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4 out of 5



I had a great time, i do recomend the school. i also recommend that you be mature pay attention, and be there. Don't occupy that seat if you are really not going to appreciated it. Their are others out there that really do want to do something with their lifes but because someone did not use that chair wisely they lost the opportunity.

Don't point at others point at yourself. IT'S ALL IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

4 out of 5

I attened the lincoln campus in October 2007 for Medical billing and coding. This course was a joke! I had teachers teaching us MediSoft (the EMR program taught) who literaly didnt know how ot turn on the computers!

That same teacher taught our coding class and gave no information worth while for the class, like many other similar complaints on this site, we (our class) had to teach ourselves. She handed us the CPT and ICD9 coding books and told us to read the front of them they explain themselves!

The typing class we had was another story...we actually had one girl in the class who literally completed the class only typing appx 10 words per minute...she got an A in the class when the requirement was 30 words per minute or better to pass let alone get an A. How fair was that to her? How marketable do you think they made her?

The computer class we had...the teacher told us that the book (we paid for in the tuition) was useless and as good as bathroom reading material. And oh by the way, he spent more time away from our class then in it. He arrived 15-20 minutes late EVERY class and left the class all to often there after.

My medical terminology class...what a joke the teachers actual comment to the class..."you will have to bear with me I have trouble pronouncing some of these terms myself...what the hek was she doing teaching terminology??? Again..we as a class stuck together and taught ourselves much of what we learned.

In all honesty it seems that ANYONE can teach there at Lincoln Tech. I addressed my concerns to the head of the Allied Health Dept there, only to be told that OH dont be spiteful, because it will all come back at you if you persue any litigation.

Again I addressed my concerns, and my classmates wanted to as well, the director refused to meet with us as a group. I had to meet with him alone, and got no where, he did nothing at all to correct the problem.

And the kicker...included in the tuition is a fee for taking the CCA exam to become certified (to which they claim they prepare you for). Lincoln Tech is supposed to send in the paperwork to AHIMA some how it mysteriously got lost for everyone in my class not once but twice...needless to say none of us (about 20 students) are certified to this day.

its as if we attended the school for nothing when we call the school we get NO response the last day of class the head of the dept took us in a room and told us "I know you guys got an unfair shake here and we are willing to let your class take the entire program again at no cost to any of you".

None of us wanted to, b/c we didnt have another 14 months to spare going to school we had bills and familys to take care of, when I told them I wanted a refund for the "unfair shake" of classes they called classes...that was not an option for them..

the Director literally said he will see me in court if thats the path I choose. STAY AWAY from this place I cant even refer to it as a school its unfair that they are allowed to receive money for students from government loans and funding when they are ROBBING the American ppl of a fair education for the money we are spending!!!

4 out of 5

Wow where do I start? I attended the Mahwah campus in New Jersey for the EST program in 2006 and graduated 2007. At first I was very excited about the program and how I will be learning everything I needed know about electronics. Then I started to realize the truth just by attending the first few classes.

The basic measurements class was a joke and served no real knowledge. Everything they taught can be learned through a book or through a web page. Also I have come to realize that they let anyone into their program just by telling how the students behaved and did academcially. I myself was never very good at mathematics but when I know how to add 3/4 + 1/2 and the rest of the class is going into a deep discussion on how to arrive at the answer, there is something wrong.

The electronics classes were no better. When it came into basic electronic theory, I think high school tech classes taught more. All they taught for two months was how to add resistors in series and parallel. Then maybe we did one or two examples with capacitors.

Also, they were initially uncharged so if you were to ask an LT graduate what a the total voltage is for capacitors in series or the total current for inductors in parallel with some charge on it they will look at you and go "huh, no you can't do that" or "ummmm we never learned that".

I actually remember an instance where the teacher asked all of the students (these include also student who were repeated the course)to check the current going through a strobe light. None could do it with theory and three did it with a meter. Isn't that sad?

If this was actually top notch education, then it would be reflected by the performance and competence of the students who are about to graduate. Everything I knew in electronics was already known when it was taught by the school. I think that all these courses were based off of Wikipedia articles---- Oh no, wait, Wikipedia IS A BETTER EDUCATION COMPARED TO THIS SCHOOL!!!

What is also bad is the tests. They are all memorization, nothing practical for the real world; only memorize the "highlights" and you will pass just fine. I remember another time when the final was coming up and the teachers did not teach AC electricity to us. So, to make them look good (or bad based on your perspective), they just said only do half of the test and they will later verbally tell the answers for the AC electricity questions.

Yes Mr. Prospective Student or Mr. Employer reviewing this particular school at this particular campus, this is really what happens. Go ahead, give your applicant a basic test on this stuff. They will most likely fail or barely pass.

On occasion you will get the dedicated student who does superior but this is only because it is because of them and not the school's education.

I am glad to see that people feel the same way as I do about the terrible quality of this school. I feel like this is a crime and should be punished accordingly.

