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  • Nashville (TN)
  • Annual Tuition: $32,930
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 4/14/2018
  • Degree: Public Health
"Outdated. Many professors have not worked in public health in years, thus are unable to offer real-world examples when teaching. Many professors recycle old exams. Biostatisticians and environmental professors actually stay current with research/publications. The other professors been teaching for years and are content with doing the bare minimum."
  • Reviewed: 2/11/2018
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Never go to this school unless its your last option maybe better than Caribbean. But the big 4 Caribbean are obviously posting strong matches. Pass rate drop to 67% in 2016, they took it on students and instituted a very useless attendance and activity policy that just waste students time. I gained nothing from their mandatory lectures besides being tired and not having enough personal time to grasp concepts. Avoid this disorganized institution if you can unless you want to spend so much for poor education. They really don't know what they are doing. PHD lecturers teach things that don't correlate step and these lectures also waste your time. So when time comes for step, you are not ready nether did you have the time to learn quality outside resources"
Chemyeeka Tumblin
  • Reviewed: 6/3/2015
  • Degree: Public Health
"This program is great in terms of curriculum and competiveness in the Master of Science in Public Health Field. It is a generalist program meaning there are no specified tracks to go into and tuition is quiet costly (but who doesn't have high tuition). Financial Aid is helpful once here but YOU MUST search for scholarships actively on your own. Cost of living is rising in Tennessee so picking an affordable place, in great proximity to campus is a high priority among the students so that they do not wait and due to time constraints are left with one and not the other. The Faculty and Staff are very helpful and approachable. The work load is what you would expect at any graduate program and maybe even lighter due to the fact many students hold jobs and other leadership positions in the community comfortably while completing school curriculum and daily scholastic task. Overall I love my institution and would recommend it to anyone!!"
Carl Becker
  • Reviewed: 5/27/2015
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"I received a Masters of Health Science degree from Meharry Medical College School of Graduate Studies and Research in May of 2015 and I found the program to be incredibly helpful and instrumental in furthering my education. I was able to utilize the knowledge and experience gained during the completion of this degree program to better myself as both a man and a student of biology. The program more than adequately prepared me to pursue a career in dentistry of which I am extremely excited to begin as I've been accepted into Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry class of 2019 with a cumulative graduate school gpa of 3.83."
Erin O
  • Reviewed: 4/23/2015
  • Degree: Dentistry
"The dental program is very demanding, but the knowledge and skills gained will prepare you to work in any aspect of dentistry. The difference at Meharry is that your professors and peers provide you with the extra help with anything thing you are struggling with. If you are willing to put in the work then Meharry will get you to your goal. you won't find that at any other medical school. I'm more than happy with my choice to attend meharry. The city of nashville also provides activities that will fit anyone's intrests. From shopping, live concerts, hiking trails, parks, local restaurants, football, hockey, and counrry music there is alway something to do in your free time."
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Laneddye Carter
  • Reviewed: 12/22/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"I love my graduate program. Meharry Medical College is a nurturing environment for professional students, where the faculty and staff have a true desire for students to succeed."
Peter Houston
  • Reviewed: 10/21/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"The absolute best quality of the MD program is the incredible amount of support available to you throughout your academic career. including financial support in the form of scholarships. Faculty and staff are constantly advocating on behalf of the student, even when the students is not aware. One con is regardless of your learning style, faculty expect and often mandate lecture attendance in contrast with most other medical schools. For this reason, the school is not open to upgrading technology to accommodate video recorded lectures and virtual lectures."
Adriana Horner
  • Reviewed: 9/14/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Classmates are always willing to help and the peer tutoring resources are excellent."
Kimberly Robinson
  • Reviewed: 7/31/2014
  • Degree: Dentistry
"Pros: - Meharry is a "family" oriented atmosphere, meaning you don't feel like just a number or individual all alone competing in the world of dentistry. At Meharry, everyone is part of a family unit; we support one another through this whole journey. - The lower student-teacher ratio enables you the opportunity to experience more one-on-one instruction. - Meharry is a historically black college, and they also accept a number of Caucasian, Asian, & Latino ethnicities, therefore you will get to experience a wonderful array of diversity. Cons: - The institution needs to remodel some of their clinics and classrooms, just to make them look more "up to date" or "modern." - The school is located in the heart of Nashville, TN, so safety is sometimes in question at night, but the security staff is always on duty and happy to walk students to their car."
Marie Hanna
  • Reviewed: 7/25/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"If you want to pursue a medical school, there really are no cons. I mean the school is not in the safest area, but security is awesome so we've never had an incident. Meharry will give you the MD degree you are pursuing, and it does a fantastic job doing it. Meharry does it's job, so as long as you're willing to work for that board score, it'll happen."
Diala Gibson
  • Reviewed: 7/23/2014
  • Degree: Dentistry
"Meharry Medical Collage is a wonderful institution that produces excellent clinicians."
