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  • Montclair (NJ)
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83% of 74 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Duchana Gille
  • Reviewed: 12/25/2019
  • Degree: Biology
"Montclair State University offers many majors among Biological Sciences. I was apart of the Health Careers Program (HCP), an undergraduate program for minority students, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and are highly motivated and academically capable, with expressed interest in becoming health care practitioners.This program develops strong character, discipline, and integrity in their students. If anyone applying to Montclair State University is a minority interested in medical school, dentistry school, osteopathic school, optometry school, and the like I would highly recommended HCP. The staff is highly dedicated to the success of each student. Classroom sizes are generally from 20-40 students in biology or chemistry courses. Generally, professors make themselves available to help students succeed in their courses. Many of my professors were pleasant and committed to helping me do my best at the course at hand. Life on campus is lively. The campus in itself is beautiful and has plenty of opportunities to engage within the community. Clubs are a very big deal on campus and allow students to forge deep friendships with students with similar interests."
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2019
"I attended Montclair State University and received a bachelor's of arts degree in psychology. Montclair is a wonderful school that offers many opportunities. I entered Montclair as an English major and was actually planning on becoming a teacher, but I decided to change my major after taking an Introduction to Psychology course. The process of changing my major at Montclair was easy and everyone who works in the College of Humanities and Social Services office is helpful and supportive in the process. The professors in the psychology department are knowledgeable and offer as much advice as they can give. If they do not know something about a specific branch of psychology, they will lead you to a professor who does. The psychology professors encourage students to get as much experience as they can, including internships and becoming a research assistance. They offer advice on how to reach out to specific professors in order to work in their lab. The College of Humanities and Social Services at Montclair offers so many career building workshops as well. They offer workshops on how to create a resume/cover letter, how to search for jobs, and how to properly conduct yourself during an interview. Unfortunately I didn't take advantage of these opportunities as much as I should have, so if you decide to go to Montclair I encourage you to attend these workshops. Overall, my time at Montclair has been extremely helpful and has led me to continue my education at Montclair in school psychology this fall."
Sarah Velez
  • Reviewed: 5/7/2019
  • Degree: Accounting
"In 2015, I began my undergraduate career at Montclair State University located in Montclair, New Jersey. Montclair offers a 5-Year Accounting Program. Essentially, accounting students who choose to apply to this program and are accepted, can obtain their Bachelor's degree in Accounting in four years and in the following year after completing the graduate-level courses, they will obtain their Master's degree in Accounting. I found this to be a great option for me that will allow me to graduate not only with a Master's degree but also with the 150 credits necessary for the CPA requirement. Aside from this, the services offered by the school to all students are extremely helpful and they allow for a smooth transition into the school. There are also many programs and activities that take place on campus that give students the chance to network with other classmates and professors as well as introduce students to a wide range of employers. Overall, I highly recommend this school to students who are seeking a well-rounded college experience."
Thomas Hawryluk
  • Reviewed: 9/18/2018
  • Degree: Physical Education
"I had a unique experience at Montclair State University. During that time I was exposed to the realm of health and physical education ecosystem. I was taught by very knowledgeable professors who not only helped me academically but also were there during my time of emotional need after my Father passed away. The school did an excellent job in understanding and cooperating during the times of my family hardship."
Jonathan Propert
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2018
  • Degree: History
"Attending Montclair State University helped to shape me into the person I am today. It was a well-rounded education and I was able to take many different classes from various backgrounds. The professors were one of the university's greatest assets."
Jonathan Propert
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2018
  • Degree: History
"Attending Montclair State University helped to shape me into the person I am today. It was a well-rounded education and I was able to take many different classes from various backgrounds. The professors were one of the university's greatest assets."
alexa robertiello
  • Reviewed: 3/22/2018
  • Degree: Human Services
"The school was overall great, close to commute to, and impactful professors. The parking situation was not great. You are required to pay for a parking pass, and rarely find parking on campus. Leaving at least an hour before your class was a must, if you wanted any hope to find a parking spot."
