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Ashish B M
  • Reviewed: 5/5/2023
"I'm currently studying at last semester of National College, Basavangudi. This is the review of both my terrible experience and help for future seekers. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart "this is the worst college ever in history i can imagine". Negatives : 1. No fests in college they don't even encourage, even if to attend whatever they do they won't support in attendance 2.Worst college canteen 3. You would see a lots of failures in every sem. It very common and they don't care in fact take 900for supplement fees each subject. 4. Teaching is terrible beyond words. Few simply read from textbooks having no idea, few just do for syllabus sake they skip last chapters,and I'm 100% nobody cares whether you are understanding or doing well or not. All teachers walk with their own attitude and talk about students in their department like kids. My own experience I'm telling "once i went to submit project report in CS department when Hod fleed me like some beggar for stepping into their room. It was the worst feeling even though i study good. 5. They don't encourage student interests. Once i was targeted by teachers for misunderstanding i wasn't allowed to learn ML in ml lab just cuz they don't like me. I was even intrested and requested them twice. 6. They gonna admission you saying "good placements ". Friend don't believe it😂i believe even though in this college placement is possible but that is also worst beyond words. Only 5-6 companies come and most of them are data analytics jobs no good job roles plus some even come for call center jobs.😂 7. Teaching is worst beyond words. In my class teacher don't know a thing, reading from textbooks then too had difficulty to handle talking class. He used to shout like mad person throwing books in anger. There is also another teacher like that.. trust me the vibe is very toxic for any sane person.. my experience is very horrible. I only go for attendance sake else they don't allow for internals.. 8. On this one you will surely laugh😂😂they make you do prayers like kids🤣🤣trust me if you want a college life there isn't a single thing which make you feel like it's college. I would say loan and admit a 1 lak engg college atleast you will live a life and there's atleast good placement opportunity. That's all you should care bare minimum. 9. There is no system. They will send timetable for exam then take lab exam whenever they want. Also call you early by two hours. This is a typical local college. This is the last review you should read about this college because I'm telling you from depths of my pain😂bro..... I hope my experience helps a good lad😊 All the best"
Mad graduate
  • Reviewed: 5/29/2021
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"Stay away from this school! They are a huge scam. I graduated in 2016 with an associate degree in medical assistant program. During this 2 year program I am 60k in debt, they could not keep teachers, we would be 5 weeks in a 10 week term and not have a teacher until week 5. We went through 3 deans. And they eventually closed there doors in the knoxville location. So refresher courses are a no go. None of your credits transfer, so your degree is pointless. It took me 3 years to finally get a job within my field. There is no help with externships nor job placement. DO NOT GO HERE unless you want to be in debt and homeless"
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2020
  • Degree: Information Systems
"Didn't graduate. Only went 3 semesters and ended up with 13K in debt. I left the school because of the debt I incurred. It's pretty bad when one of the instructors realized what a scam this place is and left. 10 years later, still trying to pay it off. My balance has been stuck at 12k for years. I've paid my dues and it needs to go. Predatory loans, and predatory worthless degrees. The government will always get their money. I am 54 and will never get this paid off. Scam all the way around. The school is now closed here in Dayton and even bankruptcy won't clear it off. Only way it will get forgiven is to die. Just remember going to college is a lifelong albatross-go to trade school instead, much better investment."
Shaquana Fane
  • Reviewed: 11/8/2018
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"Beware long post: Initially, I was excited to go to back to school. Get in this school ( National College) and it is VERY unorganized. The staff is great!!! BUT I feel some of the instructors aren't really instructors, classes are being half taught. We pretty much google EVERYTHING when doing our work. Upon starting school, I was told that the school works around your schedule and you have a choice of online or on campus classes. I told the staff from the beginning I wanted NO ONLINE CLASSES! HA, right! They offer 7 month phlebotomy classes and 10 month MA classes. If you sign up for 7 month program, upon completion, they hit with "We can't find and sites that will take externs for the phlebotomy program so why don't you switch to the 10 month program?" Why have the program if you cannot provide everything needed including externs??? Every term there is something. It's like they find a reason for to continue going to class. Whether it is claiming you need to take a class over because they have lost your grades or you need to take a class (in order to graduate) that should've been included in the program you enrolled in that you didn't take with in your program time frame... I haven't graduated yet (I'm supposed to in May) but I just have a gut feeling that they're going to find a reason for me not to graduate..."
