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  • Richmond (VA)
  • Annual Tuition: $11,001
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 11/7/2015
  • Degree: Nursing
"The Nursing program at J Sargeant Reynolds is a hot mess. They are utilizing a "flipped classroom" teaching method which translates to an excuse not to educate and prepare their nursing students. There is a list of objectives given for each unit, a brief lecture and good luck. The professor actually suggested at the beginning of class that Wiki-pedia was a good place to search for information. So, I'm going to be putting my license on the line, years worth of time invested and a patient's life on the line based on my instruction from Wikipedia? There is ineffective communication from the top down. They honestly and truly expect you to be a mind reader and when something goes wrong, you will accept the responsibility for EVERYTHING. They have professors that should not be teaching and they do not have enough professors to cover clinicals. A professor left a few semesters ago and they could not find anyone to cover clinicals so the students in that section failed the class because they could not complete their clinicals. They did not reimburse the students in any way monetarily and they were delayed by a year because they did not advise them in time that they had to completely re-apply to the college.They are filling teaching spots with warm bodies that have no business in the classroom. In Fundamentals 95% of your grade is tests. They start out with some deraanged professor's version of her own NCLEX style questions without any preparation for the critical thinking (or the professors unique way of wording test questions) required. They have a tutor who specialized in test taking, but you have to go to her with questions and she has no nursing experience or back-ground. All her expertise is generalized and not specific to NCLEX or nursing. Experienced students, EMTs, CNAs and other experienced students could not pass the tests. They expect you to continue in the program knowing that you may barely pass by the skin of your teeth for an 8 credit class. No review is given of the test except one-on-one of the tests with the professor, which with over 40 students in the class it is hard and at times impossible to get appts. to review the test, so you are screwed.I don't think they should be accredited and they are ripping students off. I heard before I started in the program that it was a bad program and that students were not passing the NCLEX, however I had already taken other prereqs at the school and felt good about those, but allow this to serve as your warning. You are wasting your time and your hard earned money. Add this nursing program to the list to stay away from."