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  • 26 Reviews
  • Moraga (CA)
  • Annual Tuition: $53,932
83% of 26 students said this degree improved their career prospects
81% of 26 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 2/8/2023
  • Degree: Counseling
"do you hope to not get the proper tools from this institution to become a successful counselor? do you enjoy liberal propaganda & being woke? do you want to feel shamed and bad about yourself every day? then this is the right school for you! this school is a disgrace to education. i have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it comes to being a therapist. instead, I have learned that white people are the worst thing to ever happen to this earth, being liberal is THE ONLY WAY, and white supremacy is something that constantly needs to be talked about. i am totally screwed when it comes to actually practicing, so maybe my degree should be in "wokeness" instead because THAT I am an expert on. this school and its teachers (no matter what the class) only talk about politics. constantly, the white people in the class (and white ppl in general) are being told they are no good and have no place as human beings. who approves this? how can they get away with this? also- this school preaches "social justice" but a teacher, who is constantly preaching this, failed to confront a student who made an offensive comment about a minority group who, for generations, have been oppressed. HYPOCRITES. additionally, the professors, advisors, and admin are a JOKE. i cannot believe they got hired... they are clearly unqualified but they are hired based on diversity quotas. in my experience, the advisors do not care about the students. my advisor, he NEVER responded to any of my emails. there are students here that need help and assistance, and for some it is difficult to reach out and ask for it, and he NEVER replied not once. additionally, I needed help from one of the admin who runs KSOE and responds to email, doesn't respond either! how can they get paid to not do their job? they are leaving students hanging who actually need help. most of my questions were urgent for my classes but I was just left to figure it out on my own. another thing-- it's DISGUSTING how much they charge! how dare they charge so much for an education, especially one that for me, in my field, is required and I have no choice? these ppl are money-hungry pigs who are feeding off innocent people who can barely afford this. also, they FORCE you to do mandatory counseling, which is another 2,000 out of your pocket- again, they are inconsiderate of student costs and needs, and, like another reviewer said back in 11/2/2017, they don't help with the costs. another issue is that this program and the professors put way too much emphasis on "participation" which is ridiculous. they essentially force you to speak and participate as much as you humanly can, to an unnecessary point, or else your grade goes down. they have no regard for students who are unable to or have a hard time doing this. they force kids out of their comfort zones too much. they also expect everyone to be friends, forcing us to constantly do group work, talk and move around to talk to new people, but not in a fun, inviting way, more in an uncomfortable, forceful way that nobody wants. my advice to prospective, I wish someone told me but of course nobody did (the one person I reached out to who went here never replied- shocker): please keep in mind ALL schools have been corrupted by this same issue. i can't say I regret going here because it's close and convenient for me, but I am so appalled and I dread going here daily. i sometimes even cry about it and just try to imagine the lights at the end of the tunnel. if you can, apply to a cal state school: they are affordable, so who cares if they have the same issues this school has. don't go here if you have better, cheaper, more convenient options. and bring lots of advil :)"
Andrew Ungs
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I earned a bachelors and masters degree from this school while I worked for them as program coordinator to assistant director of technology. It became very clear after I received my masters degree that they could not care less; I simply got a pat on the back, no pay raise or any other professional opportunity other than doing the same job for nine years with a smile on my face . Despite what they promise all prospective students, that receiving a higher education degree from Saint Marys College of California (SMC) would net you better employment and pay; hilariously, my personal experience at that college was the exact oppositea point of concern I want to share to everyone considering a graduate degree at that school. Not only could they care less if their own employees received the degrees they promise students would better their lives financially and personally, not one job I applied for in the Bary Area (for over a year) ever cared that I studied or worked for SMC. It became an extreme embarrassment to spend more than a decade at an institution scholastically and professionally that provides no external advancement; therefore; my advice, if you want a graduate degree at a school that is actually worth the money you pay, then never consider Saint Mary's College of California for your chances are slim to none for it having any significant impact on you life unless you are already in a position of promotion sans having a graduate degree. You're much better off, financially and professionally, receiving a graduate degree from a more renowned institution. Take my advice from an employee of nine years at SMC: spend your $60k on a graduate degree from a school with more prestige, for the SMC title means little to none in the professional world within the Bay Area of CA and beyond."
Counseling Student
  • Reviewed: 11/2/2017
  • Degree: Counseling
"I can't say enough terrible things about this program. For an apparent "counseling" program most of the professors and advisors don't try to even listen or even understand students. There is absolutely ZERO support for grad students in terms of helping with field placement (most of the students in my class are having the worst experience) They also require 30 hours of mandated counseling and have absolutely no means of supporting or helping with the cost. The counseling department isn't allowing students to use the counseling services on campus unless we have a "psychological need" whatever that means. The program attempts to instill honesty and genuineness but completely counteracts this and in return are not empathetic, understanding, and assume that we "have it all together" because we are "counselors". I would NEVER recommend this program to anyone. Most of the professors in this program create an atmosphere that doesn't allow anyone with a different belief to speak or share with others - the complete opposite of creating an empathetic and understanding environment. It even counteracts the purpose of education to begin with - self-growth and learning. If you have any belief that is slightly different from the professors at this school you usually remain silent and are ridiculed for not having the same values, ideas, beliefs, and opinion. It also doesn't help that you pay 60,000 without any support to get a job after graduation or even any services to help during the program. I have never been so disappointment with an educational system that prides itself on acceptance and understanding when I have seen anything but this. If I didn't waste 30,000 already I would have left the program."
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2017
  • Degree: Mortuary Science
"Expensive program that provides very little value. Administrators are continuing to just take students money and do not seem focused at all on the quality of education. Even after students write in the surveys that the class was useless, they continue to offer them."
