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29% of 122 students said this degree improved their career prospects
26% of 122 students said they would recommend this school to others
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  • Reviewed: 12/20/2010
"i hate this school. After graduating from this school, i was not able to find a job. Then i went to apply for nursing school and i called sanford brown iselin campus to send my official transcript to couple of nursing schools and they never send it out to school that i was trying to get in so bad. I kept calling sanford brown to resend my transcript three times and they kept saying that they sent it..So yes, i got denied because they never received transcript from SB. So my $100 application fee went to garbage and i never got in to that school because of sanford brown.. So do u really want to go to school like this.. no!!!!!!!!!! run away from these greedy people"
  • Reviewed: 12/17/2010
"I wanted to write this email to warn people of Sanford Brown College. If you are thinking of going to this school, please, please, please reconsider. I don't know where to even begin. I am a 1998 graduate. The staff has always been very unprofessional. My credits from Sandford Brown do NOT transfer, so basically, you will be wasting your time and especially your money. This school is very expensive and it's simply not worth it. Please check further, read more reviews, etc. before deciding on this "college"."
Aprillyn Darling
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2010
"I really don't have a review of this school. What I want to know is has anyone gone to this particular campus and what were your experiences and results? I was thinking about taking the medical coding and billing program. I see a lot of reviews...some negative and some positive. I think the program is expensive at $13,985. I have to go through my unemployment office to receive funds and I was told that the insitute would match any funds that are provided. I already have a substantial amount of debt in financial aid and informed the director of this. I mentioned that I do not want anymore debt piled onto what I had. Originally, I wanted to get into the DMS program, but it is so expensive! I can't affort it and I need to work asap. They recommended that I do the billing and coding program. Said that they would help me find a job and if I wasn't happy, they said that I could come back and get placed again.What I want is some reviews on this school and location. Is this a good school or bad. Do hospitals and doctors recommend it or should I stick with my community college-which by the way, won't find me an externship.Help!"
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2010
"Where are you people attending. The Sanford Brown that I attend is not at all what most of you describe . Fights? rude teachers? rude unhelpful staff? I love the school, all of my teachers have been great! The staff is very helpful. Most of the student are much younger than I am but they have been helpful, polite and respectful to me and each other. Sure some are ghettoish but so what they are trying to do better for themselves. There will always be the student who sit there and text in class, sleep in class, show up late or not at all but like others have said you get out of it what you put into it. My opinion of the school has not been swayed by negative reviews or haters."
  • Reviewed: 11/16/2010
  • Reviewed: 10/20/2010
"I attended SB in Tampa, for the Medical Billing and Coding, I was on the honor roll, which I thought was a big deal, at first. You cannot get your grades after you finish a "Module" until you fill out a survey. Our director of the MBC had a foul mouth and would come to classes and tell us what she did the night before. We had to watch a very distasteful movie, and then we had a test on it..every other word in this move was the "F" word! When we had the class about filling out resumes, they made us go over it at least 15 to 20 times, they told us that going to the school would be the same as one year put that down for experience. There is no professionalism at this school. The first week we spent being "brain washed" into having to watch "The Secret" Then we had to make a poster board of our "Goals", a big house, big cars,ect,I didn't get a good grade on mine, because I am not into materialism, didn't have a fancy car or big house on mine, my goals are not the same as others.. all you have to do is think positive and you will get it.. How about a little hard work and a good paying job? It is so silly, what the hick does that have to do with learning anything in the medical profession??? And then having to take an exam on this and it counted toward your grade? The biggest thing is...they do not give you enough computer classes to be able to have a job...Some go to this school and never have touched a computer, you'd think that at there initial interview they would ask something like that? And some are not experienced in Excel or Word, and they do not teach you this day and age, it is vital that you know that. To take the certification tests are over $300. There are no jobs in the area's that they teach now...Pharm Tech jobs are having hiring freezes. I was desperate when I found out about this "school" out of work, and couldn't pay my bills. And now look where I am, I owe thousands of dollars, and they have the damn nerve to call me to see if I would like to come back and take something else...ARE THEY KIDDING ME????"
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2010
"I went to one the dearborn location. that is the most unorganized school i have ever been to. the teachers are more worried about being your friend rather than acutally teaching. this school is WAY too expensive, it makes no sense to pay 14 grand to only make $9-$10/hr. basiclly the staff will tell you wht you wanna hear. i had to find my own externship even though they "had connections". Some of the teachers don't even know the material they are teaching!!"
