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  • Reviewed: 4/21/2022
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"I was in the vet tech program and even though I already have a bachelors degree and had taken English Lit in college, they still tried to make me take that course. Plus, all the exams were mainly multiple choice but their finals where essay and short answer. I think the chapter tests should have been set up to prepare us for our finals. Plus, after only 6 days, if you don’t want to pursuit your degree, they try to make you pay anyway. Complete rip off! Plus, I talked to many employers at animal care facilities, vet clinics, etc where I live and they do not accept a degree from Penn Foster, nor will they let you do their externships with them. Complete waste of time and money. Avoid Penn Foster at all costs!"
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2022
  • Degree: Engineering
"Penn Foster College was the best decision that I made to further my learning objective and career goals. I will warn those without initiative or the will of not applying themselves, you're going to be very disappointed! This is not going to be a short, easy journey of paying your fee and magically gaining your diploma in 6 months, you're going to have to buckle down, study and progress. I was skeptical at first just by reading the one star online reviews and complaints, but came to to conclusion that all colleges (online and brick and mortar) have bad reviews, mostly by those that prefer the easy route...remember initiative and having to apply yourself? I am a older student with a family, mortgage and lifes overhead that we aquire with age, and I was able to obtain my A.S. degree by focusing on my career and future employer. I will say that my studies were challenging and at times frustration set in, but I pushed on! I just finished my last semester and feeling relieved, also confident and overjoyed with my accomplishment. I cannot wait for my degree to be on display at work, not as a brag but as a reminder of what can be obtained with persistance and also an encouragement to fellow employees possiby thinking of pursuing a college degree. If you're reading this review and are currently a Penn Foster student, don't give up and keep grinding for your furture depends on it. If you're on the fence about using PF College for your studies, talk with your HR dept. about furthering your education as I did and they might possibly pay for half your cost as long as you have a passing grade. There is a difference between regionally and nationally accredited but my HR Manager went straight to the U.S. Dept of Education website and Penn Foster was a registered school, informed me that it was infact a college and HR reconized it as so and we proceeded from there. There will be naysayers in all points of life, but the advantage of studying at your own pace is very benificial, especially if you're already deep into the workforce (unpredictable schedule, overtime, call ins etc,) so falling behind with your courses won't be as bothersome to say if you were attending the brick and mortar route as I seen friends fall behind because of working crazy hours. I believe the tides are turning concerning opinions/outlooks about online learning. Employers are realizing the advantages of online studies and the positive workforce it helps create. Initiative and applying yourself matters in your workplace and with your studies, no one can do it for you in either case! Penn Foster College is nationally accredited for our college programs by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)"
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2022
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"Wow! Never knew this College was this bad! I see everything negative in this school except for 30-40% of people want to help you and the rest of them don't! I can't believe I thought this school was better and had developed ' A MATURITY LEVEL" but that's not the case! I should've went elsewhere and people are right . This school doesn't care and they want is your $$. It's funny I've got to pay a certain amount to them every month and since people refused to contact me about certain exam or test I needed to take and didn't wanna due to the ridiculousness of others I gotta pay for these classes I'm failing plus repay to take em again! You know it's funny that people who really work there , vet tech dept has been so disappointing and disrespectful in more ways than one! I mentioned someone was a witch and I got blamed for speaking that. It was some stupid code of conduct and the funny thing is they don't bother to look at themselves and how they conduct the students!"
Breanne Spain
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2022
  • Degree: Gunsmithing
"I would HIGHLY recommend NOT taking any classes at Penn Foster. I had multiple exams I took that took me hours to complete that their computer system did not record the grade to and I now have to retake. They did absolutely nothing to correct it or make it right. They told me next time to take a picture to prove I took it! Are you serious?! On top of that the course and information is an absolute joke! I am taking the gunsmith course, however I already own and operated a gunsmith business. I simply took this course for insurance purposes. MAYBE 25% of what is in the course is useful in this business. The majority is the history of when certain firearm and when it was made. That information is irrelevant to paying your salary. Horrible experience. Would never recommend to anyone and I feel it was a complete waste of money. If I was not at the end of the course I would get a refund and forget the certification."
  • Reviewed: 1/22/2022
  • Degree: Electrician
"Do not attend this school. They cram as much information as they can into a lesson that should be separated into different courses. Absolutely the worst school i have ever attended. Not enough time given for the convoluted info they try to convey. Not to mention they jump from one topic to the other and expect you to already understand the physics behind machines to be able to read the blueprint. Ridiculous, i dont know how this place is accredited."
