Pacific Oaks College Reviews of Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy

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  • Pasadena (CA)
  • Annual Tuition: $21,284
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Reviews - Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy

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  • Reviewed: 2/19/2017
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"This school has a positive learning environment with in-class discussions that helped us learn from our experiences. This school offers a diverse and helpful staff of professors. This school offers a flexible class schedule that allows full-time working adults, like myself, to pursui an education"
  • Reviewed: 8/23/2016
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"Pacific Oaks has been a great experience! Instructors are dedicated and experienced. What I appreciate the most is how the order of classes the school has scheduled each semester has purpose! They all correlate with one another, making the learning experience all the greater."
Sesiah Aguirre
  • Reviewed: 7/17/2015
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"This school is a social justice school and they promote taking action. The pros about the program is that it has a specialization in trauma. The faculty is always available and willing to assist you in anyway they can. The faculty has your best interest in mind.The program is a cohort style program which makes it much easier to get through the program. The con is that the specialization in trauma is fairly new so they are still trying to figure a few things out. They are not COAAMFT accredited. COAAMFT is a national organization that has minimal impact in California but does affect VA internships in that you must come from an accredited COAAMFT school to get your hours at one. There are only two in California but Pacific Oaks isn’t one of them. This means that one would not be able to do their internship at a VA hospital or clinic."
Lamar Whaley
  • Reviewed: 4/27/2015
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"The classes at Pacific Oaks is more of discussion based setting between students and professors, instead of a lecture setting in which the professor lectures and students just listen. The classes encourage, motivate, and challenge students to learn about themselves, as well as to discover their fears, biases, etc and how to overcome them in order to become effective therapists. As of now i do not have any cons about Pacific Oaks or the program that I am in."
Karen Streeter
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2014
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"Pacific Oaks is a great place to go to school. True, this will never be the great research school like other larger programs. However, the egalitarian classroom style in which everyone has a voice in discussions and the excellent professors with years of experience in their field make this a great program to learn how to be a good clinician in the challenging field of mental health."
Dezerri Black
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2014
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"I love the experiential learning process that happens at Pacific Oaks. It is a school that honors and encourages students real life experiences. The school invites us to utilize our real life experiences while applying them to our education goals. Our school also fosters communication and discussion between instructors and students. I cannot say enough great things about Pacific Oaks."
Adeela Northern
  • Reviewed: 7/7/2014
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"This is good school, but it is not your traditional school so it is missing the social aspect. Also, they keep raising the tuition so the amount of money that you receive back from refund is not enough to live off of. This should be considered when choosing to attend this school. Lastly, there are lacking organization on some aspects, some things are still being established so it could seem as though you are getting the run around, which is frustrating. The quality of education in the classroom is incomparable and the network that is established in from this program is great."
Jennifer Egelski
  • Reviewed: 4/16/2014
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"Pacific Oaks College offers a quality education and the opportunity for personal growth while learning with a diverse student population."
Karen Streeter
  • Reviewed: 1/7/2014
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"Pacifics Oaks is a great school. Lots of diversity, culture-centered curriculum to help me as a future marriage and family therapist and good classroom interaction. It is a smaller school, so if you are looking for a lot of research opportunities and such that you might find at a larger school then it's not such a great fit. Otherwise I'm happy so far with my experience at Pacific Oaks."