Dave Marconi
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2018
  • Degree: Performing Arts
"MSU has a fantastic Acting program. While it may not be the best in the country, the school's affordability along with it's incredible staff make it top notch in my book. The program is rigorous but extremely rewarding. Each year the program grows in both size and prestige producing a number of working professionals which should be the goal of school worth its salt. I highly recommend MSU to any and all who are looking to pursue a career in Theatre."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Chemistry
"It is a wonderful school I will recommend to any student."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Chemistry
"It is a wonderful school. I will recommend it to any student."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: MBA
"This program was set up to allow me to continue working at my job that i love while improving my skills and positioning me for a promotion and raise. The faculty were all experts in their field and through the speaker series we were offered access to high level professionals."
Lucille Tang
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2017
  • Degree: Nutrition
"Montclair State University is big, but it feels small. Studying Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics, becoming the President of a student organization, and Studying Abroad (twice!), MSU created an inclusive, welcoming environment where I felt at home. There are so many resources if you just reach out and find them!"
Maria Perez
  • Reviewed: 3/30/2017
  • Degree: Human Services
"Montclair State University is filled with caring faculty who want you to succeed. In my major Family and Child Studies, I can say that I am extremely appreciative of all professors I had. They all had a different impact on me that helped me view this field in a different way. They engrained so many principles and experiences that would last a lifetime. Also, the major itself has an internship as part of their curriculum and I can say it is extremely helpful. It has one out in the field gaining experience and networking which is always a great bonus."
Jomar Morales
  • Reviewed: 3/30/2017
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"MSU is one of the best universities in the USA. The curriculum is quite versatile and allows ample room to take two minors. When I attended MSU, I felt that I was challenged, both physically and mentally, the dance program is renowned and has had the distinction of being nominated for gala concert for regional college dance conferences. The professors are nurturing and want to see you succeed."
Andrea Watson
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2017
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"I enjoyed my time at Montclair State University. I made the most out of my time there. i feel as though if you don't really ask for more from your professors, some will just let you pass on by. Don't get me wrong, I had some challenging courses and professors that really challenged me, but there were a couple of courses that I didn't learn much of anything."
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2017
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"I was accepted into the OPEN-NJ scholarship program which is available to students looking to study pharmaceutical biochemistry and chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry. The faculty are great at teaching the courses and seek improvement at any opportunity."
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2017
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I completed my undergraduate degree at Montclair. In fact, Montclair wasn't my first choice but it was literally my only option. When I decided to pursue my Masters and saw the executive MBA Montclair offered, I immediately applied. That was one of the best choices I made. My cohort is filled with individuals from varying backgrounds, who possess great experiences and hold great careers. The professors teach great content and seem to really care about our successful completion of this program. I don't feel like I am just another source of income to them. I am really enjoying my time at Montclair. Though it is great there are a few things I dislike. Parking! On a cold blistering day, walking up a flight of stairs and a hill is beyond torturous. They should've given us parking badges to park in the parking deck. I also feel for the amount of money that we're paying, books should be provided. Books are expensive!"
Amanda Simms
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2017
  • Degree: Music
"Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ is a really good school. They have great majors to choose from as well as great instructors. I enjoy attending, as a first year grad student, majoring in Music Pedagogy. The school is centrally located and has lots of things to do and places to eat on campus."
Cindi Muchoki
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2017
  • Degree: Political Science
"The Political Science program at Montclair State University is not designed to be career focused but one of a general interest. I learned a great deal about urban politics, ethnic politics, comparative politics, globalization and security, women in politics but had little to no real world exposure. In other words, there were no internships offered within the program, students had to go outside of the program to find their own internships or jobs. I never met with my adviser because she was always busy and there are no sponsored events within the program for network opportunities. All in all, the quality of education within the program is good but the lack of guidance and institutional support for obtaining internships, jobs or even providing networking opportunities is what hinders the overall experience."
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2016
  • Degree: Law
"I double majored in Jurisprudence and Political Science. The jurisprudence program at MSU includes research based courses and a final interdisciplinary thesis. Students tackle the philosophy behind our legal system, legal writing, and navigating legal databases. It is a relatively small group of students and is a great program."