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  • State College (PA)
  • Annual Tuition: $34,858
93% of 94 students said this degree improved their career prospects
94% of 94 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Nicole Velasquez
  • Reviewed: 9/9/2019
  • Degree: Fitness Trainer
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"Penn State has a great Kinesiology and Sports Medicine program. Providing many teaching methods to help students understand the curriculum. Although classes were large of about 200-400 students, it is best to talk to professors and get to know them as well as ask as many questions as possible when it comes to exams or homework questions. Taking advantage of office hours and study sessions will definitely help you understand even the most difficult courses. The Kinesiology professors definitely made the courses interesting."
Sally Ngo
  • Reviewed: 8/20/2019
  • Degree:
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"PennState (main campus) did not have the best financial aid, and I think it's because there are so many students at the school. It's hard to stand out since there are many students who perform well (whether that's academics, sports, etc.) Even within my major, it was hard to stand out to find scholarships. I also think that as an institution, there's just too many students for the school to try to reach the students. I am sure there are a lot of resources, but you have to search for them yourself (sometimes hard to find). However, it is a public state school, so it's cheaper, especially if you are from Pennsylvania. I majored in Bio-behavioral Health (BBH), which I loved! It was similar to sociology and psychology in one major, with some biology as well. There's a lot of social theories that are needed, but it served as a great foundation for my public health graduate classes. I think the higher level classes are sort of repetitive, so it gets sort of boring. However, there are some higher level classes that you can focus on, like sleep or stress. I also double minored in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) and Japanese. A lot of the HDFS courses overlapped with the BBH classes, so it was easy to minor in it. HDFS was more similar to psychology, but I enjoyed it a lot. I also loved my Japanese classes; although intensive, I was most motivated to work for this class, and I learned the most. All of my teachers in BBH, HDFS, and Japanese are top quality, and I loved learning from them. TL;DR: Classes were great, teachers were amazing. Financial aid is not that great, and resources available are hard to to find."
Airforce Airmen
  • Reviewed: 7/29/2019
  • Degree: Engineering
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"This was my first insitution and my expreance here was horrible. I was also going thought alot of my own issues also and I was very young and not very resibonsible so keep that in mind. That being said I had never been in a program that try so hard to fail you. Keep in mind I was engineering, if you go for a non engineering degree you classes are not going to be as hard as mine. Professors have no interest in teaching the students and just want to do research. The Exams are nothing like the homework and you need to find old exams on the web on your own and pratice doing those problems or you will fail. Everywhere you go on this campus is a scam to take as much money from the students who can't afford it. From 500$ a book to 250$ parking pass (most of the time they're no parking space), the tuition is awful and I wonder where all those money are going. I went to an advisor to see what steps I could take to get into my program since I had to declear my major by the end of second year and I hadn't complete one of my require course yet and they just told me to switch to a History degree. This is really painful when I paid this school almost $50,000 at that point. I trasfer to Rowan College at Burlingtion County (RCBC), for an engieering degree and is now able to presue my dream without taking out debt that I will never be able to pay back just to feel like I'm nothing. It does not matter to you employer where you go to school as long as it is an accredited institution. You are not going to learn more in Calculas from Penn State as to smaller schools. They cover the exact same chapters and use the same book, the only drifferent is that Penn State will give you an Exam that is intended to fail 30% of the class where other insitution make exams to test your knowleage. P.S. I now have an Engineering Degree amoung other degrees as well."
  • Reviewed: 7/19/2019
  • Degree: Health Sciences
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"Throughout at my time at Penn State I had a rollercoaster of emotions. I came from a small high school and was instantly overwhelmed by the mere number of student on campus. However, after a few months of adjusting and looking at lots of maps I felt that this could be a place I called home for few years. The best part about Penn State isn't the football games (although they are very fun and such a cool experience) or the fact that it has one of the largest alumni associations in the world (which is super helpful when trying to find a job), is how many organizations you can be a part of. Everyone can find their own unique place within the larger Penn State Community which I think is amazing. I found some of my best friends in college from different organization like THON, which is Penn State's Dance Marathon the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. But also from meeting people in the Sign Language Organization! Specifically with my degree of study, I felt that the program at Penn State prepared me very well for my time in graduate school. Since Penn State has a graduate program for Speech-Language Pathology, the professor and coursework is aimed at preparing you for the grad school level of knowledge. While the program may be larger than others, I found it helpful to meet and interact with new students every semester and learn about their experiences. The professors at Penn State want you to succeed and want you to learn. They have clinical and research backgrounds which allows for multiple perspectives to take with you for your future clients. Overall, I would not have changed my college experience for any other."