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2010
"I have tried to hire four students from the Trevose school. Not one of them was up to the task. I have been asked numerous times to hire their students. Each time I have interviewed one I have found them completely unprepared. I question their cirriculum."
Reyes Salguero
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2010
"I see a lot of people talking bad about this school but what matters is how we preform in our Externship at the clinic/hospital and if we dont preform as expected than you wont see any good results. Sanford Brown college is a great school, and their programs are excelent and well organized with information that will help everyone perform properly at any externship and job. Peoples opinions are different some can say its "Bad" others will say its "Great", those opinions are those peoples opinion dont let that be yours because every person is different and experiance different things in life. Sanford Brown is a good college and what I know it is a credited college became a credited school not long ago so if that is an importance to anyone it is a credited college."
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2010
"I am amazed that people use other's experience to determine their outcome. I am a graduate of Sanford Brown College, Houston campus. I have a BS degree, 5 years and thousand of dollars and was unable to find a job in my field that payed anything. Most of my classmates are still unemployed or underemployed. I took the sonography program at Sanford Brown College, the instructors were excellent, the facility has great equipment,they have a great rapport with the medical community and myself and classmates did great at our externs. Most of us were offered jobs at our clinical sites. If I had to do it over I would have attended Sanford Brown College before having spent 5 years of my life at a university.My sister graduated HS two years ago, she took the MA program at Sanford Brown and is now in the Cardiovascular sonography program. She is employed at a cardiologist which is where she externed and will be a Cardio Tech in 8 months.Unlike me she will have saved 3 years of her life.I say some people will always find reasons to keep them from doing something. For my sister and I we have had a great experience and would recommend Sanford Brown College the same as the people working in the medical field recommemded me to their program.Three cheers for Sanford Brown College, Houston."
  • Reviewed: 7/27/2010
"The Phoenix AZ Sanford-Brown is totally worth the money! The teachers are the best I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They all deserve a raise. You can tell the staff really wants the best for the students. Plus, they have a lunchtime catering service which is phenomenal. I have made many good friends here and many students have been placed already and hired out of their externship. Worth every penny, hands down."
Herica Banuelos
  • Reviewed: 7/16/2010
"I would like to give KUDOS to my director and instructors on this program. I went in skeptical of it all but came out top of the class with an open mind and vision. The lab and clinical part of the class were right on track with the real scenarios in an OR. We had up to date equipment and lots of hands on. The field trips to the hospitals were also helpful since it put things into perspective. I was at times dissatisfied with the school's lack of space for my class and overall appearance of the building but the class room was updated and given a better look from the rest. To my review I would like to add my comments on my classmates that held on and made it to the end. I wish them the best. I know have the tools to make a professional career instead of a job. I hope for only the best for the future classes."
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2010
"I started to go to school here at first and was so excited because they made it sound so wonderful. I wanted to go there for their ultrasound tech program. Then I started reading these reviews and realized they did the same thing to me that they did to every body else! As soon as I go in I don't have enough credits to do the ultrasound tech program so they offer me medical assistnt (kinda reasonable) or dental assisting (completely unrelated) and they really pushed dental assisting. I refused because it had nothing to do with what I wanted and went with the medical assisting. My next thing was, for no reason should any class cost $12,000 especialy when I can go to the college and take it for right around $1000. Thank god for these reviews and someone who told me to look in to prices because they had my whole pell grant used up and up to my nose in all kinds of loans with in a week!! I got out ASAP! Just check everything out before you go there!"
  • Reviewed: 7/9/2010
"This school is a total scam. I was going to enroll in the MA program at the West Allis Campus last fall and found out that they do not guarantee that you will be able to take the exam which certifies you as a MA. I was mortified that such a detail would be left out the interviews and such. When I was about to fill out the "contract" (yes contract of about 5-6 pages.) I read that the entire program would cost 16,700 dollars! INSANE!!! I never thought it would cost so much for a diplmoa program. I never paid that much for my CNA program through MATC which cost about 4 thousand. They are extremely over priced and the way they try to pressure you into taking out loans(even if you are receiving Financial aid) and say that you will most likely take out a loan and that "there is no price on quality education" such a joke. I would never refer anyone to this school not even my worst enemy. If you have any family or friends that are considering this school tell them to go to an regionally accredited college and avoid the headache of Sanford Brown. I even asked MATC if Sanford Browns credits are transferable and the Advisor laughed and said that they don't take them and that most colleges don't because of their reputation. I'm glad I didn't get roped into their scheme."
