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4 out of 5

I am a “graduate” of Sanford Brown. I have attended classes in Ohio, for what seems like forever. I was in desperate need of higher education due to lack of anything resembling a job out here in Ohio, so I checked out this school.

I walked in (just to get a feel for things) and was immediately swept away by how Medical Assistants are in such high demand, and they’re phasing out RN’s, and now is the time, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Yeah, I got suckered in by the high pressure sales pitch. I’m a sucker. Wish I wasn’t.

Moving on. At first, everything was great. I was studying hard, getting good grades, working my but off. I even got this special paper/award at the end of my first mod, that said I had made the “Presidents List” (by getting A’s in both classes)… and then again at the end of the next mod, and then again… But what was discouraging was: while I was working my butt off to do it… there were literally people who… how do I put this?... there were people who were complete morons getting the same awards. People that didn’t study, didn’t pay attention, didn’t do any work, getting the same A’s that I was working my butt off for. It was discouraging.

I went for Medical Assisting, like I said. I wish I would’ve done sone research before signing on the dotted line though. I didn’t realize I would be going to school for over 11 months, just to be qualified to do an $8-$9 an hour job. I was already making more than that now!

What a waste. It’s all a big scam. They lure you in with Medical Assisting (a program that costs about $14,000). When you graduate and realize you can’t make any money, you think “Well, I suppose I could go back and take Radiology or Sonography”. So many people I went to school with did this. It’s a bait and switch in a sense, except when they’re done with you, you’ll owe $50,000 instead of $14,000.

I had soooo much difficulty with the financial aid department. Taking a look at some of my account statements and realizing they’re double charging me left and right. I was getting Federal Grants/Loans/Pell grants and I’ve got Renee at financial aid calling me on the phone saying “Hey, you know those checks you got from your grants? Yeah, those were mistakes. I need you to bring that money to me. That was a mistake, they sent you two refunds, you were only supposed to get one”… etc.

Don’t trust a word that comes out of the financial aid departments’ mouth.

Another example of the shadyness? “Yes, umm… there is some money in your previous account that we need to apply to your current account… so ummm, we’re going to write you a check for that amount, we need you to put it in your bank and then write us a check for the same amount.” Uhhmmm… why? “Well, we can’t access this money, we need you to…” honestly, doesn’t make any sense to me. If you give me a dollar and I give you a dollar, does anything actually happen?

I didn’t do it, cause I wasn’t quite sure what they were doing. I asked if I should maybe talk to an attorney first because this seemed a little “fishy” and the answer I got was “You know what? Don’t worry about it, we can just do it another way.”

Seriously? Do you want to entrust your future to a company that does things like this?
4 out of 5

In June 2008 I was enrolled in Medical Billing & Coding Program at AIMES Education in South Plainfield NJ. It was awful!!! My complaints are numerous!!!!!. The length of time of most Medical Billing Coding programs is 8 months at AIMES is 4 months.

The instructor rarely taught. She would have us read the appropriate chapter and answer the exercises located in said chapter. AIMES did not furnish us with a medical dictionary or ICD 9, CPT or Hipcus (spelling?) manuals.

Computer training was a joke too! We had to furnish AIMES with a blank CD for them to provide us with a copy of Medisoft training. I completed the program the end of October 2008 and they offered very little assistance in helping me to obtain a job. AIMES got $4,000.00 from me (I paid out of my own pocket - I did not go through Dept. of Labor) and I GOT NOTHING FROM THEM. AT THIS STAGE I'M NOT COMFORTABLE IN CLAIMING THAT I AM A MEDICAL BILLING & CODING SPECIALIST - SO I LOST 4K OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME GOING TO AIMES.


4 out of 5

I've read about 50 reviews so far the bulk being negative and they are so similar to how I almost got reeled in, let me explain.

I spoke to an admissions rep on the phone about the anesthesia program. This career makes alot of $$ which is why I was interested. On the phone he tried telling me about other programs but I had a focus and they were the only school in my city that offered this.

I went in for an interview the next day he showed me around the college he was very nice and personable. The college was unbelievably clean and quiet. The class sizes were small they had top of the line equipment and computers it was a very nice presentation of it all. The students wore scrubs as well.