Rahul Arya
  • Reviewed: 6/29/2019
  • Degree: Industrial Engineering
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"This school has a phenomenal career services department, and I believe it is the best thing about this university. In my sophomore year, I had 4 interviews, but through the resources provided by the university and some folks within my network, I was able to improve my resume, interview skills, etc. and I had a combined 70 interviews between my junior and senior year. This is a direct result of the career services at Penn State. It is student's responsibility to put the work and time in, but it is possible. I think the professors, at least the ones in the industrial engineering department, are great. They provide great instruction in class, are very helpful during office hours, and will provide career guidance if you ask for it. They are extremely approachable, and they understand what it takes to get a good job out of Penn State. The professors can put you in contact with industry folks, research opportunities, and so much more to help advance yourself and gain experience that is hard to come by. Additionally, the extracurricular activities offered at this university are phenomenal. The student body is filled with numerous personalities that make it an enjoyable environment. Get involved, network, and make friends that will be around for a lifetime."
Harleigh McCloskey
  • Reviewed: 6/20/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"The Pennsylvania State University is ranked 59th among the Best National Colleges in the US, and is the 14th best team nationally in football. With dozens of nationally ranked majors and being a prestigious, highly regarded university, the competition to be a Nittany Lion is unlike any other. We're ranked 10th in the Best Student Life in America, and 1st in the Best Student Life in Pennsylvania. It's a family, a home and a network that I'll forever hold close to my heart. The campus is among the most beautiful, with the falls and winters being unparalleled with any other, and the springs picturesque. Penn State football is notorious for its high energy and the nationwide connection it provides. Theres a saying that you can find Penn State family everywhere. The study of Psychology at Penn State has allowed me to network with some of the highest regarded mental health professionals in the nation, as well as participate in the best research opportunities. Unlike any other large university, Ive still managed to receive one on one attention and countless opportunities for help if needed. My professors have always treated me with respect and regarded me as a professional and a friend. Alongside the distinguished academics, the friends and memories I've made are unmatched. From the sporting events to the events like Arts Fest, Bryce Jordan Center concerts and THON, Penn State has always made those in the PSU family and friends of Penn State feel like they're at home, and it'll always be one of the best times of my life."
Dakota Ker
  • Reviewed: 6/18/2019
  • Degree: Health Sciences
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"Attending Penn State was one of the best decisions I could have made. Everything from the application process to the graduation process was wonderful. The staff are always willing to help, whether it is through email, phone call, or just stopping into one of their offices. The faculty and staff are exceptional. After going through my academic program, I feel incredibly prepared for the future. The campus has so much to offer with extracurriculars and other activities. Students know it is a big campus so they make sure to include others so it can feel like a home away from home."
Kylie Kuhns
  • Reviewed: 6/9/2019
  • Degree:
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"This university is bursting with pride, as it should be. While attending I rubbed elbows with the best of the best academically, athletically, artistically, and philanthropically. There is a sense of community felt when you are with a group of Penn Staters that is not felt anywhere else, it makes you feel at home, welcomed, and important. I would do another four years if I could to continue my involvements with THON, to keep meeting incredible people, and to enjoy the beautiful campus."
Dana May
  • Reviewed: 5/30/2019
  • Degree: Veterinary Science
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I highly recommend pursuing a degree from Penn State. Obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences was the most rewarding thing I have done. I learned about important topics to my field and gained valuable research experience. I had the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience and attend conferences, workshops and seminars that have all helped to shape me into the scientist I am today. In regards to fun and extracurricular activities Penn State offered various free events, movies, concerts and more. The campus environment can be really busy at times but their a various places and niches for students to escape to."
Kaitlin Barker
  • Reviewed: 3/30/2019
  • Degree: Art History
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"Overall attending Pennsylvania State University was a great opportunity for me. The resources provided were extroidinary. My only complaint would have been the lack of connections provided by the Visual Art School to the business sphere within the art industry and the oversight of a joint art business program."