Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Reviews

  • 22 Reviews
  • Stillwater (OK)
  • Annual Tuition: $24,539
94% of 22 students said this degree improved their career prospects
95% of 22 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Ashley Moore
  • Reviewed: 2/25/2019
  • Degree: English
  • Graduation Year: 2003
"Oklahoma State University was an outstanding university committed to excellence. My advisors were helpful and personable. My class sizes were generally small, and my professors knew my name. They were also highly intelligent and passionate about the subjects they taught. My English and education classes were applicable to my future career, and I knew that I would be prepared for a job upon graduating for OSU."
Mehrzad Moin
  • Reviewed: 12/19/2018
  • Degree: Philosophy
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"Oklahoma State University provided me with a quality education and introduction to the field of philosophy. The philosophy department is diverse and staffed with excellent professors that take every measure to promote and share their love of philosophy. It is here that I was first formally introduced to the field, which proved to be a formative experience, as I am now a graduate student studying philosophy. The university provided me not only scholarship opportunities and financial assistance, but also the academic environment and support necessary to cultivate the skills that I needed to be competitive in my pursuit of higher education. The people in the department and the university at large are friendly and welcoming, but also willing to push students to achieve their goals and reach their potential."
Kurt English
  • Reviewed: 6/2/2018
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"Ive only been to one university, but my experience at Oklahoma State has been a spectacular and game-changing experience. From the many knowledgeable, helpful professors to the cleanliness of campus to the safety that the security provides to minimize crime incidents. OSU has been an experience of not only the growth in knowledge but a growth in independence as young adults. The majority of the staff is informative and polite, this is especially important when you are a freshman or in my case, a transfer trying to get used to college life and literally trying to find direction (getting from class to class, etc.). The campus also currently is growing in infrastructure as many new buildings are being formed, allowing the ever growing number of students to have smaller class sizes. Having smaller class sizes, especially in college, is always a good thing, because it allows more one on one interaction with student and the professor. Not the mention, the plethora of already many recently built building OSU has to provide and having many new, more technologically advanced classrooms also helps improve the college experience when striving to get great grades. As students juggling educational, work and other affairs it is important to simplify as much as a possible and with many mandatory advisors, who professors themselves. Their expertise helps guide students on the route for them according to how they have performed and they also advise the students on what they need to perform to reach their desired goals. College life at OSU has been a blast, and I am looking forward to the next four years at the OSU Veterinary School."
  • Reviewed: 4/8/2018
  • Degree: Animal Science
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"Attending Oklahoma State University was one of my best life decisions! I was an out of state student, and did not come from a traditional agricultural background, and they made me feel right at home. I loved how their animal science program was very hands on, and that is something that initially attracted me to the school. The professors are great and very knowledgeable, and they do not make you feel as though you are just a number. I chose to pursue an option in production, and what I enjoyed the most about it was the fact that I was exposed to all sides of the agricultural industry. I learned about many aspects regarding the livestock industry, as well as plant and crop production, in addition, to some of the business side of things. I was very involved on campus, and they really have a lot to offer. I have made many great connections, which I know will help me immensely in the future."
Kirsten Grammer
  • Reviewed: 4/30/2017
  • Degree: Biology
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"It is important as an undergrad to ensure that you are pushing yourself with your course schedules. As a vet student now, I appreciated how easy it was to personalize my curriculum and found that the rigors of the coursework are definitely major-dependent. If you don't plan to pursue graduate work after school, a high volume high difficulty path is not necessary, but for both my brother and I, we had to carefully evaluate what courses would prepare us for architectural engineering professional school and veterinary school respectively. I had many fantastic science teachers who I would do research for without hesitation but a few other that simply didn't care much for the course they were teaching. Without a doubt, the best courses you will ever have are the ones taught by passionate and enthusiastic lifelong learners. They are not lacking at OSU!"
Kylie Sparks
  • Reviewed: 3/15/2017
  • Degree: History
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"When I say that Oklahoma State University is the best possible place I could have ended for the four and half years I spent getting my bachelors degree I am in no way being hyperbolic or facetious. The campus is beautiful and diverse, the professors (in my experience) really genuinely care about their students both inside and outside of the classroom. The courses offer range far and wide in topics, and the professors are a diverse bunch of academics. There are a million and one ways to get involved on campus, through student organizations, church activities, volunteer activities, and more. I also have nothing but good things to say about the study abroad office, which was innumerably helpful as I was planning to travel abroad my junior year. 10/10 would recommend. It's not perfect, but the goods really truly do outweigh the bads."
Sabrina L
  • Reviewed: 3/10/2017
  • Degree: Health Sciences
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"OSU was a great university and I became the person I am because of that. When I entered OSU I was not very confident and stayed to myself. After my first year I started to blossom and get involved because so many students on campus were motivating and got me involved. The faculty and staff were very helpful and resourceful."
Mark Ewing
  • Reviewed: 1/4/2017
  • Degree: Civil Engineering
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"Oklahoma State University is a fantastic college with pros outweighing the cons 100 to 1. As an institution, OSU is very accessible because all the different departments are within a short walking distance of one another, and any service a student could need (financial, academic, etc.) are located under one roof. The campus is also very enjoyable to walk through because the various greenery and landscaping combine for a gorgeous outing, even outside of walking to class. The staff is very friendly, and one of my favorite things about Oklahoma State is their employment of many students who attend the university. One example is the LASSO Tutoring Center, which I work for. They offer one on one student tutoring in hundreds of courses across all different majors, and there are a few other departments who have similar objectives. I could go on forever about how great OSU is and the thousands of opportunities students gain by attending; but what is most impressive is the university's desire to not only better their staff, campus, and services, but their desire to better their students to prepare them for life after college."
  • Reviewed: 12/29/2016
  • Degree: Biology
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"I found Oklahoma State to be an excellent place to complete my undergraduate education. I am very happy with the rigor of my coursework and feel a Biological Sciences degree has aided me invaluable as I work through a new curriculum at the associated veterinary school. I know that some Animal Science students have struggled in this regard due to the less rigorous coursework. Definitely strive to load your schedule. Take the harder classes. Your future professors will respect you for it."
  • Reviewed: 10/10/2016
  • Degree: Psychology
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"OSU has many opportunities for educational and social needs. However, I was not as prepared for post college life as I would have hoped to be. I had many influential professors and many of them loved what they were teaching. The biggest downfall is the price of the school."