  • Reviewed: 4/28/2018
  • Degree: Accounting
"Make better decisions than to attend this (FOR PROFIT SCHOOL) There are better and cheaper options for you to succeed in your future. my first accounting job was extremely low pay, I could make more money working retail floor jobs. Classes you will be pulled in with a few good instructors as you progress, it goes down hill... Most businesses and states will not hire from (for Profit Schools) DO not attend got to your local vocational school or community college!!!"
  • Reviewed: 8/1/2017
  • Degree: Medical Office Administration
"This college is a waste of time and money. The program is a joke and so are the admissions team. I graduated in 2014, they promised us job placements and i never got a phone call after i graduated. Now I'm stuck with a diploma I CAN DO NOTHING WITH and unwanted student loans."
Waste of time
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2017
  • Degree: Medical Office Administration
"I like it at 1st I went there when it first open I finished got my diploma and continue my education near with phlebotomy in the Stow office it was terrible a week before I ran out of financial aid they didn't tell me and I couldn't finish the program they wanted me to give them $1,500 in cash so I couldn't finish got all the way through the program until week before now the school is closed and I never got a job in medical office administration and I had to go to another school just for from the phlebotomy was a waste of time"
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2016
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Attending National was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life and fully 100% regret it. Not only is my degree worthless but I also owe over $45k in student loans and debt just for an Associates that is impossible to get consolidated and the amount of payment was so extremely high that I cannot pay them so therefore I'm in default. My credit is ruined and NO medical office in my area will hire me based on the fact that my degree is from National. I believe this College needs to be audited and shut down. When I tried to get an explanation as to why I owe so much, I can't even be directed to the right people to speak to--obviously they don't know. The campus I attended was so unorganized. Please do yourself a favor and enroll in a better College."
Anonymous Student
  • Reviewed: 4/6/2016
  • Degree: Education
"There are some serious problems here. Like really serious problems and NO ONE is addressing them. How they have any accreditation, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea. They literally have only an admission's department. What kind of a school only has an admission's department? No librarian. No student services. No career assistance. No tutoring. No financial aid person. No student activities. Not even a full-time secretary. Z.N. The admission's people try to help but one is pretty stupid ( I think she's new) and the other is running like a chicken with his head cut off trying to do 50 things at once. There is a campus President but twice I have heard him outside on his phone interviewing for other jobs. I heard him counseling a student back into school who obviously CAN'T READ. I have tried to stop into his office on numerous occasions but he is never there. One of my classmates who works in the office told me that they are investigating him for stealing needles from the medical "lab". What kind of a place is this? How on earth do they qualify for federal funding? Why does no one see what they are doing or care? DO NOT GO HERE. It takes 6-8 appointments to get financial aid done and there is always something wrong with it, That's like an hour each appointment. It takes an hour everywhere else. I keep at is because I'm far enough along but I wish I would have gone ANYWHERE else. I have to be part time now because they can't find classes for me. Seriously. Oh yeah did II mention they only have like 2 things you can major in? I wish I was exaggerating. I really do."
  • Reviewed: 11/7/2015
  • Degree: Business
"This is the worst college . Do not go here. All they care about is money. The admissions staff are awful. The professors are great and really do care about the students. You will not get any help with finding a job. Also there is not a librarian. What kind of college does not have a career director or a librarian ? A bad one National College. You would be much better off choosing somewhere else."
  • Reviewed: 10/16/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I am currently enrolled in the MA program at national. This is my second time enrolling. I dropped out the first time because at that time I didn't have reliable transportation. I re-enrolled because I want to further my education. In the past, and now, I am very pleased with national. The staff are so nice and very helpful. They want you to graduate and change your life. I'm not too fond of how costly it is to go there, but with all of the help I get from students and staff I can't really complain. Also, the janitor is really nice and caring. The college is always clean. Even if I don't have a class, I can still go to the college and get help from my instructors if I need it. I won't be graduating until next September, and I've already found a place to do my externship and a possible job! I love national."