So back to the admissions process and pricing. He asked me did I see any other programs I would like I said no just anesthesia. When he left I wanted to ask him for pharmacy tech but he was gone so fast. When he came back I said I actually think I want to look into pharmacy tech as well he said were in sync he had actually brought me pharmacy tech and ultrasound tech which I hadn't asked for. I came to understand why he brought me pharmacy tech. The anesthesia was 35k and the ultrasound was a little bit more. The ultrasound required college credit which he already knew I had none. This was all apart of the plan to steer me to pharmacy tech because anesthesia would be too expensive and since I needed credits to even take the ultrasound which was the highest paying career there, he claimed the pharmacy tech would set me right up and give me the college credits I needed to take the ultrasound class. I would still be 2.5 credits short which he failed to mention. He started telling me how much parmacy techs make and I decided why not. The other classes were 2yrs and this oe was 10 months and only 14k compared to 35k and 2yrs. I talked to financial aid blah blah and just like that me (normally a overthinker) had just been convinced to go with a field of study I knew absolutely nothing about.

Then came the worst part.. class was starting in 2days he tried to pressure me into it. I told him I had other obligations and I wasn't ready to start that soon. Then comes the bad cop! The director she talked to me like I was 5yrs old telling me I haven't been doing nothing this whole time why not start in 2days. I even broke down to her my personal reasons. Then she started talking about throwing away money and a smart person would start asap. Then when she saw I wouldn't budge she gave up and left rudely. Good cop again.. I told the recruiter I had to look into the field he said he understands and if I changed my mind just let him know. He did however pressure me into submitting a app fee which I regret. I left the college still feeling like it was a good fit.

The next morning (today) I started my research about the pay of pharmacy techs. The rep had exxagerated they make the same as a walmart stockroom worker! i immediately lost interest. I am now hoping for a refund of my app fee since its been less than 3 days but honestly $25 is not a bad price to avoid what would've been a costly mistake.

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4 out of 5

*Most SBIs are institutionally accredited (accredited in total) by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), a national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (DOE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

i'm glad i listened to family and friends when they said to look for reviews about any school. I went down and looked at the campus and talked with admissions and everything sounded great. i filled out the papers for the financial aid to look over and then started doing my research so glad i did. its not what they say it is i looked at a government website for accredited schools and Sanford Brown is not even on there.

when i asked admissions about that they sent me info about a different site to look at their accredits but when i said that i looked at a government website they just kept ignoring the comment and would not answer questions about it.*

4 out of 5

I taught at this school for a few months in the nursing program, and bottom line- they don't care about the students, just the money. I have had students who were failing classes and have had administration come up with 'ways' to let them pass the class. I do not agree with this practice as an educator. Especially as a nurse, the students who could not pass a class, would I want them taking care of my loved ones?!

And the credits do not transfer to local universities here in town, so it is hard for the students who want to continue their education to get into another school to get their BSN.

As a nurse educator, my advice to those who may be looking into their nursing program, please do not do it. Look into other colleges, but not this one. All they care about is their numbers and money, not you.

4 out of 5

This school is a scam. If you want to become a medical assistant or ultrasound tech look into your local community colleges. This school takes all your Fin. Aid money and most importantly credits will not transfer. This school is a waste of time. Big rip off run run run. Why attend a school where you can't transfer your credits which means the accreditions are not worthy. I wish I had done my homework before I let these people talk me into attending this school. By the way it use to be called UltraSound Diag. and they changed the name hmmm.. go figure I'm sure they'll change it again

4 out of 5

I went to Sanford-Brown initially for their ultrasound program, but they told me that I had to go through their Medical assistant program first. Which, apparently after talking to other schools a little too late turns out not to be true, so they lie to get you in.

They'll tell you how your representiive will be there for you whenever you need. I only saw mine maybe 3 times in 9 months and everytime I had a question I either got tossed around to different people or was told she'd get back to me and never did. They'll also sell how they've got small class sizes.

They told me I wouldn't have more than 15 students per class, I had 30ish to start. Which was kept teachers off track, frustrated and left the students with almost no time to really practice any of the hands on clinical work they advertise. Also, because the class size kept teachers off track, they skipped material and told us we'd learn it on the job.

When it came to the hands on parts of class there were way too many times they didn't even have the materials we needed, or if they did have materials they didn't have enough for the whole class so some people didn't get to practice more than once, so that would put us off track also. Believe it or not there was even a time when we didn't have the books we needed on time so they improvised with busy work and chit chat.

