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  • Prairie View (TX)
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Student & Graduate Reviews

A. Kubeer
  • Reviewed: 5/13/2018
  • Degree: English
"Attending a historically black university opened my eyes to what it was like to be around people who not only looked like I do to most others, but around people who wanted to achieve like I did. It was very motivating to have professors who knew their subject matter and who were able to share real-world experiences with the class. Our football team needs improvement, but PV has it all. I recommend this university to anyone who is looking or wondering about where to get their education. As long as you stay focused you will succeed."
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2017
  • Degree: Special Education
"My university prepared me for my career as a teacher and instilled in me a love for education. I have had a successful first year thanks to my professors, advisors, and classmates. My university prepared me greatly for my new career and gave me the tools and opportunity to be successful in their career. I am forever grateful and I recommend this university and the special education program at Prairie V ire A&M to anyone who has a desire to teach."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Architecture
"Prairie View is a great HBCU. They have worked hard to revamp the campus and it looks awesome! PV is also becoming a very diverse school. The architecture and engineering programs have grown a lot over the years."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Counseling
"I loved my experience, both undergrad in Business at Texas A&M and my Master's at Prairie View A&M. I had wonderful professors."
Wesley Slater
  • Reviewed: 3/15/2017
  • Degree: Animal Science
"PVAMU is a historical black college. I am a white male and I was involved with sports with the school. That helped me get through and be able to have teammates and a family when mine couldn't be there. I loved my college and where it has got me. I got excepted to Texas A&M University Veterinary Program all because of professors that helped guide me through that hard time in my life. I love the time That I had there and I wouldn't change it for the world."
Daisy Makenna
  • Reviewed: 1/31/2017
  • Degree: Education
"Prairie View A&M was a really good institution to get my Masters. The professors were attentive and encouraging along the way. I never had trouble getting in contact with them when needed and I always enjoyed attending their classes."
  • Reviewed: 1/31/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"I though the material was somewhat challenging. The professors did a good job of challenging us to think critically and apply what we were learning."
  • Reviewed: 1/3/2017
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"It was extremely friendly with wonderful professors and degree opportunities."
Coach Kita
  • Reviewed: 12/2/2016
  • Degree: Mechanical Engineering
"Prairie View is a great cultural experience. You really have to be committed to getting the most that you can from this school, there are many hidden jewels here if you are willing to find them. The professors really care about you as a person and your success as a professional. of all the MIT, WPI and other "Ivy school" grads I competed against, I was recruited top in my class into a talent development program. Kudos to PV!"
  • Reviewed: 7/7/2016
  • Degree: Sociology
"My University is excellent. Its truly a unique experience. Since the campus isn't enormous it makes it easier for students to navigate their way around and really form relationships with their professors. If you come to school motivated and set out to succeed, you will do just that !"
Karen L
  • Reviewed: 5/2/2016
  • Degree: School Counseling
"Prairie View offered a self paced Counseling Program that allowed me to work full time, attend school and tend to my family. Courses are offered in spring, summer and fall in person and online. Great opportunities for career advancement. Students are able to attend half or full time and financial aid is available to those who qualify."
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2015
  • Degree: Health Education
"PVAMU is a great school that allows you a bigger college experience but also a family like atmosphere. I had a great time attending school there."
Raushanah Shahid
  • Reviewed: 6/8/2015
  • Degree: Chemical Engineering
"Prairie View is a good school for minorities in want to make it in engineering. I picked PVAMU initially for my undergraduate because my department head stated he would make sure not only I graduate, but I learn the material. I came back to PVAMU for graduate school for the same reason, but the affordability was a no brainer. I do believe Prairie View can do better as far as grants and incentives for students entering their graduate programs."
Saheed Adepoju
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2015
  • Degree: Computer Science
"The Pros Affordability of the program. Access to support services. The cons Not enough diversity"
Danica Norris
  • Reviewed: 1/15/2014
  • Degree: Business
"I am beginning the graduate program in August 2014; however, I have attended this school for my Bachelor's degree. Therefore, I had to take a poll from present grad students. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of education at this University and the feedback that was received by the students."
Jean Michel Kouame
  • Reviewed: 9/3/2013
  • Degree: Accounting
"The graduate accounting program at Prairie View AM prepares for the CPA exam, classes are in the evenings and on Saturdays, that makes it easy for students to attend. Instructors are very qualified and helpful."
Reid Turner
  • Reviewed: 7/3/2013
  • Degree: Economics
"Very Good school. Need to work on small things like having more things to do for students."
  • Reviewed: 6/7/2013
  • Degree: Architectural Engineering
"Pros: In Architecture school building so many model’s for studio’s in undergraduate years, then to return again to graduate school studio’s & keep making more model’s Understanding the material more clearly than in undergraduate school. Graduate school is an opportunity to keep getting better at my craft &expand intuition further for additional years. Cons: In Architecture school building so many model’s for studio’s in undergraduate years, then to return again to graduate school studio’s & keep making more model’s. Studios are always’ time consuming, requiring students to work harder than before. Tuition cost’s double from undergraduate school to graduate school."
Brittney Dowdy
  • Reviewed: 5/25/2013
  • Degree: Civil Engineering
"This was my first semster at PVAMU and overall a good school with well rounded teachers. The english on my FE teacher was a little hard to understand and therefore I feel like I didnt get everything I wanted to get out of that class. But other then that I enjoyed my first graduate semster at PVAMU."
Briana James
  • Reviewed: 5/15/2013
  • Degree: Education
"The pros of the physical education graduate program is the academics, faculty, and the expectations of the students. The cons are the campus life, being that there is not much really around in the city of Prairie View."