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Student & Graduate Reviews

Vickie R Peele
  • Reviewed: 2/18/2022
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
Sherie Page Cleary
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2021
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Everyone takes the time to not only hear you but to understand as well. They really make you feel important and cared for. This is everyone and nit just when you firat enroll, they arr here for you till the end and afterwards with career services. I look forward going to class and even doing the homework. I even find myself workung ahead."
virginia kersey
  • Reviewed: 2/25/2021
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I would not have made it through my classes if it wasn't for my teachers and the college office staff, that school is great they care. I was going through very tragic times and I just wanted to give up and was to the point. Today I'm pending graduation I'm so happy and proud of myself, I owe thanks to the school and everyone under the umbrella if you know my name yes I'm speaking to you God Bless all of you."
  • Reviewed: 12/20/2020
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I hate it here this school requires too much I am a mom and it's just too much for my lifestyle when I asked to leave I was a week too late I hate it here I have to take two courses at a time and it is way too overwhelming for my three month child I wish I needed attended Beth Zych was very nice but the online is very slow and it's just way to much for me I hate it here"
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 10/13/2020
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I’m not sure if I should have selected Miller-motte technical college online or Miller-motte College online, however I am a current student at Miller -motte for the medical billing and coding program the first moth was great school was good instructor was professional I received my refund on time but here I am almost in my third term and haven’t received my refund for term 2 I have been giving the run around and told oh you should have it this week and every time I wait it never comes I am extremely pissed and plan to end my enrollment and calling fasfa customer service and informing the foolery i at experiencing every time I speak with them there is a different excuse every time and I still have not received my refund but I am expect to complete and pass courses or be threatened to be kicked out"
  • Reviewed: 6/19/2020
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"HORRIBLE... Financial Aide was a joke... 2 of the teachers were arrested for felonies and allowed to keep their jobs... 2 staff members in the office got fired for stealing funds from students... tuition was supposed to be one amount and it DOUBLED after we graduated... lost their accreditation a week before my graduation and we were not sure if A. our degrees were valid and B. if we were even going to graduate. Useless office staff... made us take classes we didnt need for our career choice.. forced us to buy books for classes that were not up to par for the class and we then had to buy the correct ones with no refund on the wrong ones... my so called degree has hindered me getting a good job... once the employer sees MMTC on a resume they have ended interviews because that school is not one they want people from in their places. In the four years since I graduated I have been told they would hire me if I had the same degree from a more reputable college... so 22k down the tubes and its now 42k and nobody can explain why. Alot of my friends from there also have this problem... Campus got shut down and we cant get any help without a lawyer.Whats worse is I was smarter than the teachers and actually helped students/friends learn the subject matter because half the teachers could not teach at all."
Evangeline Thompson
  • Reviewed: 2/20/2020
  • Degree: Surgical Technician
"The experiences that I’ve had with this institution were extremely disappointing. I enrolled in the Surgical Tech Program in September of 2017. Everything went downhill around the beginning of 2018. There were a LOT of different situations that tested my faith and had me wanting to give on my future however I am going to only elaborate on a few. The main disappointment that I’ve experienced was with the young lady at the front desk. The FIRST face you see whenever you walk in is supposed to be friendly, inviting, and pleasant. However the attitude that I received from this young lady was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful, when I was just attempting to turn my badge in. She literally threw it in the trash and when I said something about it she said with a smirk if I wanted her to take it out of the trash. I am pretty sure her mother did not raise her to talk to her elders that way as I am old enough to be her mother. Even the security guard at the time didn’t say anything when that situation occurred, and if I would’ve reacted in a different manner, I would’ve just been the typical angry black woman or they probably would of kicked me of the property. The staff as a whole is extremely unprofessional and those that are superior to the professors such as the director seem to condone those unprofessional ways. For instance, there were times when I emailed and texted my professors, requesting information regarding my clinical hours as it felt like I wasn’t being scheduled like other students. There were times when I wasn’t on the schedule for the entire month at all to obtain the amount of hours and cases that I needed to graduate. During these times, I was told a number of different excuses about why I wasn’t able to be on the schedule which were all just excuses because there were a number of students who always had their names on the schedule 2-3 times a week. I believe there was favoritism from the professors and a lot of gossip about me as I have witnessed the whispers and stares along with the overall vibes and energy that I felt whenever I walked into the classroom or in someone presence. I received an F for the semester due to the fact that I didn’t