  • Reviewed: 8/3/2014
  • Degree: Business
"I'm sorry that so many of you have had so many issues, I attend the Roanoke Valley/Salem Campus in Virginia now known an American National University because they offer Master programs. For the most part I have had a good experience. I've had no problem with my financial work. I have enjoyed "Most" of my teachers. I agree though that a lot of my teachers have rambled on about themselves (it gets annoying at times) but the school is about real life experience and there just sharing that experience with you. I am about to graduate. I feel pretty confident that I will be walking out with alot more knowledge than I new. I stumbled upon this page because the Dean of my school wanted to hear about other peoples opinions on it. She wanted to no what we all loved about it, what we absolutely hated about it, and what reasonable changes should be made. She wanted to hear from people so she new what to do to help improve our school. It doesn't matter what state are in. Whether it be American National University or National College if your still National College were you are. We are all going to this school. I needed to look up information to help me because my experience hasn't been all that bad. I wanted to find other peoples opinions to help me address issues. And I haven't read one decent comment on here. I'll be sure to let her no what other people thought and how when people do there information on our school its Name has been really tarnished. The Roanoke Valley Campus is the main campus for all the schools. And here in Roanoke the Staff do try. It's an older building, but there's NOOOO bugs, its clean. The floors look a little old but there not in bad condition. Ive been here a year and have seen the same Administration. And if we have a problem with our teachers we can go above there head and climb the latter to get out what we need to, to someone who will listen. There are things you can do people you just need to push it. The more we push the faster the improvements. Maybe there constantly changing people to find better, and more qualified employees. Don't give up trying when your paying. Its up to us the students to help make a change. Yes you expect the best when your paying more then the average college, But once you signed those papers its done, your committed. So help make it a better place. When people are around motivation it makes you motivated. I would visit the college before anyone makes a judgment whether or not you dislike or like the college."
  • Reviewed: 3/29/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"Before I start let me say that I graduated from National College with "High Honors" in 2011...Please do not give your money to this school. It is a complete joke. It is a for profit school...and it shows. The building is old and has bugs most of the year. Most of the people in your class will not be the smartest people around...I wish I could give them that ridiculous piece of paper back and get my money back...all 35,000 of it! Yes...that's how much you will pay. Unless of course, you popped out 3 kids by the time you were 18 like most of the people that attend this school, and in that case its free! So as you can guess it is not the best environment to be in."
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2013
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"This school is horrible--disorganized, uncooperative, and, at times, just plain mean. Staff turnover is constant, so the person you discuss your financial aid with when you enroll will probably be gone by the time your first or second term is finished. Same with instructors. You sign up for classes but your schedule will like change several times before the term starts and if you are lucky, someone will tell you, but often they don't.Do not go here. It's a complete waste of time and money."
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2011
"This feels like a waste of my timem I am still currently enrolled at this college and I am not liking it. I wish these credits will transfer because I wish to no longer continue, if i do im pushing myself so i wont feel i wasted money. My teachers are cool but I feel im not getting enough work and i have a teachers that talks about themselves most the time and not teaching. If i wasnt so impatient this year i would be going off to a four year college and experiencing the life of a on campus student with people my age. I do not reccomend this college to anyone that want to further there degree, transfer or want to be around people there age"
jamie hall
  • Reviewed: 5/5/2011
"I entered national college with an open mind and an idea that this school is what you make of it. The admin staff treat the students like they are 5 the mandatory quarterly meetings were dont do this dont do that over and over again. I made myself finish a diploma program so I didnt waste all that money on nothing. Now i am tryng to get forms and info i need to transfer to a different college. I had a member of staff whisper to me a number that could help me cause the staff at that college did not want to help national college is just out for the money. I've had many classes where teachers didnt teach or even know what was going on. they were in their 80's and could barely stay awake for 4-5 hour classes i do not recommend the college. I hope my credits will transfer at least a few and i wish they will release my loan they have been working on for three weeks. But on a good note i can say that I increased my computer skill."
