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  • St. Louis (MO)
  • Annual Tuition: $6,990
100% of 3 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Graphic Design Degree taught by Teachers in the Industry
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2018
  • Degree: Graphic Design
"While I took this over a decade ago, I wanted to write a review as I saw there were only two--one good and one bad. I went to the Meramec campus but also had some courses in Web Design at the Forest Park campus. My fundamentals as well as my design ethics are extremely strong in large part from the quality of education I gained here. I am serious when I say the majority of my teachers were either part time teachers and part time creative directors in the real world OR part time teaching at the community college and part time at one of the nearby universities. Many of my teachers would tell us that the design classes were the exact same curriculum as what they taught in their four year universities. Many boasted that were getting an bachelor level education at the price of an associates degree. I've also found that in the then plus years as designer (in St. Louis and another major city) my opportunities were NOT diminished by "only having an associates degree". My pay has been equal or higher as my bachelor degree co-workers and I've found that what really only mattered was talent and experience to get the next position up in my career. I highly recommend the St. Louis Community College Fine Arts and Graphic Design program. It literally is or was the best thing that ever in getting an education. My only regret was no taking MORE classes. There were a few that weren't required, for example I never took any of the animation courses as they were not required for the graphic design degree I was seeking--it was another entirely different degree. Had I taken that core as well, even more opportunity would be open to me. Working full time for ten plus years, that is my only regret of the school and that is more of my regret than their failing--I was advised to take those courses too and wish I had listened. My only 'not stellar' comment about the college was the post degree experience. The college had no real idea how to help students get their real first job of value. I was being steered by the career center into applying jobs that would have limited my chances in the areas I wished to be put into. I aimed for marketing teams and design teams at universities and a lot of printers back then were lobbying for designers to work there--which is a dead end career path. Luckily my excellent teachers, who taught in the industries I wanted to be in, and guided us into our opportunities. Make sure you soak as much of the knowledge of the teachers experience in their field as possible and have them as mentors and investors in your education and you wont go down the rabbit hole of a dead-end position. I have seen a few of my fellow students end up no longer in the design field because they never had that relationship with a teacher to guide them in getting good jobs and not 'design sweat shops' and 'dead end career killing jobs'... Thank you STLCC - Meramec and Forest Park (I took four courses there and it was a good experience too)."
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"The education I received at STLCC has been amazing! The majority of my teachers were doctors or taught at other highly ranked universities in the area. I basically received a first class education at a community college with low cost tuition. I have had friends that have taken the same classes at other 4 year institutions and needed me to tutor them!"
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2015
"I used STLCC - Forest Park for transfer classes to compile for my degree at a four-year university only to find that I was not going to be treated fairly by the staff. Although there are a number of things to mention, I will only summarize two incidents. I ordered a book online and made an attempt to pick it up only to find that I would be searched at the ENTRANCE and EXIT like a prisoner. I had nothing in my hand but my wallet and the young lady at the door stated that she needed to check me. Once I picked up my PREPAID book and exited the store minutes later she asked to check my bag as well. A few weeks later I made an attempt to complete an exam online for my class and once I submitted the exam for completion the screen blinked. I contacted my instructor about the ISSUE only to be accused of NOT commpleting the exam and asked to retake it. This instructor did not consult with the system that their school use for their online testing nor did the instructor make any other attempt to ASSIST me as the student. I had to meet with the Department Chairman, Dean and VP of Affairs only to be told the instructor offered to reset the exam for you and you chose not to take it prior to the deadline as the syllabus states. This incident went round and round for almost two months only to find that they had no intentions on finding out through the online testing system how to retrieve the exam that was submitted instead of saying I did not do my part. None of the staff acted professional or may I say did their job to RECTIFY the issue that was originally with the testing sytem. The only results were that I needed to retake the exam without making any attempts to investigate the matter properly. If students are to be held accountable for the school's testing system then I find that to be a complete rip off being that its our tuitions paying the bills which means its their job to ;provide a service never done!!! Do not choose this school unless you are asking for trouble or to be treated unfairly!"