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  • Huntsville (AL)
  • Annual Tuition: $20,040
100% of 12 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Kimberly Joy Ferguson
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2023
  • Degree: Psychology
"The professors were great and knowledgeable and invested in us.. They were a team in our success and they were rooting for us because they know education is the route to help us out of poverty and for our children and community. They were committed to us. It's a school where we can share about what God has done for us and through us.My classmates were nice."
Bianca Stover
  • Reviewed: 8/11/2019
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Oakwood University is a HBCU University, located in Huntsville, Alabama. Oakwood University was founded in 1896 and named after the towering oak trees that can be found on the campus. It is also believed to be the early residence of Americas most famous slave, Dred Scott. Oakwood University has been a member institution of the United Negro College Fund since 1964. Oakwood not only offers private, Christian education but also a strong collegiate experience. For years, Oakwood University has consistently been ranked by the U.S. News & World Report as one of the best regional colleges and universities to attend. Oakwood offers exceptional athletic programs, travel abroad opportunities, honor societies, service organizations and musical groups (to include the Aeolians who were voted the World Choir), to name a few. You will have the opportunity to build life-long friendships and a strong spiritual foundation while learning. You will need to be prepared to adequately finance your education at Oakwood. It can be expensive. However, financial aid and scholarships are available. You can also work during school and apply those funds towards your tuition. It is also important to explore grants and scholarships prior to starting your first year. The more money you receive, the less loans that you and your parents will need to take out! Also, remember to enjoy yourself! College is a very serious commitment; however, it is also a great opportunity to get to know yourself and others who are from different backgrounds and cultures. Dont take that for granted!"
Candace Bone
  • Reviewed: 7/4/2019
  • Degree: Social Work - Campus
"My time at Oakwood University (College) was delightful and eye opening. It was my mom's Alma Mata . Therefore I didn't have much choice in where I would attend. The population of the school body is small compared to other colleges. During my years of matriculation we averaged 3700 students. We did no have a major sports team , but had all physical activities such as swimming, soccer, golf, basketball and track. We did not compete with other universities. We were in the small town of Huntsville, Al. Our name and reputation preceded us. Internships and jobs were easy to come by. Our Alumni reside in 40 different countries and all across America. Wherever I went while in school and after I had a place to stay, a reference and support."
Graduate Student
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2019
  • Degree: Social Work
"The social work program at Oakwood University is tough, but worth it. The professors are extremely resourceful, and really work with you to ensure that you achieve success. In you junior and senior year, you are required to do a total of 500 field (internship) hours. The process begins after you are accepted into the social work program, and you will undergo interviews and paperwork, which will help with field placement. What I liked the most about this program, was that the material learned through lectures, were applicable to my internship. There are a lot of papers and presentations that require critical thinking. These assignments are difficult and time consuming, however, they are designed to prepare you for the demand of coursework that you will experience at the maters level, and even throughout your career. My advice to students considering this program, is to be prepared for class, stay on top of your assignments, and communicate with your professors."
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2019
  • Degree: Theology
"Oakwood University, is an HBCU in Huntsville, Alabama. Where I went from freshman year until graduation. I started off with different studies but eventually came to theology, My experience there was excellent. Really feel like I excelled learning there in courses and as an individual. I joined many extra curriculars, as well while in school. Through my years there I really believe I learned to love my culture. Before Oakwood, I always went to a mainly European school. So it was beautiful to see so many individuals that looked like me. Still people of all different backgrounds and views. Yet we felt like one because we understood each others struggle and oppression. Not only did I learn more about my culture but religion. Oakwood university is also the only Seventh-day private HBCU in the country. So even though everyone that goes there is not religious. The access to Christianity, is always there if wanted. For those considering pursuing theology, Students who complete the requirements for Ministerial Theology are prepared for entry-level pastoral and evangelistic ministry through a pre-seminary curriculum. The major in Pastoral Care and Pre-Chaplaincy introduces the student to vocational options including hospital, military, and prison chaplaincies. The program in Biblical Studies and Languages serves the person who desires special training in Bible research and inquiry not necessarily claiming a call or commitment to traditional pastoral ministry. Certificate in Church Leadership is a one-year program, which prepares the participant for effective lay leadership or self-supporting ministry. Religious Education is designed to qualify a person to teach secondary-school Bible and to pursue graduate studies in school administration and religious education. Oakwood University, Religion and Theology Department"
  • Reviewed: 12/29/2017
  • Degree: Marketing
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Oakwood. The program itself was average, and only some of the instructors were high quality. However, the quality of people that I meet made all the difference in the world. The people I meet contributed more to my career than the curriculum ever could. I have acquired lifelong, professional, high quality people at Oakwood."