  • Reviewed: 12/31/2010
"Do NOT go to this school. Especially if you are planning on continuing your education or think you may change your mind at any point. NONE of your credits will transfer to any other school. I went for the surgical tech degree and had to take all my classes before I even stepped foot in an OR for my externship. Therefore, I spent all that money having no idea if I would like the job or even if I would faint when I saw my first surgery. Most of my classmates couldn't find a job afterwords and like me, had to start all over at another school."
Amy Nichols
  • Reviewed: 10/23/2010
"I have been attending National College of Roanoke VA since June of 2010. I have taken classes at three other colleges/universities in Virginia and have never experienced such an unorganized and unprofessional environment. I am in a constant state of unbelief as I continue to have or observe one incident after another cascading to form my above opinion. The list of incidents is astonishing. I have kept record of mine, as well as those of my peers. I will name a few and give anyone planning to consider National College of Roanoke VA an idea of what you are in for. 1) Our photos were taken on the first day of class in June for our student id's and clinic badges (for clinic rotations) which are required to enter our clinic sites. More than 15 weeks later, I as well as several other students still had no id issued to us, even after bringing it to the program directors attention. I would have not been able to attend my first day of clinic at the hospital had I not gone to the Hospital Security dept. and requested an id from their office since my school did not provide me with one. 2) The campus bookstore has posted hours of operation. I needed my Pharmacology book to study for a test. I went to the bookstore 4 times on different days during their "open" hours and the lights were off and no one there. I showed up one day about 15 minutes before they were to close and seen the attendant locking up and I asked to purchase a book and he very rudely told me "you should have purchased your books over a week ago before classes started" and locked the door and walked off as I was speaking to him. He ignored me. 3) I have witnessed the Director stating that he would lie in Federal Court in front of a judge if asked whether or not he denied certain students their federal loan money. He stated that he would lie and say " oh they simply misunderstood me and I in fact said if they were my kid i wouldn't give them any loan money over what covers tuition." It is ILLEGAL to deny students federal loan money. It is a students right to take amounts of loan money above tuition to help cover living expenses and he has denied students that right. 4) During a meeting with the Director, I witnessed him storm out of the conference room and very loudly SLAM the conference room door. This meeting, unknown to him, was recorded by me. 5) My Rescue Operations instructor, saw another student texting in class under his desk and yelled at him and said he was going to "bite his phone in half" (which by the way is illegal i.e. property damage!) The list goes on farther than most prospective students have the patience to read. In closing I will state that I wish I would have never enrolled in this school. I do plan on completing the program, though i do not recommend this school to anyone. I am honestly embarrassed to tell anyone where I attend college, and I do not plan on attending my graduation ceremony because of the fact that I am not proud of where I'm graduating from in May. I am only proud of the fact that I'm graduating the Paramedic program. Myself and several other students have decided on accepting our degree's outside of the ceremony, and organizing our own private celebration of completion of the program."
not happy
  • Reviewed: 10/18/2010
"I am currently attending this school. They have teachers, whom don't have a clue to begin with. They will stick anyone in to teach just so they can have a class. I am looking into another college and pray I can transfer. I wish I had NEVER walked into this school. I can't wait to leave. Do your research before attending. There are many places that won't even accept this school to be accredited! You will only be wasting your money! They are trying to pull in military students, so be careful and don't get pulled in. Don't just talk to the people up front, wait til you see a student walk out with books in their hand, and ask about 5, then make your choice. I bet you don't get any good remarks! They can't even keep representatives or teachers, and the campus director keeps changing or leaving, so what does that tell you? I wish I had done some dirt digging before I signed papers. They are EXPENSIVE and are NOT worth the aggravation!"
  • Reviewed: 7/20/2010
"This school does have some good teachers but I agree the FA department needs to figure out what is going on. I dont know if it is the school's fault or corporate fault but they have alot of problems. As far as the school is there to get your money, of course it is, all colleges and universities are there to get your money it is a business. I do not recomend going to this school. If you have the time and are able to go to a traditional college go there first."