Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Reviews

  • 34 Reviews
  • Boston (MA)
  • Annual Tuition: $37,230
67% of 34 students said this degree improved their career prospects
79% of 34 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 9/19/2023
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"The cons outweigh the pros. Cons: The program is expensive, you have to wear a white coat all the time. Outdated professors for the most part. One professor was amazing. Most faculty dont treat patients and their not friendly or sincere. Pros: fast program, good location, good lecture rooms."
Attended MCPHS Worcester
  • Reviewed: 7/2/2023
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"I don’t recommend ppl to go here unless you have no other options. Cons -The school staffs are uncaring (ex.: the dean herself) when you go to them w a concern. They laugh at you, pretend they care and push you aside. -The curriculum is not the best. Makes you take the same class you took as an undergrad without letting you skip it -Makes students waste time and money by having you pay to volunteer around the neighborhood to gain “experience” interacting w ppl instead of allowing ppl to study during that time -The instructors aren’t helpful when you ask them for help, like that public health professor w an attitude. She needs a full evaluation of her before treating students nastily when we are paying for their salary -The neighborhood around the campus is not safe. A lot of drug addicts tends to hang around|lots of homeless ppl are found in the park -Nothing walking distance -Club activities or events, they barely serve enough food for the students Pro -I’m not sure if there are any pros for this school"
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2022
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Horrible experience. They want you to be perfect. A tiny mistake will harm your grade significantly, while at the same time, the professors themselves can't hold the standard. Curriculum is not well designed. They rush you through the metrical without real time to learn stuff. Exams are designed on test your short term memory rather than understanding. Some professors are harsh and not caring. There is no supporting system in the program meaning the professors can do whatever they want and the students don't have a say. I DO NOT recommend this program to anyone."
  • Reviewed: 9/19/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"The most unorganized school I agave ever attended. The board does not care about your success. It is rare to have a professor who actually cares in this program. No one is ever on the same page, and the students are expected to be perfect, while the faculty is not holding themselves accountable."
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2021
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Students are only worth profits at MCPHS. The staff and faculty treat you accordingly. It's a very corporate experience, wherein the staff/professors are inhumane and disrespectful to students, and the curriculum is poorly planned causing students immense stress. Do not recommend at all."
  • Reviewed: 11/16/2019
  • Degree: Physician Assistant
"It’s unfortunate that I have to write this review but I am in hopes of MCPHS revising their admissions process for the Physician Assistant Program. I know that I was not the only student this year that was invited to interview and then closed out of an interview spot and placed on a waiting list. When I contacted MCPHS they told me that I may not get to interview after all as they had accidentally invited too many people to interview and did not have the resources to open up more interview dates even though acceptances are not on a rolling basis. How does a top tier medical university not have the resources to interview all the students they invited? By choosing to interview solely the people that happened to secure spots first, not only are they limiting the potential of their incoming class and proving that they only care about filling the spots for monetary reasons, but they are limiting the future of numerous successful students who worked hard to get an interview invitation. When I asked Jordan Hunt (admissions counselor) to make sense of this she was unable to provide a competent answer besides that the university messed up and the incoming students are the ones facing the repercussions. I’m not writing this for myself, but for the other students who were too timid to speak up or who had chosen this school as their top choice and then got screwed. I truly feel bad for some of the other incoming students who do not have other options and were relying on MCPHS. I am very disappointed. MCPHS either needs to change their interviewing process to rolling acceptances (interviewing the top tier students first and then going down the line) or they need to use this model but be willing to open up more dates in case of overflow. Side note: They informed me that students on the waiting list could be notified up to a day before an interview that a spot had opened up. Do they not take into consideration that everyone doesn’t live near Boston or works full-time? Extremely dissatisfied with this supposedly “top tier” medical college."
  • Reviewed: 1/10/2018
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"MCPHS is a specific kind of institution. The staff is by far the most caring, personable group. Its difficult but its worth it. I have yet to graduate but Im looking forward to it. If you love healthcare so much that your'e willing to study as much as you can come on over. The classes are incredibly in depth and its easy to make study groups. Coffee in the commuter lounge and study space. Good luck, happy studying."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Class size too large. Nice campus and facilities."
Chris Do
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2017
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Where I was before compare to now? I believe I made the right decision to come here. I left my career, house, and people I was comfortable with to a place where I can expand my knowledge and met new people along the way. The professors at MCPHS-Manchester are the best. They will help you when you are in need. One word to describe this place "family "."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Class size too large. Good clinical rotations. High rate of staff turnover."
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2017
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"It's a good school. In the end it's all about passing boards and they prepared me well."
Frances Nixon-Simon
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2016
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"I am currently enrolled in the Pharmacy program, I am in my third year of the doctorate program which means I am considered a graduate student. The reason why I am attending MCPHS is because I loved the school since I walked in. In such a big city, the school is a small community of friends, teachers and advisors. During my two years here, I have been working at the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment which helps students with classes, study tips and tutoring. I have learned more about friendship, teamwork, dedication and persistence in these two years and I wouldn't trade it for the world. MCPHS helps students achieve their goals and determine exactly what career path they want to go into. Without my teachers and advisors I still wouldn't know what my passion is."
Christina Shaffer
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2015
  • Degree: Physician Assistant
"The MPAS program at this campus is an accelerated program. The benefit to this is that I will be done in 2 yrs; however, the workload is quite stressful. I am married and the parent of 2 children so my life outside of school is not exactly stress-free in itself. The program is student-centered - the program sets each student up with a peer mentor (1 2nd year student) and a faculty mentor. This allows students to have some guidance in navigating the program. This program functions with distance-education between two campuses. The same professor teaches a class to students in two different locations using a video conference capability. In addition, the student population is quite diverse."
Danielle LeMay
  • Reviewed: 5/17/2015
  • Degree: Nursing
"The professors are wonderful and are really wiling to work with you to improve your success. I love the small class atmosphere and they use the latest technology. I didn't live on campus so it is hard for me to judge. But the people who work at MCPHS really want to help you succeed in your goals."
jane onwwuchekwa
  • Reviewed: 1/17/2015
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"It is a fast track pharmacy program, the only con about this program is that there is a lot of classes to take and they crammed together, which is a lot. While the program push to help student meet their career goals."
Lala Gerr
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Fast-paced program. Time management is very important."
Anthony Villanova
  • Reviewed: 12/16/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Pros - A well rounded program that gives you a PharmD for your hard work. Cons - Some professors aren't too friendly."
Amy Neal
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"The program is very fast paced, which I appreciate as I am getting older and am ready to begin my career. The tuition is expensive, and definitely requires a lot of personal sacrifice."
Ariel Solomon
  • Reviewed: 11/4/2014
  • Degree: Physician Assistant
"MCPHS Worcester is a fantastic grad school to attend. I highly recommend others to apply to this school. The work load is doable especially if you are studying a subject you love! The teachers and academic advisors are always there to help you improve and succeed."
Jessica Paey
  • Reviewed: 10/13/2014
  • Degree: Public Health
"A pro of my graduate program is that I am receiving an excellent education and will be prepared for the future. A con is that the Manchester NH campus does not offer any housing."