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4 out of 5

(For the record, I go to the one in Northeast Philadelphia.) I went to CCP for a semester to find out that it was a mess there. So, I applied to Lincoln Tech for Computers. I am not an idiot with a computer either. This campus when I first started lost a computer teacher. So it left the school with 3 teachers and some subs. Every single computer teacher does not teach.

The class I have some kids just leave for the day because they feel they are not learning anything and I admit I am in that group of people. People I talk to in another class say they same and we hold ourselves together as long as we can to try to stay.

The school does not care if anyone learns as long as they have their money they do not care what you do. So many people who deserved to be kicked out weren't. The teacher I have now has gotten complaints from the staff due to the students telling the staff about him and they did nothing!Acted like nothing is wrong. Other campus's are diffrent but 98% of reviews I have read they are not much different.That saying ' you will only get what you want out of an education' means nothing when the teacher can not teach and every computer teacher there cant teach either. So my advice is do not go here you will waste your money

4 out of 5

Total scam. I graduated with a very high cumulative average in October of 2009, and I am STILL WAITING for my diploma. The financial aid department tells me it is on HOLD because I owe MORE money. What a racket. I would not recommend this school to anyone. My mom helped me with the medical terminology aspect, as the instructor could not even pronounce the terms. What a shame. Hopefully some day I will receive the diploma that I worked so hard for. Two words.... STAY AWAY.

4 out of 5

I attended the school from July 2007 until I graduated from the pharmacy technician program in Feb 08. . I graduated with 4.0 and 100% attendance too.

My career service counselor was the Director of Career ServicesHe and didn't evem call for months at a time and when he does there is never any follow through. I was told by that he receives awards for job placement when he doesn’t even seem to care about my job placement. I can never reach him via telephone either.

I understand that the school can’t guarantee job placement, but I am putting effort forth and expect to have some help from your side. This has caused me to ask for career service assistance from your NE Philadelphia campus; although they were unable to help directly they were able to provide some assistance by listening to my concerns.

Another concern I have is the school staff. Around the ending of my time at the school I had one male student cheat on an examination and get caught, he spoke to the head dean of allied health along with my Professor and still stayed in the program and somehow finished it. The sad thing is he actually job from his externship at Acro Pharmaceutical in Sharon Hill Philadelphia.

This continues with the financial aid staff that doesn’t provide adequate service to most students. I had received no financial aid other than loans to finance my education. Also to note many of my classmates were on welfare during their studies at Lincoln Tech and that it was funny and cool to do badly in school and waste their money.

The school catalogue doesn’t depict accuracy. At the same time the school didn’t give myself significant training, I didn’t even learn half the things I was supposed to in the respected classes I took. And there was no hands-on training that the school promised. There wasn’t even a lab we could use for class activities.

The externship program turned out to be a problem too. Early on in my program many opportunities are presented, however later on the staff discloses only 3 real opportunities: a customer service job at a Keystone Mercy, a healthcare center in my neighborhood, and a customer service retail position at a Kmart.

The first offer, where most of my classmates went, was too far to travel too. The second offer wasn’t possible due to another student in the area “supposedly” working there (this latter turned out to be a lie). I therefore took the third option of working in retail where thankfully it worked out for the best.

Both (externships coordinators) were of no help either! Told me all Lincoln techs in the area use the same sources for externs. This is a lie found out only by contacting the Lincoln Tech Philadelphia ne campus in early August 2009. I even had to write a letter to my professor asking and telling why I should get a top choice for my externship!

Through the program I was assured if you work hard you will have success and the students you hassle their career service councilors will usually get better job offers! I was considered a top student and was assured a superior externship site.

A final note is the poorly kept small bathrooms. They were a disgrace! Male teachers even stood in the male bathroom waiting for students to get out, and the male staff had no restroom of their own.

With my credentials I was told to expect a hospital site for my externship.

To the women who works in admissions, what campus do you work for and how can you say that many students are lazy?

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4 out of 5

I am currently attending the campus in Casselberry, Florida. I believe that it was previously Americare school of nursing, i read the reviews which were unhelpful, most of these people complain about them pricing for either dropping out, leaving, or someone for FIGHTING! Really fighting?! I would have kicked you out too!

This school is wonderful, the teachers are hands on and experienced. The facility is new, and the equipment is expensive and brand new. My classmates are wonderful and all dedicated to learning. Sure it's pricey but it's private and well worth it if you actually do your work.