complete my clinicals, when it was the professors’ responsibility to schedule me those hours! There were times where I would constantly reach out and still nothing was done, I even reached out to the head of the departments, calling the corporate office putting in complaints and I have yet to receive a response! I constantly showed persistence and dedication in attempting to complete the program, and I am extremely disappointed. There were times when we didn’t even have a professor! This program had several different ones since I enrolled. I have to admit I am very happy that this program is getting shut down. I strongly encourage anyone to NOT attend this institution! The staff here is just that, staff! They are here solely for the money and do not care about your future or your growth as a student. The only staff that I believe care about students are the lady I went to church with, Ms. Whitfield Mathis, Santo Staropoli, Deanna, and Mrs. Tamera Watson. The rest are very fake and phony. Please do not listen to these positive reviews as I’ve discovered they are posted by staff members and are extremely biased. However, I am a strong woman and I’ve experienced things much worse than this. I’ve been through things in my personal life way worse than this while I was attending this school and that only motivated me more and more to complete the program and obtain my certification, which will be done at another institution. So thank you Miller-Motte, you made me grow with the challenging experiences that I’ve faced and you ultimately made me stronger as an individual and inspired me to never give up on my dreams and my future! I now know that I have to be the first if only person to chase after my dreams and this was just a stepping stone to me and not a downfall. I hold no anger in my heart just disappointment as I was promised so many things when I enrolled. One thing I now have is better faith and determination. So I thank God everyday for getting me through this experience and holding my hand through it all. I am forever grateful and blessed."
Monica House
  • Reviewed: 1/20/2020
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I Love it here, This school has taught me so much on how to strive for greatness, motivate myself and others, and never give up. I love all of the faculty and staff especially Mr.Wright, Mrs. Burke, and Ms. Gray they are my biggest supporters....I’m ready to Graduate and work in my field of study."
  • Reviewed: 12/3/2019
  • Degree: Cosmetology
"This school is the worst ethically. They don’t care about the students, only the money they make off of you. I was in my last month of a10 month Cosmetology program and they created a smear compaign against me around town to make me seem like I was crazy to get me out the school because I told the students to be question the Financial aid practices there. They love schemings. They manipulate the students who aren’t getting anything out of it but late student refunds , bills and a huge debt to pay after they drop out. Not many graduate nor do they find jobs. They even got me arrested under false allegations... smh.. the worst school ever!!!!!! Run!!"
Lizzie Dunne
  • Reviewed: 9/6/2019
  • Degree: Cosmetology
"If I could go back, I would not attend this school. It is extremely disorganized and I’ve never encounter so many problems with financial aid. They changed so much on me while I was attending, 2 years later I just had to pay a huge debt to the VA. They are also the worst to contact. I’m very disappointed with what that school has caused me. The only good thing was the program I took and they got rid of it."
Amanda Ahmed
  • Reviewed: 6/11/2019
"I love going to school at Miller-Motte college cuz the teachers there are awesome and they make it fun to learn what you need to know. They take there time to help you if you don't understand the subject. Everyone there is nice and they help you out so much to make sure you can graduate."
  • Reviewed: 10/30/2018
  • Degree: HVAC
"I attended the Goodlettsville campus and it was basically a makeshift building where they just made rooms inside a warehouse .When I attended I had to pay whatever my grants did not cover , I had agreed to pay an amount each month and no one ever bothered to remind me when the payments were due each month . When I was near completion they somehow never figured the credits accurately and had to add six more months onto my classes and when it came time to do job "placement" they just basically went thru open positions that were online and sent your information for you .My understanding was they had you lined up for jobs after you graduated and you just had to decide where you wanted to go from that point . I could not see paying for them to scroll thru the same jobs I could look at myself and call it job placement. When it came time to graduate they were so nice and let me know I owed the money that I had agreed to pay at the beginning of the year ,but never bothered to remind me of during the time I attended. I realize they were not there to babysit , but if they knew that you may have forgot they could have wrote it down and let me know especially since I was in the same building as they were ."
Tamara Kimbell
  • Reviewed: 9/11/2018
  • Degree: Dental Assistant
"I recently graduated from Miller-Motte campus in Chattanooga, TN. Its a wonderful campus and the staff there are wonderful. If youre not willing to dedicate yourself or work hard towards your studies, you will fail and learn nothing! The programs have changed, so all the bad hear say is from past or students that do not care about their education. I have been to 2 offices in different counties and states and Ive been told I have been one of the best students to walk through their doors, and these are 5 star offices. The programs help you understand the basics and you build on that while out in the field. I love the smaller classroom size because I felt more valued and if I didnt understand something it was easier to have one on one explanation on the topics. Your instructors get to know you as a person and not just a number like bigger campuses. Give 100% you get back 100%. Nothing but good things to say."