Think I am just some Joe-Shmo that did terrible and could not find a job and am blaming it on LT? Nope, let me prove it to you. After LT I decided to go to college and pursue Electrical Engineering. Finally after hard work at a community college, I am now in New Jersey Institute of Technology.

I am now proficient in Calculus I, II, and III as well as Physics I, II, and III; I now know what Lincoln was SUPPOSED to be. I have just completed my first electronics course and boy what a difference from the LT course.

Everything on basic electrical theory taught in LT is told in the first 2 weeks at NJIT as well as many other colleges. This made me realize even more how much of a joke that LT was. This is not because I am a engineering major and comparing it to a technician's curriculum and do not know any better. The curriculum for electronic technician at NJIT and other colleges are still harder and more informative than LT.

People who managed to read this far, I am begging you, DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!! You are better off going to a community college that is cheaper and will give you the education you deserve!

I wish I had known better and did not waste my time and money in this school. Maybe I will open up some shack, charge people lots of money and promise them education. Then only to lie to them and run off with my profit.

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4 out of 5

I wish I would of done my homework before signing my life away!!! total waste of time and money!!!anyone can be a teacher!!I should of took an online course for all this self teaching!!very very unprofessional! everything about it is terrible.My classmates do nothing but talk loud the whole time and the teacher has no control and it's hard to pay attention like that!!all that talk in the beginning about dress code and unprofessionalism leads to points taken off what a joke blow smoke somewhere else!!! all I have to say is if you want to throw money out the window I could use some!!!

4 out of 5

I started attending this school in April 08, and have regretted it. They wouldn't stick with a curriculum, lied to me about being accredited (they were not) continuously, saying it was a paperwork error on the part of the state and that they had actually been approved. That alone cost me over $10,000 in education funds I would have been entitled to through the G.I. bill. I notified them six months ago that I would be moving due to military orders and would need to transfer schools. Everyone from both schoools (one in Maryland, one in Texas) said everything was arranged and that everything was fine. When I arrived I found out that some of my classes didn't transfer over and that instead of 1 month of schooling left to achieve an Associate's in Applied Sciences (automotive technology) I had 3 months left. Still, no other issues, so I was willing to go the extra two months, but suddenly the Maryland school claims I still owe them over $2000 even though my account was paid in full when I left. The Texas school is now saying that on top of that I will owe them $4200, and that the entire amount (previous balance plus new balance) has to be paid in order to attend school. I have no issue with paying for what I receive, but charging people for services not received, pulling a bait and switch on them, and other deceptive practices seems to be the rule rather than the exception. The equipment we had was poor. At least 50% of the time we had to "simulate" learning how to do something because the school's equipment was broken. They're charging each student through the nose then not applying any of the funds to actual equipment for the school. They also don't prepare you for the certification exams for the field. I was the top student in my class and was careful to attend every day and focus entirely on school, but I have yet to pass a single certification test because half the material wasn't covered in class. Avoid this school! They'll take your money and bill you for more than you agreed to, but won't give you anything useful in return.

4 out of 5

I attended the E.S.T program in Melrose Park, IL. I graduated with a 3.8 G.P.A and 98% attendance.

The “School” is vary small, not well kept, and extremely over crowded. Two of my ten teachers were vary knowledgeable and seemed eager to teach us something. The other 8 did not know what they were talking about or how to teach what they were intended to. I was there every day early and ready to learn and I walked away knowing nothing about electronics that I didn’t know before. Most employers see graduating from Lincoln as a bad thing. I am still tiring but have little faith in finding a job in this career. Like I said in the title the 16 months I attended LT, I feel, was a complete waste of my time and money. I would not recommend to any one. I think sighing up to Lincoln Tech is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.

4 out of 5

I was a student from the lt campus in edison nj and i honestly have mixed reviews to give about this school.

The first complaint i have is the externship site they put me at. It was a very small doctors office. I could tell right from the interview this place was not gonna be so great. I gave it a try of course because i needed to. The first day was horrible, the doctor started asking questions to the supervisor as to why i was there and how they werent supposed to take any externs anymore. The supervisor then explains that theyve had many bad experiences from students coming from LT.

Later on in the week the girl training me kept getting annoyed at me because of questions i kept asking. Obviously i have to ask im a newbie. The ppl expected me to know how to do everything on my own. Charting, & putting pts into the data software on the computer, & also doing recalls/appts, now i didnt know how to really do this due to the skool giving us only 2 days of the computer class. Also when i had that class the teacher didnt stay in the class because she was covering another class.

But as i was saying about the externship, i spoke to my coordinator about switching and told her i had other sites. She kept telling me to stick it out at this place that the places i found would be too long of a process and she just kept giving excuses. I explained how i was mistreated at this place & how i felt that i couldnt ask questions to learn properly. She still insisted i stayed so i went with my instinct and stopped going to that site & decided to go somewhere. Now shes saying i might be dropped out of school if i dont find a site soon enough.

