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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I was very excited to start school and start a new life. Sanford Brown made it seem like I would fly threw school and get a job right away. It has been nothing but problems. I am all done with my classes and I have started my clinical but they have made it very difficult to complete my program. Very money hungry school. They don't care about the students what so ever.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: '11

I just wanted to say that I just completed the Associate of Applied Science Medical Assisitng program at Sanford-Brown College in Mclean, VA. I have to say that i received a 4.0 GPA and still no job. I had so many problems when I dealt with my externship because the office could not get the timesheets right when I faxed or e-mailed them. I never understood why the personnel dept will call you about being out of class 1 day because I could not get to class because my commute to my externship site to the school was almost 1 hour. Called me for that?

Now, they do not tell you about the expense of the externship that is posted on your student account which is more than the tuition itself. When I had my exit interview and had a balance on my account the financial aid office gave me information on taking more classes for medical billing & coding. I am still paying for the 2 year loan for the school now worth too much....$28,000, down the tubes. I have no job and a lot of debt. Their television ads say it all - we cannot guarantee you a job or salary. They do no not tell you about the loans and debts to them you have to pay and the harassment. Thanks for nothing!

4 out of 5

I have been a student here at Sanford Brown College for 6 months now and this place is a joke! The entire staff runs around not know whats going on. They spend more time trying to figure out who's doing what or what they are supposed to be doing and no one really worries about the students.

Now the admission staff is VERY misleading because they will make you believe this place is amazing. But seriously what was I thinking?

The first floor of this "school" building is a bank, the 3 floors abouve it are continuouly under construction (which is very loud and heard in EVERY classroom), and then there are a few floors designated for classes. Don't make the same mistake I did! Go to El Centro instead!!!! They are WAY cheaper and a much better school!!! This place is RIDICULOUS!!!!

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4 out of 5

After completing the Medical Billing and Coding program at Sanford Brown College late last year, I will entering school again this summer to pursue another major. As an institution this place sucks. I had a total of 4 teachers. Two were good, one wasn't up to par, and the fourth one was terrible. The admissions "counselors" will descend on you like a pack of rabid wolves when you show up to tour the school and obtain program information.

After your tour, they will most likely try to dissuade you from attending the program you're most interested in. They're there to SELL SEATS IN CLASSES. So they have to fill up classroom seats in the least popular programs. It's a numbers game.

Don't bother making any complaints about your program to the administration - nothing will ever be done about them, and your concerns will be swept under the rug. After 10 months of less that adequate schooling, I have been left with thousands of dollars in debt, and no new career in site. Oh - the "career counselors" are the worst of all.

They provide absolutely NO help in finding you a job. I'm not quite sure what they do - but they definitely don't actively look for job leads or potential positions for you. I graduated with a 3.77 average, have a background in healthcare, and still can't find anything. Don't waste your time, energy, or money.

4 out of 5

I just wanted to write a warning to perspective students looking for information about this school. I went in one day for some information about the Medical Diagnostic Sonography Program. I spoke with admissions counselor Ebony Gantt. Because I did not have the collective college credits required to go directly into the sonography program, I given a list of various other programs I could take as a pre-requisite to qualify for the program. I chose the Medical Assistant course. I was told by Ms. Gantt that the course was nine months long. It is in fact a year program. I was also told that once the course was completed, I could go directly into the sonography program.

That is not true, once the medical assistant program is completed, I would still be five credits short of being allowed into the sonography program. Those five additional credits are NOT obtainable at Sanford Brown Institue. I was additionally told by Ms. Gantt that their sonography program as well as the medical assistance program were ACCREDITED programs. This is also false. The ONLY accredited program offered by Sanford Brown Institute is their Surgical Tech program. Upon hearing the programs were falsely represented to me, I decided to go to Keiser University.

Their program IS accredited, the site link to Tallahassee accredidations supports this. It also clearly shows Sanford Brown does not hold any of the accredidations their counselors maintain, the only exception being the surgical tech program. There was alot of resistance given when I requested my application fee be refunded as the 3 day period to change my mind had passed. I pursued this with the Director of Admissions who agreed the program was falsely represented by admissions, and he agreed to refund my application fee. I am still waiting for it.

Word to the wise- DO YOUR RESEARCH. Know where you can find information on your own so that you do not fall victim to the admission counselors of this school.

4 out of 5

Honestly, at every school you have to apply yourself. Also, it really goes without mentioning, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! This is especially trua about SBC.. I easily maintained a 4.0 in the school by just applying myself. Not worrying about how nice or mean the teacher was. That is called childish.

