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Reviews - Bachelor's in Business

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  • Reviewed: 12/12/2018
  • Degree: Business
"Penn foster is a great college but it is definitely a real college in saying that it means you will have to pay a tuition every semester and you will have to study really hard. The material is hard material but not impossible to make good grades if you put in the time and effort. Some people that left bad reviews are most likely disgruntled because they thought they could just get a degree without putting in hard work and without paying. You can go to penn foster for pennies compared to other colleges what do you people expect ,its not free. If you are going to attend an online college get ready to do the work it sometimes can be harder than traditional college no one will be catering to you. You will need to know how to research and find other resources when needing help sometimes. I use you tube tutorials alot. Grow up and quit dissing penn foster ,I already have a couple of job prospects once I get my degree."
  • Reviewed: 10/5/2018
  • Degree: Business
"After reading some of these awful reviews, I felt I had to say something. I began the Vet tech program and have since transferred over to the Business Management program. Had NO PROBLEM whatsoever in switching programs. Staff were very helpful and polite. This is not a traditional school and some of us are glad it isn't. They are VERY clear about time frames and extensions. I saw quite a few reviews where people are complaining about that. You are an adult. Take some responsibility. And for EVERY class I have taken there has been an assigned instructor. I also attended ECPI (MCI) for a registered nursing program some years ago. THAT was a joke!!! This school is much more organized. If you want or need a babysitter reading a text book to you or holding your hand to make sure you complete your assignments, DON'T sign up for an online program that is self paced. I have had nothing but good experiences and I am glad I chose to stay with Penn Foster."
  • Reviewed: 9/14/2017
  • Degree: Business
"Avoid this school! I was in the Business Management program and I decided it wasn't for me and withdrew from the program. I understood that I would owe them some money for the coursework I took, but then I got a bill from them for $1300, the entire semester!? I referred back to the enrollment agreement which clearly stated that if you dropped out of the program after the first week, you would only be liable to pay for the courses you took. I only took one course! This was back in February. I have e-mailed them 23 times(seriously, no joke. 23 times!) and have called and called and when I am lucky enough that someone actually answers I get transferred back and forth between people and all they will tell me is "you owe $1300". Then the last time I tried to talk this out with somebody, they hung up on me! This is despicable behavior! I refuse to pay $1300 when I only owe just about $300 for the only course I took. They sent me to collections so now I have 5 calls a day coming in asking me about this debt. I explained everything to the debt collector and they even agreed that this wasn't right. Please do not attend. There are plenty of other affordable colleges. And to think I was going to re enroll into the Vet Tech program. I'm so glad I didn't!"
Shelby M.
  • Reviewed: 6/24/2016
  • Degree: Business
"AVOID!!!! I recently had a major issue with the school and up until that point I was really pleased with them. I wanted two switch majors and made a call to them two months ago, in those two months I followed every thing I was advised to do to the T, then I make a call to get the ball rolling only to find out almost everything he advised me was incorrect to the point where I am out $772. That's a lot of money for me.... A LOT>. After more then two and a half hours on the phone with numerous people at the school (including two hang up from them!) they refused to fix THEIR MISTAKE! I repeat a representative from there school made several mistakes while advising a student and they are unwilling to work with said student. A student with a 4.0 GPA, who was always at least a week early for all due dates, and who PAID IN FULL!!! I did exactly what I was told to do and they screwed me over."
  • Reviewed: 7/17/2015
  • Degree: Business
"I just enrolled in Penn Foster's B.Sc. in Business Management program a couple of weeks ago. There was a glitch in the enrollment process but it was because I'm located in Canada and they accidentally enrolled me as a "domestic" student. We had to cancel my initial enrolment and do it a second time. A minor inconvenience but it was quickly remedied. I hit the course materials hard, averaging roughly four or five hours a day of study time. The information is interesting and informative, and up-to-date. There are quite a few exercises to do which make you really think about the material that you're learning. The one thing I do find rather annoying about the Information Literacy program is that there's no way to essentially "bookmark" where you've left off so you can pick up from that spot again. You have to basically scroll through all the screens until you find your place. I'm not sure if this will be an ongoing concern or not but if it is, based on what I've seen so far, it will be a minor irritation. The exams are all open book. That doesn't mean you won't have to study and really give some thought to the questions before selecting your answers. Some of the answers are buried within the material so just skimming through the information isn't going to cut it. You have to read the lessons closely. I really like that you can print a preview of the exam before you start each lesson. This means that you can get an idea of what information you really need to look for when you're reading the lessons. What I've been doing so far is ticking off the answers as I go, IF they stand out at me. Not all of them do. So far I've written three exams and I've only gotten 100% on one of them. I'm looking forward to continuing my program. I wasn't sure how it would go but so far it's been great."