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Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2016

I was enrolled in a working adult program where I would work on one class at a time. I realized that this was a Christian school and was told by the enrollment counselor that because of that I would be required to complete 3 credit hours of theology to graduate. I accepted this and went through the enrollment process. What he failed to mention was that religion would be shoehorned into every class I took. For example, the final assignment I had to complete in my astronomy class involved writing a 5 page essay describing how the course material affected my views and faith in God. It was the most valuable assignment in the class, point wise, and had absolutely nothing to do with what I had learned. This may not have annoyed me as much if I hadn't been led to believe that even though they were a Christian school the were open to people of all faiths and beliefs. If I had known that every class was going to be that way I never would have decided to go there. The icing on the cake for me, however, was that after completing 4 classes online (all were gen ed so I got nothing useful to my career out of the work I did) I received a call from the enrollment counselor asking if I had decided what I would like to change my major too. I asked why would I want to change my major? He then informed me that the program I was enrolled in was dropped and suggested I change to business management. So the school had dropped the program I was in and didn't bother to tell me until it was necessary for me to pick a new major. Not to mention they were still advertising the program I was in on the radio as recently as a month before I found out that it was being dropped. Business management is not what I went to them for so I had no choice but to leave them and find a new school. Of the four classes I took the equivalent of 1 credit hour transferred to my new school. If you are a highly religious Christian person who wants God to be injected into every single aspect of your life then may MVNU would be for you, if you are a traditional student. I cannot recommend anyone using any of their working adult learning programs if they are willing to drop them without letting those that are already enrolled to complete them or offer any kind restitution when they do.

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