in nursing and population health. There are negatives as with any school (e.g professors that do not respond on time). Overall, the experience was Christ-centered and with that I can express myself as a Christian without having to defend myself against atheist professors."
  • Reviewed: 7/26/2013
  • Degree: Psychology
  • Graduation Year:
"Tell us about your college experience.I started taking online courses and at first I loved it. The first course and professor was amazing. The second course was so boring that I thought I would die. There is no interaction with your classmates at all. Everything is done via e-mail and that's it. I thought we would have some type of interaction online but no. And, I knew going into it that Liberty is a Christian school but they take it to the extreme. The last class I was taking was psychology. We were told "if you can;t find it in the Bible it didn;t happen." What? Wait. There's research to show it's. I couldn't be onboard with that. I am now looking for a new school."