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30% of 11 students said this degree improved their career prospects
9% of 11 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Certificates in Medical Assistant

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  • Reviewed: 7/19/2016
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"RUN...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN...they say all the right things to get you in the doorsame with your money but you are on your own once you graduate. 70% of my class has not found work in the medical field because NOONE wants to hire from Sanford Brown"
Career Services Suck!!!
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2015
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I live in Houston Tx, and attended Sanford Brown College (the only one here) I loved all of my clases, instructors, classmates and advisors. But the only thing that really sucks is Career Services! They suck, they are stupid and I really hope they read this.... They don't like to help students out to find a good job that would be beneficial for tjem and their family... They are full of crap saying that Medical Assistants doesn't work at hospitals."
kendria walker
  • Reviewed: 2/24/2015
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
  • Reviewed: 11/11/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I went to the Cleveland, Oh campus. From start to finish, there was always people to answer any questions, and make it an easy experience. Some people say they were lied to about credits transferring, or the job projection. I was told at the beginning that no credits would transfer, and that they could not guarantee any future jobs or salary. I was shown the Gov census, showing the growth of medical assistants throughout the country. All the teachers were knowledgeable, and had many years of real experience. The thing that really made this campus stand out was that the dean of education had an open door policy. If you had a problem, you could always talk to her, and she would either find a solution, or just listen if thats what you needed. After graduating, I called her to get copies of my transcripts, and she always answered the phone. Another campus (Houston, TX) I called never had anyone to answer the phones. So this made the Cleveland campus stand out. I think that no matter what school you go to, nothing is guaranteed. The economy is always changing, and wages and jobs depends on where you are looking. I think people need to be more open about that, and not hold other people accountable for something they dont have control over.Cleveland Ohio campus"
  • Reviewed: 10/12/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"Please I am begging you do not go to this school!! I am embarrassed of even going here at all!! A waste of money and 9+ months of school for barely $12 an hour if you are lucky enough to find a job. If you are into medical things go to a community college and get your rn!!!! Do not waste your time and money for a place where heroine addicts and criminals go. Please. For your own sake do not waste your time. I'm so upset with myself for ever going here"
  • Reviewed: 5/12/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"This school is the worst school in Jax. I been working crappy full time jobs since I was 14 years old. I wanted to make a better life for me and my boys and this school promised that if I work hard and stay focused I could have a better life. I graduated with almost perfect grades. I did everything I was told to do and in my extern some nurse just told me that nobody in Jax will hire people from SB. She told me that the place where I do my extern wasn't going to work with SB no more because people can only get office jobs that don't require the Diploma. This school is a joke. I won't be able to get a job making more than $12.50 an hour. I made $13.00 an hour at the store I worked and I was about to get benefits too. they didn't help me and they actually made things worse. I heard the program director talking to my admissions counselor in a classroom one time. She was talking about how stupid all of us were and that she was surprised we could even read and write. She was talking about how she did not care if the other programs didn't last because her program always had so many people because the requirements to get in were so low. All she cares about is keeping her own job. She doesn't care about us students at all. She just thinks we are all stupid. The only thing that SB can see is dollar signs. They just want us to get the government to give them money. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. Go anywhere else. This school doesn't care about you. That last review below me is from somebody who work there. Because I bet nobody who go to this school would recommend it to they worst enemy. BTW I went to school with some smart people who just want to learn how to do the job and get a job. They not messing around and not doing they work. They work hard and most of them are pretty smart. They deserve a better school. A real school where you can get real credits and a real job. Peace out"
  • Reviewed: 4/1/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"They liers at the jax school. I wanted to do the nurse program and they told me I should take the medical assistant one because they not enrolling for the nurses program right now. so the girl told me to do the medical assisting one and I could do the nurses program later. They lied to me. The medical assisting program is nothing to do with the nurse program. I cant get no job in Jax with this stupid certificate. No one will take it as a real thing. The doctors offices told me they dont hire people from this school. They say I should go to FSCJ but I have alot of loans now. I dont know why that girl lie to me. The lady in the financial aid was nice and she try to help me pay for things but she can only do so much. the people who do admissions act like sales people. That girl contact me everyday for a long time and then when I get in there she forced me to make a bad choice and do medical assisting when she knew I wanted something else.I think they work for comission or something because she was to pushy. She was all making me feel bad about not being in school. She act like I was a bad mom because I didn't go to school yet. She kept saying she took care of her family but she didnt get no degree. she was not that smart but she sure fooled me. She just a pushy sales girl who should work at the cell phone store in the mall not a school she messing with peoples lives. now I have alot of money owed and no job. Thanks for nothing Sanford brown."