I don't know about the other lincoln tech campus' but the one I go to here in Florida is great! They really do care about your education.

4 out of 5

To the person who wrote on behalf of LTI. I did not go into Lincoln Tech expecting an easy A, but that's exactly what I got. Consistently I had teachers read entire tests ( including mid course and finals) to the class so each question could be answered. Then immediately handed out the tests for us to take them.

I maintained a 4.0 with perfect attendance for 6 months so don't try to tell me I just didn't apply myself. There was no need to apply myself when I'm in a classroom with people who failed a test on rounding!! That's right folks, not only was a test on rounding part of the curriculum but there were several students that failed it. Some screening process.....

But don't worry there is no student left behind at LTI. IF it takes a week to teach that one person to round then that's what will happen at the peril of everyone around them.

As other people have mentioned, not only does the automotive degree at Lincoln not mean anything to employers, I have had people actually laugh in my face when I told them I went there. The school is a complete joke in the automotive field.

Halfway through Basic electric a student brought his car into the shop because the dash lights didn't work. Turns out the dimmer switch was turned down!!!!. Not only did this student pass electricity but is passing each class since, and I assure you is still the same guy that didn't know what a dimmer switch does. Starting to see why employers think LTI grads are a joke yet????

The school will make sure you pass no matter what. If you show up they will get you through by any means necessary to keep your checks coming in.

Don't fall for this scam like the rest of us did. If you want to get into the automotive field find an entry level position or even an unpaid internship. Learning for free from someone who is actually qualified is better than paying $27,000 to watch someone that worked at a gas station 20 years ago play on the internet.

4 out of 5

I can not stand this school i was suppose to be finishing my last mod in the pharmacy tech class today and there tyna fail me in one of my classes becaues of my attendance. i only missed 1 day and was late alot but the kids who miss 4 or 5 days dont get hassled jus because they have a note and this just doesnt make sense to me they can miss 4 or 5 full days nd because im late i have to fail wen all i get is A's and B's and was on the deans list like this is just really crazy to me

they teach us stuff we dont even need to know to work in the pharmacy half of the time we was in class we was doing nothing. everytime i tell people i go to lincoln for pharmacy tech they tell me im wasting my time and its ridiculous that we have to pay all that money when they dont teach us what we should know and how they can just fail you because of attendance makes no sense

4 out of 5

Their policy's are bent for some and not othere, you spend as much as you would on 2 years at a community collage. the teachers get into the drama of their students. The worst decision i have ever made in my life was going to this school! not to mention when you get out, nobody wants to hire you b/c of the school's reputation.

4 out of 5

This school is not good anyone that goes to Lincoln Tech Brockton Campus will waste their time and money

4 out of 5

Lets begin with i am currently enrolled in the LPN course 15 month program at Lincoln tech.

1. They said the credit would transfer- they do not

2. They lied to us about the 15 months and our graduation date which was suppose to be in September and now it is in the end of October making it a 16 month program.

3. They promised Hosipital clinic setting, there are no hosipital clinic sites.

4. They hire teacher that are nurses with no teaching experience, go on and the add will even state you just need your BSN no teaching experience required.

5. They do not let student who graduate the course who they think will not pass the state board take the test, due to the alarming rate of failing graduates from Lincoln tect and actucally recieved a warning from the state that the school may be put on suspension due the failure rate.

6. Also even if you pass the course and they do think you will pass the state test they wait forever to mail off your registration, and if a student asks to do it themself they refuse to give you, your school records.

7. Due to the untimely manner in which you are even registered to that the state test due to the school, your school loans are now trying to collect before you even take the test, and in nj if 6 months after you graduate, thats bad.

8. The teacher having no teaching experence teach from outlines and books, have no leason plans.

9. the best is how the teacher will actucally degrade the students, telling them they won't make it, and how they don't like there face, i have no idea how that related to nursing. Also teacher are suppose to encourage student not put them down.

4 out of 5

I was really excited to start my classes for medical assisting in Lincoln tech. I started school and then realized that i made the biggest mistake ever i got suckered into 17,000 for no reason! they suck!!

and then i tried transferring to a school in St.Petersburg and then I all of a sudden owe them almost $2,000 because i didn't finish! I was making a transfer for gods I'm in more debt then i have ever been in my life! THANKS TO THAT DUMB SCHOOL!

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