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2010
"I went to Sanford Brown and graduated in 09/09. Most of my class and I are all working. I work for a gastroenterologist office which consist of 19 doctors (which by the way Sanford Brown found me the job. I still am good friends with most of my class mates they are all working in hospitals and have good positions. Sanford Brown helped us all find a job. I am going back for the CVT program in November of 2010 and I am really looking forward to it. We did have some ghetto people who just didnt care and were just there to say they went to school those students failed had to keep taking classes until they could pass a class and they are pregnant. And yes if the teacher saw that you didnt care they didnt care for them either. There are alot of people who want to learn and those are the ones who the teachers and school helped more. Also on my externship I drew blood, injections, vitals, insurances, assisting the doctors on exams and many other things. I had my doubts in the beginning of the school year for me but going to SBI ended up being a good decision for me."
  • Reviewed: 6/2/2010
"I enrolled in the MA program at Sanford Brown West Allis, WI.. I've gone for 7 months now, just finding out that it's has been a total waste of time and MONEY!! They are over priced, half the time the teachers don't even show for class. There are fights all the time and it straight ghetto to put it nice.I have recently spoke with other tech schools, and they advised me that SBI isn't an regionally accredited school. Nice to know now, considering they said it was. Ive have now enrolled at a new school, and guess what? I get to start ALL over because none of my credits will transfer.."
  • Reviewed: 5/28/2010
"After applying to Sanford-Brown and filling out financial aid papers, I went home and did extensive research on the "school." To my dismay, I saw 500+ negative reviews about the low quality of education and teachers, exorbitant tuition costs,scams and the inability of graduates to procure employment. I immediately cancelled my enrollment. Thank you everyone out there for saving me from this debacle. I might go back to my university and get a Master's degree instead."
  • Reviewed: 5/18/2010
"this school is a joke. The teachers dont give a darn about anything to do with the students. None of the equipment work. The director does absolutly nothing to help. The campus is full of bees when i told them i was allergic to them the director said its bee season go out another exit. WTF!!!!!People are always fighting and the classes consist of 45 immautre straight out of high school students. Its a complete waste of time."
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2010
"Remember the old saying "a billion Chinese can't be wrong"? Well, countless disgruntled SB students can't be wrong either. There is a reason why people in the health profession stifle a laugh or look at you with pity when you mention SBI. The school is a joke, a bad one.I attended their Union Square, NY campus CVT program and it was a terrible experience from start to finish. Now, I understand the need to sell your school but the student advisors/recruiters are more fit to sell used cars then an education. They simply tell you what you want to hear or outright lie to you. (I should have suspected something when my recruiter told me they have a 90 percent success rate with placing students) The administrative staff and office workers are nasty jerks, with major attitude problems. I did like my teachers and lab instructors but the sono machines were old, low-quality or both. It did not help that the class sizes were huge, and that there were only about 4 working machines. As far as helping me with a job at the completion of the program-forget it! The school landed me 1 interview in 2 years and even that one was with about a dozen other SB students. (Despite the fact that I had a 3.8 GPA and near perfect attendence). When I would call to inquire about this, they would return my calls a week later (if lucky) and tell me some bull story about how thay were trying. The same is true for many other great students in my class. I could go on and on about the crappiness of SB but I will just say "stay away". Go to a serious place (like downstate)for CVT training, where you will be respected AND educated. You may think SBI is a short cut to your goal but in truth it a long road to nowhere"
Health Care Recruiter
  • Reviewed: 4/21/2010
"I am a recruiter for a large healthcare system and I can tell you that we do not like to interview Sandford Brown students. It is usually a waste of our time to interview them. They are totally unprepared. They have poor presentation skills, horrible grammer and spelling and usually did not receive a proper externship. One MA student's externship consisted of checking in patients and verifying insurance. She did no actual patient care. Another student admitted to failing every exam and not really understanding her classes but was going to pass with an A because she was in class everyday. I have also interviewed instructors who were fed up with having to break up fights in the hallway and having to read to students because the didn't have remedial reading skills. Personally I would not want one of these students touching me or anyone in my family. PLEASE do your homework when checking out schools. Ask about their placement rate. Ask about the instructor turnover. If they can't give you answers to these two questions, run for your life!"