Lauren Kay
  • Reviewed: 12/18/2013
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I am currently in Sanford-Brown located in Iselin New Jersey. This school is a joke itself. you get docked for everying you do, even going to the bathroom. If youre a minute late you're docked for your time. There are adults who have children and are struggling and yet nobody gives a shit. Its not fair. I wouldn't waste my money on this school for a second. Its a very frusterating enviroment to be in. A few days ago i was in a bad car accident., my car slid into a tree because of black ice. Even being badly hurt i told the school about it, the dean didnt budge they didnt care, i was docked for my time, nobody cared that i was hurt and literally couldn't make it to school. I was still marked abscent, I wouldnt waste my money for a second."
  • Reviewed: 10/29/2013
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I cant believe how these reviews sound like my experience. I went there in 2010 looking to begin a career in nursing. The reps said the program was not available at the tim, but assured me they were only waiting to get the credential. They also said in order to qualify i would have to do the MA program first. Of course it was a LIE. As a matter of fact, i finished my course in 2011 and they wont give me my certificate!!! I have called, gone in person, even spoke with the director, and nothing!!! Thankfully I was lucky to be hired of my externship but my friends didnt have the same fate. Now i am thousands in debt, cant go to another school because of my credit, and i don't even have a certificate to show. This school is no good. Do not go here!!!"
  • Reviewed: 9/22/2013
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I saw the commercial for SBI; called the school and ask if they offered nursing program or OT, and the representative said I would have to come to get more info... I got there ask me if I have any credit for these courses already. Said no and they said that I would have to take some credits first by taking the MA program. I said why can I get into the program I want without taking the MA? The person that was interviewing me said that, any school I would've tried to go for nursing and OT, without having any credit at all; would recommend to get into the MA first then get into the program. Then the person said I think it's best to do it now. So after I registered I asked the person I long it would take me to get into the program? Then that's when the person said that they don't have these program but by next year 2012 they will probably have it and also reassure me that everything would be fine. I was the one who fine my own externship and give me 1week to find a site if not they would drop me. I finally found a site on Friday and I said to the nice lady can you please accept me in your clinic for my externship? I'm not asking you to pay its for free and explained what the school had told me. The very nice young lady said shame on them! They letting you trying to find your own site? Well I'm not going to let them drop you you can start Monday. So she called the school and they faxed her my paper work. They did not help me on anything not even on my resume or job placement. They are a bunch of liars. The worst about it is that they never give the student the phone number for the school board or the school president. Within 6 months after I graduate they started to bill me for the loan and I still don't have a job. I called the school last month so they can assign me for the review class so I can take the RMA exam andi could never find whoever is on charge for the registration. I left tons of messages with my name and phone number and she still haven't got back to me. So all I have to say don't mess up your credit for SBI it's not worth it. Ask ppl who attended SBI for advice. Some might lied to you and say that they had no problem with the school and some will tell you the truth and remember majority wins. For example if you got 6 ppl who says no out of 10 for answer then don't go to SBI."
  • Reviewed: 5/21/2013
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I graduated from medical assistant in 2011 they say they help with Job placement yea ok they didn't set me up with one interview the school is a joke the credits don't transfer anywhere I wish I had just gone to a community college and not wasted my time or money I did get a job on my own and they told me you don't even need to go to school to be a medical assistant please don't make the mistake I did and waste your time and money go to a community college."