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2 out of 5
Degree: Data Science
Graduation Year: 2019

I'm a current student in an NU SPS Master's program. For the most part the experience has been disappointing considering the amount of money I've spent. It is accurate that many of these classes are 'self taught' which is a shame considering the caliber and experience of the instructors as well as the complexity of the subject (data science). The BEST instructors have weekly online sessions, so **ASK** before enrolling in a course because there are those that will simply regurgitate what others have done, if you're lucky, and provide little to no guidance on the coursework and still give you an A (about 3/4 of the classes). This really is the BIGGEST issue. It's like NU is resting on it's laurels and cashing in on their name. For the price of these classes I'd have expected actual instruction to take place and better professional development. Because of this, I feel like if you do the minimum you can still graduate with honors. I had a better experience at community college!! To top it all off, I've had classes where the instructor doesn't even know the language being used for assignments (i.e. Python, R, etc.). Their advice on completing the assignments? Use Google or get the code from other students... What??? I am happy with what I've learned, but I can't credit NU for the majority of it because of the complete lack of instructor participation. My biggest piece of advice is to go to another institution. By going to NU you are basically paying to have their name on your resume. If I wasn't so deep into the program, I'd cut my losses. Such a shame.

1 out of 5
Degree: Project Management
Graduation Year: 2017

Horrible school. No one lets you know how much you know until they kick you out of school and then continue to charge you for classes. No one could tell me an honest answer of how much I owed them and when I could continue attending classes again. This school should be investigated and uncredited. I will never recommend this school to anyone.

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