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2018
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I started this school in July 2017, thinking it was great and what I wanted to go for. A year later, I am wishing I would have gone to Coastal Carolina for sure. This school does not care about the students. Matter of fact, the administration makes you feel so little and like this is the only job you will ever be getting even if you are going to continue your education. The finacial system is all messed up and obviously no one likes that because who is trying to pay student loans before we are out of school? The teachers Miller-Motte hires is great! I loved them all, besides the ones that worked with the school for more than teaching. I was told I had to get immunizations one week before they were due, but then witnessed someone come in and tell the other students that are a couple classes behind me that they will need theirs in about 5-10 weeks!!!!! I know a lot of people have quit working with Miller-Motte and I do not blame them. I will NEVER go back to this school and I regret it form day one! If you are thinking about going to this school, think again, there is somewhere 100000 times better than this school! I also had to find out my own problems with certian things because the school would not tell me. Once I mentioned something to them, they said they already knew but never reached out to me. What kind of school is this?! I know of more than one person with SEVERAL issues with this school so to save yourself, just go somewhere else!"
  • Reviewed: 8/1/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I want to formally start by thanking the many professors who have put up with me throughout my time at McCann School of Business & Technology & Miller-Motte Technical College. There is not enough time in the world to effectively thank each and every one of you who contributed to my education. You are making a difference and impacting so many lives. Thank you for believing in me and helping prepare me for this wonderful endeavor in the Criminal Justice field. Thank you for always encouraging me to try my best and for never giving up on me. You taught me more than you will ever know, and without all of you, I would not be where I am today. Youve always been someone I could call my biggest fans. What means the most to me is that you do more than tell me Im great at what I do, or that Im a shoe-in for an opportunity. You take it a few steps beyond and share the reasons why you think so. Thank you not only for being there, but for giving me exactly what I needed at the time. I always appreciate your ability to see how my talents can make a difference and youve made me a believer too! After attending, McCann and graduating from Miller-Motte Technical College, I always feel more confident and capable, and for that I will always be grateful."
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2018
  • Degree: Cosmetology
"DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! They are liers they are double charging us.. The teachers recently three of them just picked up and left because of the new company that took over. The director is a mean shady lady and said to one of the students that she was gonna turn things around to make her look bad. They are messing with our hours. Their teachers don't know how to cut or color hair please stay away don't even go to their spa.... The news Wmbf news was there 4/5/2018 because of what's going on..."
CDL program
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2018
  • Degree: CDL
"Instructors are good and experience but they will lie to you. We missed whole week of training and never went on the road practice to proper shifting. If you fail the road test, you have to wait for another month to retake the test again. So it's not 4 week class, its more. They are short staffed. There are only three people but they still lack in communication. "
  • Reviewed: 8/24/2017
  • Degree: Medical Office Administration
"Miller Motte Does not really care about Their students they just care about the money what school you know if you missed today you automatically fail crazy I don't like miller motte college do not go to it they only care about the money teachers don't even teach"
LaKeisha Johnson
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2017
  • Degree: Business
"I studied Business Management at Miller-Motte. I had a great experience at this school, I was taught a lot. When I was in the hospital for a week Miller-Motte was so understanding and supportive of me. I would happily recommend this school to any new student."
Brandon Pannebaker
  • Reviewed: 3/2/2017
  • Degree: Business Administration
"S******* me over. Graduated with my Associates from their sister school with good GPA (held 4.0 until end of last year). Was recommended by faculty of McCann, stated I would get discount and all of my credits will transfer. Failed to tell me I would have to jump through 100 hoops to do so. School then did not inform me of any probation period. Called multiple times to drop out a few weeks in. Put on hold several times for HOURS. When someone did answer and I explained that I wanted to drop out, they transferred me to someone who then put me on hold. Did this until after the probation period end date (to which I was still not informed of) then made me pay the whole semester before even my first class was over (which was the only class I took). They then proceeded to bill me $1,700 some dollars without any notice and demanded full payment immediately. Oh and did I mention they keep calling to get me to come back to school even though they "keep putting me on the do not call list". Hate the school. Hate the faculty. Hate the classes. Complete waste of time and money."