Michelle Benetti
  • Reviewed: 1/13/2022
  • Degree: Business
"Wow, reading the negative reviews just boggles my brain. For those complaining, your simply looking for a reason to complain, YOU MUST BE MOTIVATED AND WORK ON YOUR OWN. There is no one to hold your hand. Staff is amazing if you reach out. PF is a great school and legit. Courses are challenging, this is no fluke. Those saying "employers are laughing" at their degree.. I call BS. Employers CANNOT AND DO NOT do such things..again your looking for excuses for your poor studying skills and the fact that your struggling. I am 46 yrs old and have been passing my exams with A's. You have to want to learn. The school has nothing to do with you wanting to do the work. It is self paced so it's on you if your not grasping the work in your program. The fact that it's online only, self paced is a great thing if your dedicated. It's crazy how people will find any excuse to blame someone else. The staff is amazing. They have been helpful. The cost is exactly what it should be to get an associates. Payment plans are available. I highly recommend PF and can't wait to graduate top of my class."
  • Reviewed: 11/10/2021
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"Penn Foster is literally the worst just when you think they can’t stoop any lower they do. This back ally dumpster of a school is probably one of if the not the worst institutions of higher learning in the United States. They do not care about their students at all! I can handle working on my own (there are no teachers you learn from the textbook and online material only) but that is actually not the most terrible part. The most terrible part is the externship! By the time you get to the second externship you HAVE to complete your first two semesters. So by the time you find out how awful the program is you’re already too deep to turn back. I am a veterinary technician student going on 2 years in the program and am still working on the same internship that I was working on 8 months ago. You have to find your own internship Penn Foster does not partner with the site so you are 100% on your own. So if they don’t do things that are on your list of skills which is probably many (especially if you work for a GP your completely screwed). Good luck finding places that do orogastric intubation or let you use cat bags which by the way are considered outdated and cruel now in the veterinary field. They even force you to do “grief counseling” should never ever be done by an intern. When I worked for my first site the veterinarian was cruel and mean and yelled at me on my second day of being a surgery intern and blamed me for “not responding when an animal could of died” when it is the responsibility of a vet not an intern to be able to take care in an emergency. I was let go because I was upset and complained that the veterinarian was cruel. I was told by the practice manager that it was “wrong for the her to be paid for her time to help me as an intern”. Penn Foster blamed me for being let go and said it was all my fault and that I can’t be a vet tech and “have emotions”. I mean seriously. So none of the 200+ hours I completed counted. I had to start all over again and it took a few months to find and get started at a new site. I recently finished at that site and I was told by the manager that “nine of those skills can’t be done here and haven’t been done in general practice for years” So I had to find a site YET AGAIN to finish my internship because I couldn’t complete it at the first site. I was approved by my evaluator “essentially a person who checks off all your skills and approves” them. BTW they don’t check in on you or communicate with them you actually have to email them through the school they don’t have a personal email. Otherwise they will never contact you. Anyways she approved of me to do 2 partially completed skills at another site as long as I have 2 different initials and signatures. Then I was trying to process the paperwork and then they told me I couldn’t do that “share skills” between sites. Such an inane rule how are you supposed to complete your externship under these conditions. For most it’s impossible! They can’t even get their stories straight different staff members will say completely different things there’s no consistency and often times the response you get is “I don’t know.”They literally try to make it impossible for you to graduate and they will always blame the AVMA which is the veterinary accrediting body. What kind of “college” doesn’t even insure that it’s even POSSIBLE to complete REQUIRED course work. This is so messed up! They treat their students like wallets and take full advantage and bully you into accepting their backwards despicable practices. They are terrible! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!"
Rosaida Checa
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2021
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I had read enough negative comments, Penn Foster is not for dumbs, everybody complaint that there's more on the tests than on the classes, I guess that is what make the difference. That is why there are links, to investigate, not everybody deserve a high GPA. I finished my High School and currently assisting at Penn Foster. The experience? The best!!!"
Kyle Everett
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2021
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"I won’t even call this a class cause it’s just a course. They ship about 15 binders each with 5-15 booklets that are filled with errors and just a waste of time. They spend 200 pages on the most basic topics then skim over the more in depth stuff, and then at the end of each booklet section you get quizzed, but the quizzes never cover anything that you just went over. Their refund program is supposed to be based off percentage completed, but you won’t get it back because they’ll just claim that it doesn’t apply to your program and all sales are final. There is no hands on, there are only like 3 short videos that explain the most basic of principles, there are no zoom classes, and there is no help. I would not recommend them to anybody for any degree"
Vincent Antonio Moorman
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2021
  • Degree: Hospitality Management
"This is the absolute worse route to go for an education. All they are concerned with is money. The material is not edited and full of grammatical errors. They should be ashamed of how they are scamming people on a regular. Do not go this route. Learn from my mistake. A total waste of money. These instructors are a joke and do not even know how to speak correctly -- nor, what they are doing. They go through employees like clockwork. Utterly terrible and offensive!"
Lisa Cabb
  • Reviewed: 7/29/2021
  • Degree: Business
"I love Penn Foster College. All these current "reviews" by the student with one name are a joke obviously, since they all have the same tone about then. Get real. This is college and college coursework. If you can't handle it, or you didn't read the enrollment info that's on you. Penn Foster College may not be for everyone, but it is a good, quality education. Do YOUR OWN research before you enroll."