Taelor Poncn
  • Reviewed: 3/8/2017
  • Degree: Child Development
"Saint Mary's College of California is an excellent institution that provides a quality liberal arts education and prepares each student to think critically. In my personal experience I felt like I was fully supported and challenged by my professors to reach my educational and professional goals."
Annisa Hurtado
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"Saint Mary's is definitely not for everyone, but it is perfect if you are looking for a small, close knit community, small class sizes, and wonderful opportunities to get to know classmates and professors on a different level. They encourage collaborative thinking and exude a passion for social justice. The opportunities that Saint Mary's gave me are incredibly unique and have helped form memories and skills that will last a lifetime."
Alexander Husary
  • Reviewed: 12/25/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I graduated from SMC in 2016 and jumped into their MBA program in the same year. The school is all about community and you truly get to know your classmates and professors in and out of the classroom. I transferred there for my undergraduate and can speak to the difference between a big school where you get lost in everything and one where you get a quality education from everyone around you."
Megan Massoud
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2016
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Saint Mary's College was an incredibly rigorous yet fulfilling school to attend. Immersed in the small community which consisted of attentive and caring professors as well as collaborative students, I believe I achieved my full potential there. The small atmosphere fostered personal learning and I always felt supported. They have an excellent business program and a science department that helped prepare me for medical school. I would definitely recommend this school to any student considering!"
  • Reviewed: 10/26/2015
  • Degree: Business
"The campus is beautiful and the class sizes are very small. I also liked some of the reading courses that were required. It's a school where you focus on your major, but also teaches you to become a more cultured individual by creating at atmosphere where you can have great experiences outside of your major."
Tasneem Mohamed
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2015
  • Degree: Counseling
"The Counseling Graduate program at St. Mary's College is excellent, and it's graduates a wonderful reputation for professionalism and preparedness in the community. I am enjoying the program, developing my counseling skills and interacting with my professors, as well as my peers. The program emphasizes personal and professional growth and being a well-rounded and skilled counselor. Although pricey, it's well work the expense!"
Amanda Kuehn
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2014
  • Degree: Creative Writing
"Saint Mary's provides an insular and supportive environment for its writers. Funding is low and hard to come by, though faculty and staff do offer great flexibility and accessibility. The path from school into the professional world is a difficult one that students are expected to navigate on their own. However, there are resources available to assist with this. I am grateful for my experience at SMC, though it is not what I initially pictured when I was applying for graduate schools."
Danielle Homand
  • Reviewed: 11/20/2014
  • Degree: School Psychology
"The School Psychology Program is great, and really pushes you to reach your full potential! The workload is intense, but once you are through it, your new found work ethic and Master's Degree + PPS Credential will open up numerous job opportunities for you."
Leanna Jack
  • Reviewed: 10/14/2014
  • Degree: Counseling
"If you want a graduate program that has small class sizes, a personal experience, accessible and experienced professors that practice in the field, a beautiful campus, and a stellar reputation then St. Mary's College of California is for you! St. Mary's is a Catholic college but is accepting of all students regardless of religious (or lack of) beliefs. It truly is the most welcoming and supportive environments that I have experienced in my academic career. There are few cons to attending St. Mary's. One is expensive but their financial aide department is great and the career center has one-on-one scholarship advising. St. Mary's is a somewhat secluded campus, it adds to it's beauty really, but it only about a 30 trip to San Francisco on BART."
  • Reviewed: 5/19/2014
  • Degree: Creative Writing
"The program is very nurturing. It prepares you for an amazing career in writing and the faculty are revered as some of the best writers in the nation."
Vonnda Haynes
  • Reviewed:
  • Degree:
Benjamin Lee
  • Reviewed: 5/2/2014
  • Degree: Finance
"I love that this graduate program is very quant based. It will provide me with the technical background and the educational background to work in the investments and securities field. It also helps that the program is geared towards working professionals who do not want the lost opportunity cost of being continuously employed. Although, it may be tough at times to juggle both the program and work, I am confident that it will be dividends in the future."
Charlotte Logsdon
  • Reviewed: 2/19/2014
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"The graduate program was the driving force to coming to Saint Mary's for both undergraduate and graduate studies. In the undergrad education programs we take classes from professors that work with graduate students as well. This builds a level of familiarity and trust in the graduate programs. We also have the great opportunity to meet with students in the graduate programs to pick their brains about the jump to graduate school and entering the workforce. Saint Mary's however is so isolated from the larger Bay Area. Tucked away into the sleepy town of Moraga it takes 20 minutes to reach the freeway so getting anywhere can be a hassle. Saint Mary's has fantastic connections to schools all over the Bay Area for students to work with and learn from. Many placements become permanent jobs as all graduates for the education program found work."
Shenita Hurskin
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2013
  • Degree: Business
"St. Marys is a really good program. However, it should be a little more structured toward full time working adults. There are a lot of assignments in a short period to time and extreme deadlines without the proper guideance to complete assignments. Overall, it is a good program and a few adjustments it can become an even better program. Need to do more interactive learning assignments to really gain better knowledege and understanding of concepts."
DeEboni Noureddine
  • Reviewed: 10/18/2013
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"The facility is AWESOME! The curriculum and practicum really prepares students for the work field. It is a beautiful campus in a suburban setting. The graduate program is expensive (but worth it) compared to other programs. Among the graduate students, there isn't a big social community."
Stephen Fountain
  • Reviewed: 6/5/2013
  • Degree: Counseling
"Pros- Competitive as overall Grad Programs go. Cons-Very Little diversity"
Laura Madsen
  • Reviewed: 5/27/2013
  • Degree: Counseling
"The pros of Saint Mary's include very supportive, caring instructors and facility towards students. The con is not enough support regarding field placement."