Candace Peterson
  • Reviewed: 12/18/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"I attended Oakwood University straight out of high school. I was an out of state student, traveling from Wisconsin to Alabama in order to complete registration and finish my financial aid. Applying and acceptance were easy. Oakwood sent out instruction to accepted students on how they could finish registration. Unfortunately, completing my registration remotely was impossible. My mother and I spent all day in lines trying to get everything straightened out, finally finishing when the day was done and after she had to yell at several people so that I could have a place to sleep for the night. The spirit on campus is beautiful and welcoming. The people are generally kind and smart, and there are several clubs and activities to do so that making friends is easy. Because the campus is so small, if you don't find your niche and are entrepreneurial, you can start your own club or sports activity. The strength of academics varies from department to department. I started out in the very well funded Biology department and ended my college career in the less endowed psychology department. The department seemed focused on producing either practitioners or academics, and there weren't many resources for anyone who wasn't interested in either. Because Oakwood is so small and tight-knit, you can expect to learn about opportunities, receive help, and even being entrepreneurial ventures with the people you meet there. The students are a truly creative, smart, and ambitions bunch and so you are sure to know people in high places decades after you leave. Letters of recommendations are easy to get because the professors believe in you and want to advance your career. This part has been the highlight of my experience."
Angelica Marbury
  • Reviewed: 12/8/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"Oakwood University is an amazing undergraduate institution. I attended the Nursing program and it adequately prepared me for the workforce. Principals and concepts learned within the program could be applied to my day job. I obtained a job immediately after graduation with great recommendations."
Eboni Murraine
  • Reviewed: 12/6/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"It was Oakwood College at the time I attended and became a University before I graduated. The grounds are breathtaking. A former plantation, now grounds for a prominent and historical HBCU, educating the finest minds in America and around the world. The golden silos remain standing as a reminder of the agricultural days during the humble beginning of the school. Oakwood University is not only known for its world championship choir and brilliant biology department; they produce exceptional students in all departments. I appreciate the training I received in the nursing department, learning to care for patients physically, mentally and spiritually. The school produces students to serve as missionaries for Christ in the world as evident in their mission to transform students in Bible-based education for service to God and humanity."
Lakisha Howard
  • Reviewed: 9/17/2017
  • Degree: Social Work
"Oakwood University is an institution that dedicates itself to preparing all students to enter to learn and depart to serve. The University is like non other and equips its students to perform at high standards academically in whatever skill/area/work that they may be placed in. The Social work program at Oakwood University provided me with valuable resources, hands-on experiences, cultural perspectives, and detailed preparation for any Masters level program. My experiences gained within the social work department ( internship experiences, international and domestic community service opportunities, networking opportunities through various conferences provided by the NASW, cultural projects, and more) provided me with a plethora of knowledge in the field of social work and enabled me with greater confidence to enter into a graduate program to pursue a Masters Degree in the field of Social Work. The professors take the time to encourage and advise each student to reach beyond minimal goals and pursue higher degrees of learning and experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my time at Oakwood University and I know that if it were not for the foundational learning received at Oakwood University my success in graduate school would not have been at the level in which I am currently performing ( 3.96 grad point average currently). Lakeisha Howard, MSW student LomaLinda University"
Kerron Warrick
  • Reviewed: 12/27/2016
  • Degree: Marketing
"Oakwood University has been a tremendous experience for my social and academic learning. The university is a Historically Black and has been around for 100 years and most recently has gone through a well needed renaissance and has upgraded a number of college programs including the medical and Business departments. A great school and know the facilities and academics now match."
Ja'Nece Dickerson
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2016
  • Degree: Social Work
"Oakwood University is a great school to attend if you are interested in diversity, establishing or strengthening your relationship with Christ, as well as prepare yourself for your future career. Although the school is an HBCU, it is still very diverse. There are students from all over the world. I've met people from various islands, different countries and of course all over the United States. This is not something that I experienced outside of college. Beginning graduate school, I realized how thankful I was to attend Oakwood. I was extremely prepared for my graduate courses going in. I was far advanced in the knowledge for some of my courses because the information was something that I had already known from my undergraduate course. Oakwood in an all around great school and you wouldn't regret attending."