  • Reviewed: 6/6/2021
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"I can't speak for all the majors, but the Veterinary Technician one is absolute CRAP. The materials are very, very often misspelled and overly wordy. There's so much fluff to pick through I sometimes has to read the same sentence several times before it actually makes sense. The proctored exams are horrid. 7-8 questions constitutes the entire final. They are so random that you can study 98% of the material, and the questions on the test will be from the 2% you didn't study in depth. Also, their student services department is just about useless. They are never able to answer any of my questions, I get told I'll get called back and it never happens, AND they put a hold on my account without even bothering to tell me why, or that it was even going to happen. Don't waste your time here, all they care about is getting as much money out of you as they can while giving the minimum amount of effort on actually teaching you."
  • Reviewed: 6/5/2021
  • Degree: Accounting
"The worst experience! They use old, outdated material (2018) with current accounting programs that have no correlation. Instructor feedback is ridiculous and utterly useless. Most material and supplemental instructions I had to get elsewhere. What a waste of money and time."
  • Reviewed: 5/31/2021
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"Complete waste of time and money! The program teaches you things you will NEVER use in the real world. It is completely drawn out to take a very long time(something that should take a couple of months will end up taking close to 1 year). Grading of labs is a joke. Getting ready for externship is more strenuous than buying a house. Take your money elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 5/26/2021
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"I can only speak for myself, but I am an absolute nobody at Penn Foster. No one has ever reached out to me once they got the first payment. I am a money machine and nothing more. My academic questions have never been answered. The material has so many errors, I quit counting. Spelling, grammatical and pronunciation (AI) errors are common. Material can't be accessed because of IT glitches. Quizzes and exams are programmed with the incorrect answers so there is no way to make a 100. The school has acknowledged receipt of my emails with screenshots of the issues. Within 3-4 business days I receive a canned answer of "We will forward your concern to the IT department". I can not recommend this school to anyone."
  • Reviewed: 5/9/2021
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Don’t go through Penn Foster. It is a joke of an online program!!!! No book for the Pharmacy Technician Program. Waste of time, and the program is not very good!!!! I have to buy a book on Amazon, and you can not access an instructor for days!!! I am sooo disappointed in Penn Foster, the online school should be called, “Penn Losser.”"
  • Reviewed: 4/30/2021
  • Degree: Veterinary Science
"The instructors dodge my questions, they are not familiar with the materials. They can't answer any of my questions about the coursework. They just say, "I didn't write the coursework, so I can't answer your questions." The materials go through a lot of detail and the tests are impossible. When I have trouble understanding something, the instructors can never explain it to me and they cam never answer my questions. They just say, "I would have to go through the course work and read it myself before I could help you." If we dont understand the material, how can we take the exams? The tests ask questions that I dont even remember was in the material. It goes through so much depth that you'd have to take a college course to understand it. They dont provide enough learning material to understand what is being read because the material is so poorly written. I've wasted money on it and will be looking for a different program. I feel like they set you up to fail. This is a poor program and I'm not sure why is was approved by the AVMA."
  • Reviewed: 4/29/2021
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"The program as a whole, is fine. You definitely get your money’s worth of material. The only thing that makes this review negative, is the externship process. I went through so many hoops trying to get my second externship in order. I live in an area where farming and agriculture isn’t big, so trying to find a large animal site was a nightmare. I called about every clinic in southern New England for months, and was rejected several times. The vet who finally agreed to help was two hours away, and also voiced to the school that she hated the skills we have to perform. A lot of stuff that you would never do in a normal circumstance, but they required it because it’s “AVMA” required. Some of the small animal skills are weird, too. Perform necropsy procedure? We don’t even do that at a normal small animal practice. When doing my large animal skills, I misplaced three tiny videos of me doing things to a goat. They wouldn’t except any alternatives.... seriously?! It’s a video! Why should I have to arrange a four-hour round trip to my large animal site again just to get three 30-second videos? They are so AVMA set, that they have absolutely zero toom for compromise or alternatives, especially during a global pandemic, where every school in the country has had to bend rules."
Chana Zucker
  • Reviewed: 4/28/2021
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"With zero study notes, I managed to pull a 3.75. The Computer Application Class is awful. I recommend just taking a computer application class from a traditional college. I wish I had, the instructor was as helpful as a white crayon. The material is sooooooo boring, can barely stay awake from just reading. With zero assistance from ghost instructor, spoke to her once, that was enough."
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2021
  • Degree: Interior Design
"This school is a joke. I'm still currently a "student". The courses are a joke, you can learn more by googling stuff on your phone. Its easier to contact the president of the U.S then anyone at this facility. You want to talk to your professors??? IMPOSSIBLE, don't even think about it because you will end up ripping your hair out. Nothing about this is a "school". Don't waste even a penny on this place. You'll get more education by going to your local preschool for a day. I will be taking my remaining semesters elsewhere."