Also in the process of trapping me into thier school they told me we'd receive specific equipment included in our tuition. A few months into the program students brought up that we hadn't received all of the equipment promised and they told us that they didn't know what we were talking bout and that any promises made had to be taken up with the students representitives, and in some students cases thier representitives wern't even working there anymore. So they were told theres was nothing they could do.

Most of the teachers were great and knew thier stuff, however there was a case where I had a teacher and he either quit or was fired and everone was passed for that class with no work done and nothing learned because they were tryin to figure out the teacher situation. Not much seems to be fair as far as thier policies go.

They have a strict attendance policy but yet students who had missed more than half of a five week course were not only passed to the next course but were still attending when, accourding to thier policies, should have been dropped from the program.

I knew a student who did absolutley no work what so ever, and he admitted to it, and he too was surprised to be passed onto the next course. So there's not much effort needed to be put into the assignments there, so it's hard to take them seriously there, not to mention it makes me feel like shit about my 4.0 gpa knowing I could've gotten the same grades not even trying. Also as the end of the program neared I spoke with my representative about the entry exam that I needed to take to get into the ultrasound program and she said not to worry about it, that she would have me take the exam before I even went into my externship. Well I finished my externship and thier MA program and she never contacted me about taking the test.

Now lets talk about the career services or at least my experience with it. I've graduated from thier MA program with a 4.0 and have been done with school for almost 5 months now and career services had only set me up on one interview! I had a meeting with them recently and they basically just gaves me ways on how I can do thier job myself. So basically to sum it up you end up with no hands on learning, no materials, no job, no education, and once you're done no money to pay the loans.

Please learn from my misfortune and go elsewhere. Plus. if you going to go ahead and invest you money into training for a career you may as well get an associates degree out of it in the same amount of time. Also, if you're looking for a school I have friend and family at career point and they're having a far greater experience than I did, or try Baptist school for healthcare pros or the academy for healthcare pros. They're legit and longer established, and they have contracts with the hospitals in San Antonio when it comes to you externiship.

4 out of 5

Going to college to better yourself is a wonderful thing. What is wrong is the money part. I was told I was awarded 5200.00 in a Pell Grant ...I suddenly could not go to school due to illness in my child..I was in school for almost 4 months they want me to pay $6000.00 for not even 4 months te math is not right....To those that have good things to say I am happy for you..

However what you don't understand is other programs are way less then what you pay here...You can transfer your credits from other schools not from Sanford Brown...Something is wrong with the billing and until we stand together they will continue to revamp the money part of it.I loved school I did well ..Even if you got a job and are doing well you still are paying too much out of your pocket .,It is wrong to say you have a Pell Grant when you don't or make you pay back money you don't owe...

Teachers are writting about it...I am saying to anyone that goes here get it in writting from them first detail by detail on what you are billed for before you sign . Ask them about all the what if's ten get tem to put it in writting.They have a collections department of there own that you go into two weeks after you leave they will call you everyday until you answer the phones trying to get you to pay fast..and more than you can sfford they will also cuss at you and threaten you even if you are making payments they want you to do this over the phone right then.

Do not give your work number or info to them.You will get a bill every week from them. So be mentally ready when you leave school they bill you also not just who you have a loan from..It is nuts...I have been paying.So you would think I would not be treated this way.However I am.they are cold and mean.If anyone has any information to help please tell me what to do.I am thankful that I do not have the entire debt to pay them I don't think I could afford it. I won't go back for the wat I have been treated even as a paying customer.

4 out of 5

I looked into Sanford Brown over a year ago, when researching potential schools online. I gave them a call to discuss attending, and got the additional information from them.

I decided against, it, because they seemed much more concerned with getting me signed up and financing me, despite my being able to pay for school myself. It felt much more like a sales pitch than an offer of a good education.

For over a year now, they call me and either hangup, or do not leave messages. When I have called to ask them to put me on a do not call list, I have been hung up on, or met with abyssimal and rude service.

I am very glad I never attended or gave them a penny, even more so, now that I have read the reviews on this site!

4 out of 5

i hate this school. After graduating from this school, i was not able to find a job. Then i went to apply for nursing school and i called sanford brown iselin campus to send my official transcript to couple of nursing schools and they never send it out to school that i was trying to get in so bad. I kept calling sanford brown to resend my transcript three times and they kept saying that they sent it..So yes, i got denied because they never received transcript from SB. So my $100 application fee went to garbage and i never got in to that school because of sanford brown.. So do u really want to go to school like this.. no!!!!!!!!!! run away from these greedy people

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