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  • Richmond (VA)
  • Annual Tuition: $11,001
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 9/28/2023
  • Degree: Chemistry
"If you want professors who refuse to teach, go on unrelated tangents, do not provide slides when you miss class due to an emergency, and have to learn all STEM from youtube, then this is the college for you. The staff should be ashamed at the lack of respect they show students trying their hardest to learn while navigating their life outside of class. People don’t PAY FOR college to learn from the internet and be refused class information - YOU WORK FOR THE STUDENTS. Act like it."
Samantha S
  • Reviewed: 11/2/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"I am not one to usually leave reviews and overall my experience was ok at best with acceptions to a few teachers specifically in my first and second semester and then my school assigned tutor who were all wonderful. However, my last semester at Reynolds was very awful and disheartening. All I can say is Reynolds Community college failed 33% of their students in their very last semester in the semester of Fall 2021 and a lot of people who had ended up passing, barely passed... I personally believe this had happened because our critical care classes nursing instructor had left after our very first test (that everyone had failed). They had replaced that teacher with a teacher that had A. never taught before, and B. had only been a nurse in Pediatrics (which she had mentioned many times followed by; I am still learning a lot of these things we are talking about as all of you are). I was one of the students that had failed that first attempt at that semester and I have graduated since however; my second attempt taking my last semester was very turbulent as well. I had spoken to the dean in the previous semester letting her know I had wanted to drop the class and try again next semester before it had counted as a fail... (a small detail about this nursing program is that you are only allowed to fail any class once and retake any class once- unless you drop before certain time in the semester)... They had also implemented a new rule in that very last semester that if you did not get above an 80% average on your tests you would be considered to have failed the semester. Anyways- I spoke with the dean and told her I did not want to continue my last semester critical care corse in mind that I was going to take it again next semester because I had been doing poorly on all of the exams, I did not want to loose my chance to retake this course, and I wanted to take the extra time to practice questions and learn the material on my own to better prep me for my next attempt. She had promised me up and down and told me not to worry that this semester would not count as an attempt for ANY student because of all of the points I had mentioned before- leading me not to drop the course. Fast forward to the second attempt I was still doing poorly, even with going to see the school assigned tutor every week, hiring an outside personal tutor with my own money, studying all material from last semester and material we had gotten from the semester I was in. I had set up a phone call meeting with my professor. During this meeting I had told her what I was doing to try and be successful. During the meeting she continued to tell me that I am not doing enough, this was my last chance to take this class and that I simply did not understand the questions (the reason why I called the meeting was to get help understanding the questions because my outside tutor suggested it)- I started getting upset so I asked for a moment so I could continue being professional on the phone call. When I stepped away for five minutes and came back... there was another teacher on the phone call with us. The other teacher got very aggressive and told me that I did not have a support system outside of school that was going to allow me to pass, she also started telling me as well I was not doing enough. At this point I am very upset and I started crying- to which she continued to berate me repeating the same talking points time and time again until I told them both... This conversation is not productive anymore I am going to get off the phone and set up a meeting with the dean. SO... I initiated a meeting with the dean, my professors, and my school assigned tutor to clear things up.. In this meeting I included my dad and my husband- to show my support system. In this meeting I had brought up the conversation I had with the dean only for her to had reneged on what she had told me telling me I would not be allowed to take this course again and I would have to restart the program from the start. Honestly, I feel like I was bullied by my professors and that is NOT a good environment to be in for learning on top of all the other issues I have touched throughout this review. I really do not know how this program is still up and running with what I experienced."
  • Reviewed: 11/7/2015
  • Degree: Nursing
"The Nursing program at J Sargeant Reynolds is a hot mess. They are utilizing a "flipped classroom" teaching method which translates to an excuse not to educate and prepare their nursing students. There is a list of objectives given for each unit, a brief lecture and good luck. The professor actually suggested at the beginning of class that Wiki-pedia was a good place to search for information. So, I'm going to be putting my license on the line, years worth of time invested and a patient's life on the line based on my instruction from Wikipedia? There is ineffective communication from the top down. They honestly and truly expect you to be a mind reader and when something goes wrong, you will accept the responsibility for EVERYTHING. They have professors that should not be teaching and they do not have enough professors to cover clinicals. A professor left a few semesters ago and they could not find anyone to cover clinicals so the students in that section failed the class because they could not complete their clinicals. They did not reimburse the students in any way monetarily and they were delayed by a year because they did not advise them in time that they had to completely re-apply to the college.They are filling teaching spots with warm bodies that have no business in the classroom. In Fundamentals 95% of your grade is tests. They start out with some deraanged professor's version of her own NCLEX style questions without any preparation for the critical thinking (or the professors unique way of wording test questions) required. They have a tutor who specialized in test taking, but you have to go to her with questions and she has no nursing experience or back-ground. All her expertise is generalized and not specific to NCLEX or nursing. Experienced students, EMTs, CNAs and other experienced students could not pass the tests. They expect you to continue in the program knowing that you may barely pass by the skin of your teeth for an 8 credit class. No review is given of the test except one-on-one of the tests with the professor, which with over 40 students in the class it is hard and at times impossible to get appts. to review the test, so you are screwed.I don't think they should be accredited and they are ripping students off. I heard before I started in the program that it was a bad program and that students were not passing the NCLEX, however I had already taken other prereqs at the school and felt good about those, but allow this to serve as your warning. You are wasting your time and your hard earned money. Add this nursing program to the list to stay away from."