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3 out of 5
Degree: Graphic Design
Graduation Year: 2014

I attended Roger Williams University in the graphic design program back in 2014. There were definitely both pros and cons to this university and program. I thoroughly enjoyed many of the projects we were assigned, and I feel that the program really helped me to hone my design esthetic. However, the career center was completely useless for students in graphic design, pr, communications, etc. If I solely utilized their help when trying to find my for-credit internship, I would not have graduated. This was brought to their attention many times, so I hope that this issue has been resolved in the three years since I attended. I have held two employment positions since graduation, both which were not directly related to my undergrad degree, but rather related to marketing, pr, advertising, and event planning. In each position, I brought my graphic design knowledge and was able to amp it up. However, I don't feel that the assignments we had in school prepared me for these areas, which is why I now have to seek a graduate degree in marketing and pr in order to fill in the "holes" that I did not learn at Roger Williams or in the field.

4 out of 5
Degree: Environmental Chemistry
Graduation Year: 2014

Awesome teachers and great curriculum. The culture at the school is somewhat anti-environmental and anti-progressive in most ways. The students generally come from wealthy New England families. Sports teams rule the social scene because there are no frats. The location is amazing, right next to the bay. However the beach is littered with pot smokers and random fishermen. The food is excellent. There are lots of great clubs but it is fighting an uphill battle to start one. It isn't very well known and your degree might not hold so much weight unless you are in business.

4 out of 5
Degree: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2012

Tell us about your college experience.

My college experience was amazing, I wouldn't change where I went. I also met my significant other there my freshman year and we have been dating ever since. I wish I had majored in something I could actually get a job in. Students really need to understand that they are going to school in order to get a job - so pick something that'll make money!

Would you get the same degree if you could start over?

I would choose to major in some kind of financial or business major because there are more jobs relevant to that and therefore more money to be made.

What advice can you offer other students?

Stay focused, experience everything that you can in order to figure out what you can do for a living.

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