Malorie Holmes
  • Reviewed: 6/20/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"My graduate program embraces the idea of everyone surviving together. This makes medical school bearable. Knowing my classmates and professors want the best for me and will help me in a time of need makes the competitive nature of medical school less daunting."
Monique Johnson
  • Reviewed: 5/13/2014
  • Degree: Dentistry
"The pros include: faculty that are efficient in preparation for the boards, teaching, and becoming an adequate health care professional. The school emphasizes community service from all aspects whether medical, dental, or graduate/ public health programs. The student body as a whole is very family-oriented. Cons: N/A"
Peter Houston
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2013
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Meharry provides and extremely supportive environment which is extremely beneficial to your success. There are countless numbers of resources and faculty support that is easily accessible. One con is the technology on campus could stand to be more efficient. The internet and network are often down and needing repair."
Jessica Ehule
  • Reviewed: 8/28/2013
  • Degree: Public Health
"Meharry Medical College is a wonderful institution with a great deal of history, and produces some of the best doctors, dentists, scientists and health care professionals in the country. The public health program at this institution is wonderful because it allows the student to be exposed to the multifaceted nature of this field. Public health is a broad area of study and this program allows for a bit of flexibility allowing the student to find his/her niche. The college is located in the heart of a community that needs public health servants. It is a community of the underserved. This program could use some more assistance with advances in technology, but as with many private schools, luxuries such as these often have to wait for room in the budget."
Cheryl Onwu
  • Reviewed: 8/22/2013
  • Degree: Public Health
"Meharry Medical College Masters of Science in Public Health is a unique program for the students. It encompasses an educational aspect the focuses on the health disparities faced by the people of the United States, but particularly the minorities within the country. In addition to the area of focus, the professors are helpful, kind, and insightful, due to the quality and experience each faculty member contains. From the technology center to the teachers, the employees care about the well being of their students. Additionally, the small class room sizes offers a nurturing learning environment. I went to a large public university, and did not have the benefit of small classrooms. Experiencing this opportunity which I missed in my undergraduate years has been beneficial thus far. The unique program, helpful professors, and small classrooms are undoubtedly the major benefits of the school, however, some areas are present which could use improvement. Meharry is a private historically black college, so the lack of funding or support which may occur at the school is understandable. For instance, a center where students congregate to complete assignments, go to class, and enjoy lunch is often burdened by the technology of this particular building. The wireless is a daily fight and computers may run a little slow. For the classes in the program, classes have started a little after the designated start time. As previously mentioned, this is a small institution that is progressing at an impressive rate, but some drawbacks are bound to occur, at least temporarily. The few cons present are minimal compared to what one may gain in the program. I feel exhilarated when I enter and leave the classrooms. The program is strong and demanding, but the experience and the outcome during the conclusion of it all will be a phenomenal one."
Amanda Williams
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2013
  • Degree: Biology
"The faculty here are very supportive and helpful, which was a major factor when I chose a graduate school. I am hoping for a rigorous program, but I'm not sure just how rigorous the core classes will be. The student body seems very close to one another and to their faculty, which is also important. They have recently re-vamped their PhD course structure in an attempt to lower the average years to graduation (currently 7), so hopefully that will be successful in bringing that average down to the 6 year range."
Lauren Dixon
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2013
  • Degree: Public Health
"Entering in as a new professional in the Master's of Public Health program, I feel that the atmosphere and family-oriented environment will help me focused on my path to finish, and also will give me the encouragement and motivation to go further with my studies. Being surrounded by Medical, Dental, and PhD students gives me the confidence of getting accepted into a small competitive school. The only disadvantage that I can say at the moment is the lack of available scholarships, however it is affordable and I know the material that will be taught will be life changing for the continuation of my career goals."
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2013
  • Degree: Dentistry
"Meharry Medical College definitely one of the most diverse graduate school in the United States. Meharry may be known as a "black school" but it actually is racially diverse school that focuses on those individuals coming from deserved communities and minorities so that those individuals can one day go back to those undeserved communities to serve the community. I would put the biggest reason why anyone should choose Meharry is because the entire school from the dean to the students looks at who you are and your potential rather than the numerical values on your application. It is truly a big family that takes care of each other not only during the school but also post-graduation."
Alexandria Cooke
  • Reviewed: 6/20/2013
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Meharry is one of the smaller medical schools in the US, and with that Meharry is able to provide a more family-like and personal educational experience to all the students. Professors are usually always willing to spend extra time in and outside of class explaining concepts, reviewing material, and providing good counsel. I think it is these nurturing qualities of Meharry that allows it to produce both compassionate and skilled health professionals that go on to serve all around the country. In comparison to some of the larger medical schools, Meharry lacks some of the resources that these schools obtain easier because of its status as a small school. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time thus far at Meharry, and look forward to finishing my education here at Meharry."