All colleges have ignorant students that choose to waste their time on frivolous things like arguing and actually liking someone, when that particular point had NOTHING to do with their agenda. I didn't try to get along with teachers, I tried to understand the work.

If you are complaining about how things are portrayed, how are you ever going to be successful in a career related position where you will run into the same type of person? And guess what, they will probably be over you..

So my advice to any prospective student trying to go to any college is you get what you pay for, know what your agenda is before you go back to school, and when you get there-focus. Who knows, you may even be successful..

I graduated from SBC with a starting position at Wellstar at $17.50 an hour.. And I run into the same personalities that I observed at school. The difference is, I am not going to let it hinder my paycheck...Do not let it hinder yours.

4 out of 5

Thank you so much for these reviews to this school!!!.. I was about to make the biggest mistake that was going to cost me $13,000. I had this vibe with this school, it seemed to good. By reading this comments everything was true about this school and the recruiter.

Once I told her I will not be attending and I wanted to cancel everything..she was upset..and she said that I was asking so many questions and just wasn't right. I was like " you serious" I'm not gonna sit here and just let you tell me what i want to hear and not have any questions!.. Just beware of this school!!!! and her!!!...Do your research first!!!!

4 out of 5

Well all I can say is I wish to God I had researched this school better before comitting myself to it finacially. Every bad review on here is completely correct and then some.I should have stuck with the community college and just paid the out of state rate at least then I would ahve got something for my money.

There are a few good people here, the MT director is a wonderful caring man and my advisor was also a great lady. I truly wonder what in the world she is doing here because it seems like she is the only capable person in the enitr building at times.

like another poster the only reason i am still here is because I don't want to waste the 12,000 I am now obligated to pay regardless of my choice to continuing attending or not.

4 out of 5

I went to the Tampa location last year to get information on Sonography and at first I thought the people were real nice. She showed me around and talked to me about finacial aid and the class. Told me I had to take prerequisits before I started the course. That I could understand.

She also told me sonography would take me 4 years and I didn't want to be in school that long. So she started talking to me about other classes that I was not interested in. We got to talking about Medical Billing and Coding and I'm sorry but I don't want to be sitting at a desk all day long. She asked me if I wanted her to recommend me to her boss for me to go to that school and I said yes.

When she finally told me how much it was going to cost I got overwhelmed. 50,000 is what she said. I immediatly called my husband and told him the discussion that I had with her and he said don't sign any paperwork and do more research at other schools. Well when I told the lady that I was going to do that she immediatly called her boss in and he sat there with me for an hour and a half telling me that the job I had was nothing and that I wasn't going to get any where and it's my life and that my husband shouldn't control me.

He also said that my husband was just trying to be in control of my life and was affraid to lose me. That guy doesn't know anything about my husband. He definitly didn't have good family values. At the end of our conversation I told them I was going to look around and get in contact with them.

They called me every day for about 2 wks straight. I was constantly getting emails from them. They just wouldn't leave me alone.

I went to other schools and they were about 20,000 cheaper and more reasonable as far as cost and it wasn't going to take me 4 years to complete. Only 2 years. All in all don't go to this school unless you want to get ripped off by some stupid sales person and to be critized by them. Do your research before you sign anything.

4 out of 5

Good morning all, here to mention on the AT program at SBC-Houston campus. I would like to give Kudos to my Director and professors during my 2 year course. I had the pleasure of meeting a great team that pushed me to my limit in the the course of study.

I had a wonderful experience and it was a pleasure meeting new classmates from different career settings. We were the first class here in Houston and still working on getting space available for our equipment.

We did fine with the new technology we had and best of all the hands on experience. This helped me a lot because when I went out on the field for my externship I had all the tools to do the job properly. I can honestly say that when I went to my five sites I did the job just like one of the established anesthesia tech’s with no problems.

Would I recommend this program to others (YES) it is a new career with great new changes coming aboard? Was it worth it? (YES) I had options now and benefits I will soon be receiving once I am certified as a Technologist.

This program is for the conscious person who doesn’t have time to spend on pre requisites and once you add all the cost up it will equal out to the same plus a bonus your are done in 2 years instead of 4 years.

Keep in mind the network connections you set for yourself by attending the meeting and conferences great place for relocation if you are interested. Only downfall for me would be the location of the school and poor maintenance but hopefully that changes with the new move coming aboard next week.

It always pays off to do your homework on a new career of interest and not just jump into false promises from recruiters or false advertisements. Look at the whole picture and income situation before committing into something you don’t see yourself doing after graduation. After all it is your money and achievements take everything into consideration.

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