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1 out of 5
Degree: Automotive Technology
Graduation Year: 2006

a quarter of the time in class was spent taking smoke breaks. The teachers only teached out of a hundred dollar textbook, we were there for 9 months and spent 20k. Of that they screwed up on some kind of paperwork in the main office and is still annoying me even to this day when i have both nelnet loans paid off from 6 years ago.

Overall you are better off to go on an apprenticeship than spend 20,000$ here and leave in 9 months with a worthless certificate which companies laugh at. if i could go back in time i would have bought the 100$ textbook and set fire to 20,000$ than give this school 1 penny more.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

We were going to send our child in Sept 2012, but after looking at how much he would need to borrow ($36K) with interest rates of 8-10%, the total amount tp pay back would be $75K over a 15 year period with payments of $415/month. Really? For a certificate and not even be certified in welding? No way we will put that burden onto our child. Please look at the WHOLE picture of student loans before making this commitment.
5 out of 5
Degree: Computer Networking
Graduation Year: 2012

I attended the Lincoln College of Technology campus in Marietta, Georgia.

4 nights a week for 23 months and completed my Assoiacte Degree in Computer Network and Security in 2012.

First off ANY school you attend should be a learning experience and you get out of WHAT you put in. If you are attending any college no one should have to hold your "hand" You have to apply yourself and read and study outside of class. I found a lot of the students were lazy, they didn't want to do ANY work outside of the classroom. All but one teacher was excellent. ( and I switched teachers/classes

ALL my credits transferred for my Bachelors Degree. Just a few colleges that would accept my credits were: Strayer University Herzing College Devry Phoenix Online ITT Tech (but this is not a good school) So please read any review with "a grain of salt" the problem could be the student.

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2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I've been denied 3 or more jobs after telling potential employers where i went to school.

That school is a waste of money and a waste of time. you are better off going to everest or a real college. i only know one person i went to school with that got a job in the field because she did her externship at a small office that was just starting out.

The class started off with over 30 people and ended with 12-14 people.

I went through hell when i went there. the teachers acted more like friends, male teachers were flirting with the students, the students were allowed to do whatever they wanted, and you have to teach yourself everything because the teachers don't know how to teach. anyone can finish the program. they don't care they just want your money.

Went to that school because i was told "if you dont apply now then you wont be able to apply until next year because this is the final week" a month later i found out that was such a lie, new students come in every month! classes rotate in order from first course to last, so the first course always has new students that just came in. and they accept people without geds or hs diplomas. there were 16-17 year olds who dropped out of high school that attended there. yeah that is who i want to draw my blood!

They MAKE you draw each others blood in phlebotomy. they dont care who the weakest student is, you have to let them stick you with a needle. i let 2 people draw my blood because most of the course i couldn't due to a massive hematoma on my arm one of the students gave me by taking the needle out improperly the second she saw blood! (she lifted the needle up in the air, taking my arm with her, instead of taking it out at an angle like your supposed was very painful and so was the purple bruise that was there for 3 weeks) the teacher didnt even say anything, and the entire class was scared to give blood after seeing what happend.

none of those teachers cared about anything as long as they were getting paid. im struggling to get a job in the field even though i graduated with high honors. i came in as a highschool graduate and came out with a bs certification. now im working in fast food and retail. dont even bother with this school you will regret it

2 out of 5
Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I signed up for their medical coding and billing course. I should have known the school was a rip off the day of orientation. They stuck me in a class with people who signed up for medical office assistant and medical assistanting. There was maybe one other in there for medical coding and billing, but for some reason I stayed there for 4 months before realizing what a waste of time it was.

What made me decide to quit was when a student and I were talking, and she told me a day I couldn't make it that the teacher told everyone if they wanted to do coding and billing this school wasn't the right place to be. If that's the case, why do they advertise it?!?!? When I called to tell them I would no longer be attending they gave me a hard time and started asking if I was leaving because I was having problems with other students. I just couldn't believe it.

Also, about 3 months in, my teacher had to teach another class because their teacher got laid off or something, so they sent us a lady who spoke "like dis" and made us do everything on our own. She didn't teach us anything and when we had a question she would get mad. I don't know about other courses they teach, but if you want to learn coding and billing DO NOT SIGN UP AT LINCOLN TECH!!! THEY DON'T EVEN TEACH THE COURSE!!!