I can go back in & finish but she says ill owe more money. She also failed to tell me herself when she called this site they avoided her for a week and a half & that when she finally got in contact with them she had to convince them to take me in. I feel that she should have put me in a place that was WILLING to train me. Also i heard from many ppl that finished everything & were great workers & students that after they werent hired at their site they couldnt find a job and that the school didnt really help them find jobs after them specifically saying that they would help.

The only good thing i have to say that for the most part the curriculum was good (minus the computer class) & most of the teachers were good (at least the ones i had). So if u do decide to come here look for your own externship site.

4 out of 5

I graduated in oct 2009, with a gpa of 4.0 and perfect attendance in pharmacy tech course. Companies do not reconize lincoln tech as training or experience. You do not need training to work in the pharmacy as I found out by talking to pharmacist. The pharmacies hire from within their store employees.

This school will leave you flat and they have no contacts with any pharmacy at all. You will end up paying thousands of dollars for absoluty nothing. They have no curriculm and do not teach you the things a pharmacy is looking for. Computer skills mean a lot and the school does not teach them. I have been looking for a job for 5 months now. and had no help from the school. What they call career services is they look up on the internet and tell you that places are hiring, but the places are looking for an average of 3-5 years experience.

I've had a teacher put stars on my test. What is this, kindergarten? The externship co-ordinator is a joke. You have to hassle him to get an externship and he is never there. I don't blame the teachers because it's a job to them. I am going to get in touch with a lawyer to see if I can get off this loan to take real classes at a real college. I am hoping to get feed-back from an administrator at the school to debate with me on this. If they dare! I will have a lot more to say.

Also I am looking hard to get a job and I do have a positive attitude. So this just ain't written by someone who didn't like school, I had fun learning and enjoyed the classes. but it does not mean nothing in the real world.

4 out of 5

I attended this school because I was hoping to make a better future for myself and my family...what a joke!!!

During my short time enrolled in the school, I maintained a 4.0 GPA and sat on the Dean's list. One month into the program, the school decided to change our schedule and class start time moved to an hour later. I was working full time third shift at the time, but they didn't seem to care that I wouldn't be getting much sleep. The teachers didn't want to get up so early.

Halfway through the program, I suffered a miscarriage and dropped out of the school due to severe depression. For some reason, however, they decided to charge me for the full program and accepted the second part of my student loan, even though I dropped out before it was due.

My income tax refund this year was intercepted to pay for a loan for an education and supplies that I never received. Is this fair?? I don't think so. I'm going to dispute the loan and make sure that the school refunds both the government and myself for what they've taken.

I'm a mother who is working incredibly hard to try to take care of her family. This is just one more slap in the face. Thanks, Lincoln Tech for being uncaring, unfeeling, and greedy. I hope you can live with yourselves.

And as for the representative who so eloquently spoke on the school's behalf... when will you get off your high horse telling people how to live their lives?? We're just a paycheck to you. Nothing more.

4 out of 5

I enrolled in this school for the Medical Assisting Certificate Program in Sept 09. I had read reviews for this school before I enrolled and even though 95% of them were negative, I enrolled anyway. I figured the people who wrote the reviews were just not applying themselves, or were slacking where I would not. WRONG. This school is a joke. Most of the "teachers" are underqualified, and disorganized. I am in the night course, so mondays and tuesdays we have one teacher, and wednesdays and thursdays we have another. The teachers do not communicate with one another which results in confusion, and stress for the students come test time. Also, the teachers are either scared to speak up to the students when they are being disruptive, or they treat everyone like toddlers. Most of the class each night is wasted on the teachers trying to throw together a lesson plan at the last second, and break times. I would estimate that I only get an actual education 20% of the 4 hours I am in the classroom. I have had 3 "teachers" so far that cannot properly pronounce medical terms, and a few who can not even pronounce the word "characteristics". When you try to communicate issues to the administration, they make excuses, and most of the time nothing gets handled.. they just give people extra grade points to shut them up. I was actually taught to take blood pressure (the main skill I will need in my field) incorrectly, and was not even aware of it until the instructor quit, and our substitute happened to notice that everyone in our class was looking in the wrong place for the artery. I am currently in my 4th class, and have an A average, but I feel like it doesnt mean anything because any person can go into the office and whine for a few minutes and they will actually change that persons grade to make them happy. I have earned my grade, and make an appearance and effort religiously.. but there are several people in my class who have missed more than half of a course at a time, and still have a grade close to my own. I regret going against my better instincts, and enrolling here. Even employers will tell you that this school is a joke, and they will not hire graduates from Lincoln Tech. They will pass anyone. I guess that's good for some people who want to get through life with no effort, but not for a woman in her late twenties like myself who needs to walk out of this with a career on her belt. If I even save ONE person from enrolling in this school, then I will have done a good thing.. I know it takes longer, but GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE. I was sold on this school because I was told I would have my degree within 12 months.. but the truth is that most of the people who have finished their courses are STILL waiting for their externship MONTHS later so that they may graduate. The worst thing is that I now have $15,000 in loans, and 4 months invested in this school.. so I have no choice but to finish. Save yourselves the time and money.. seriously.
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