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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 4/13/2020
  • Degree: Digital Marketing
"Please under no circumstances should anyone entertain this college. They are a true rip off. The staff is deceitful especially the students financing department. They have withheld funds from the Dept. of Ed and they are not releasing them to the student. Also, once you begin your course there is no end in sight. They continue to add courses and no one is aware of their graduation date. They just continue to milk the students. Now they have deleted all voicemails on their answering machines and are only using default voicemails in order to have telephone contact with their students. They all deserve to be in jail. I don't think that I am the only having these problems. However, I am working closely with the Attorney General Office in MA to take them to court again for their deceitfulness towards their students. Don't walk away from this college, run away as fast as you can..bunch of crooks."
  • Reviewed: 10/15/2019
  • Degree: Engineering
"This school is SKETCHY! They purchased my previous school (National Graduate School) and all students transferred over. Over the past year the New England College of Business lost its ability to offer financial aid then they laid off half the staff, including the Dean of our program. Now no one answers your calls when you have questions - they are understaffed and disorganized. I called the financial aid office 3 times and they never returned my call. When I finally got through I learned that my financial aid officer and my adviser had been laid off. I am hoping the college survives long enough for me to graduate. Right now I am taking out weird loans to pay for the classes. It is a joke."
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2018
  • Degree: Business
"My first class was a problem. Before classes started I contacted my advisor and let her know that I had to schedule a surgery and I thought I should drop the class- as I had several other classes at another college to finish my Associates degree that semester. She told me I had nothing to lose, that if there was a problem because of surgery it would fall under a medical problem and money for the class would be refunded. Right at the time of my surgery I fell and fractured a rib then after the surgery I was required to be off my feet for 2 weeks and on pain killers. Again I was told my professor would work it out with me. He didn't excuse me from online requirements of homework and responding to discussion 3x week. Two days after surgery I was responding online to required discussion on pain medication. Four days after surgery I was submitting a paper that was due (I had submitted a previous with no problem) the online system wouldn't register it as submitted. Literally for two hours I emailed the professor and tried to resubmit, the system wasn't working. Not only did the professor act as though I was in the wrong, but didn't say I wouldn't be penalized for it. This is an online school whose online system isn;t working right. I contacted my advisor and told them all and that I would have to drop the class, I couldn't work through these problems on pain meds, and that as I was promised I expected a refund. Out of three different people contacted about the problem, no one investigated the problem. I faxed all the information about the fractured rib, surgery and pain meds and they gave me the run around for 6 months each time I emailed. Several months after I dropped the class an email went out to all students acknowledging that a revision they made to the system had caused intermittent problems and they reversed the revision, but still they wouldn't acknowledge my refund. I am a very serious student with a 3.85 GPA in my other college Associates degree. I would tell everybody not to trust them with your money and time."