3 out of 5
Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

They tried to pressure me in to taking out a thirteen thousand doller in house loan on top of my aid for the lpn program! No matter what I tried to suggest they only wanted me to get that loan and I would still pay on it for 82 months after I graduated.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: did not graduate

I am a guy. I went there right after high school 7 years ago. they did not have reviews back then. I Wish they did. I'm 26 now. I am still paying back loans to that school this day. You can guaranteed they want you're money, and you will be in debt, you will be wasting you're time and money if you go here. One thing I hated most about the school was the teachers

After a few weeks I had one teacher teaching every class. And she wasn't good at all. at that point i should of walked out but nope. I stayed and paid. I am so embarrassed to even say i went. there. I did not graduate. But I had friends in my class who did, and not one of them work in that field. just stay away from the school.

Im sure people have had great experiences at the school, but the odds are slim. You will have a better chance wasting that money on lottery tickets than to waste money at this school.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I am a recent graduate of LTI (Lincoln, RI campus) in 2011. I studied Medical Assisting. I had a wonderful experience at my clinical externship and was hired before I even graduated. I was able to accomplish this because of my education at LTI. I have read all of the other reviews and can agree with both sides to a certain degree. While I attended LTI there were things that I didn't like or agree with 100%, but things aren't always perfect in everyday life.

Whats important is to be mature enough to handle different problems and situations that arise. As long as YOU as a student are dedicated to achieving your personal goals, then nothing will stand in your way to getting an excellent education at LTI.

The instructors are very dedicated to helping you succeed and go above and beyond to make sure you do. The hands on experience at LTI was very educational, enjoyable, and easy to understand. The text books as well. Some classes can be very challenging, others a breeze. They offer tutoring if ever needed at no extra cost. There were things I didn't like about the school. Like if you get sick or anything, including surgery. They don't except Dr's notes. They will drop you from the program after 5 days absent. No excused absenses unless there was a death in the family.

A few of the insturctors really seemed like they hated thier job. I had one like that. The dean of LTI was an a**. If you ever have any complaints, its not worth wasting your breath to go to him. He really has an arrogant attitude and could care less. It is mostly women/girls in the Medical Assitant program. Alot of drama and gossip and even a few fights happend. Mostly involving the students just outta high school.

The breaks could of been better. You get (2) 10 min breaks and (1) 20 min break. Doesn't really give you much time to eat. But, over all I am glad I attended. I thought I was very well prepared for my clinical externship. LTI did an excellent job helping me prepare for the state exam to become registered, and build my resume. I would recommend LTI to those who are SERIOUS. Its a fasted paced program and a quick way to get an diploma. If you don't take time to study and pay attention, you will fail. There was alot of that unfortunetly.

Its only a 10 month course. They only have 1 graduation ceremony a year. So you may have to wait months to actually "walk across the stage". Your diploma usually comes in the mail 3 months after your graduation date. I kinda do wish I would of pursued a nursing program. Mostly because I wanna learn more and be allowed to do more like I.V'S. So if your into that, I would go elsewhere to do a nursing program. I am in the process of continuing my education to become an RN. But, as of now I am a Registered Medical Assistant, employed at an Urgent Care, Thanks to Lincoln Technical Institute.

2 out of 5

I am scheduled to start the Nursing Program in March. I felt like what some of the people were saying here. I would be choosing this school because I'm desperate not because it's the right school, so with that being said there is a 80% chance I will look elsewhere to further my education. I will take the patient route this time in my lfe and if it takes me 2 years longer to achieve my dream I will do it that way patience does pay off....Thanks everyone!

Also I want to add is I am a pretty good self teacher I am good at researching and figuring out things, i struggle in some areas in math but for the most part I can be self taught....but I'll be darned if I spend $31 plus and have to self teach myself and commit to 4days a week for 2 years

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: November 2011

I just graduated from LTI November 2011 and it was the trashiest most unorganized school, I wish I never waisted my time or money on that rediculous place, I'll admit the admissions staff is awesome that's just because they want your money after that they could care less about you.

a lot of the teachers there smoke that tells you a lot on how much you really know health care, thy give smoking breaks every hour so education is always being interrupted, the shool is mostly girls everyone knows when you get a bunch of girls together in the same class for 9 months gossip and drama another interruption to the education.

I'm telling you for 18 grand go to a community college and get a associates degree because the certificate equals a high school diploma and doctors offices and hospitals don't consider it experience anyways, they promise help after you graduate I've emailed them almost everyday and haven't gotten a response back for job leads, now I'm force into paying for so Something that didn't help me in the end and more money on another college.

The only class that Is worth taking there is the phlebotomy class, hands on and the teacher is one of the only teachers that cares and act professional.

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