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Reviews - Associates in Aviation

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  • Reviewed: 8/20/2021
  • Degree: Aviation
"I have no idea where to start at on this school/racist institution. I just graduated this program a month ago and thank god that I’m out of that hell hole of a school. I was a A&P mechanic in the US Marines for 15yrs. With that being said I came into the school with a good amount aircraft understanding. Every instructor besides Larry, Bill and Bob that I had at the school was horrible and did not teach nor understand the topics”I was very disappointed in this school and it let me down as veteran” All this school cares about is money. Some of the students are racist towards other students. For example, I met a very nice Muslim guy there and I would often see him doing his prayers peacefully in the student area. I witnessed students say things about him such as, Oh how’s a black Muslim able to come to school here, or they would say he’s probably trying to mess up the planes to kill us. I spoke to him multiple times in my short time of meeting him, he’s one most respectful humans that I’ve met while at the school. I did not serve this country to watch racism be presented right in front of my face. My best advice to anyone who’s thinking of attending this school, do your research on other school who offer A&P. Psa, I am a white veteran saying this."
  • Reviewed: 6/22/2021
  • Degree: Aviation
"Spartan college is an absolute scam and there for collecting your money leaving you with a lot of debts and not really teaching you. Yes you can graduate, but not before you will be in a lot of debts. I knew about the bad reviews I read online 13 years ago and I thought I would finally give it a shot and try that myself and judge based on my own experience not someone else’s experience and I can tell you from two weeks at this school to stay away from this school and if you could come up with the money to go to this crappy school then you can go anywhere else. I was lied to that ground school will be all online and since I work a full time job though I work as a Senior IT engineer and my income way better than what I would be making at my first couple of years of being a pilot, but I went for the love of aviation not seeking high income job as of course will not quit my job for this crap. I told them that I can only comes to school during flight times since I live two hours away from school so I have to commute and drive two hours one way so four 4 of driving and they had me to go 5 days and on orientation day I was told ground school is online and what I was told is not true. Called the advisor who only respond during enrolment process just to get you in and he was helpful and was able to get ground school online, but then I was forced to attend ground school online via zoom for those two hours which no need to be online for just two hours and I don’t get to sleep enough and can’t keep up with work and studies that requires a lot of hours. So I was fighting this to continue and I did for two weeks then they first had me with flight instructor who his days off are same as mine which I told them my days off and my availability, but they don’t seem to care enough or pay attention to details. I complained and was put with instructor who was nice, but been there for only one month not known much how to teach and keep skipping many parts and thanks god I was ahead of the ground class due to I was studying that months before I go to spartan and I told him that he is not doing what course says and skipping many parts and the most ridiculous thing they for a week teaching me on a simulator I didn’t even get to do a discovery flight to get to feel how flying feels. So, their strategy is to make you fail to take more flight lessons which what they make their money off, so they are only there for money to suck your money into their pocket. Everything there is too old and with all the money they make and take from us they don’t even care having any repair or upgrading anything. I was shocked when I saw the simulator computer using windows XP. Save your money and find a better school that really wants to teach students not to take advantage of student loan and only suck your money in."
  • Reviewed: 5/18/2021
  • Degree: Aviation
"I want to first explain that I'm writing this review as neutral as I possibly can. I understand that there could be a bias if I were to be a disgruntled student but I can assure you I'm writing this essay with the best intentions possible. Pros: GI bill benefit is very stream line and pay is not sketchy. I've used my post 9/11 at an other college where pay was inaccurate and required a lot of visits to finance teams and back pay from myself and the school. Spartan doesn't have this issue at all and their finance team is very solid. You will learn some neat things given your instructor is motivated and knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching. Sheet metal, electrical systems, and run ups especially. I would also add that though I had already completed several college courses before the math and physics portion was very solid and refreshing even though I had done more advanced classes in the past. Some highly motivated instructors will go above and beyond for you. So far I can say that I've certainly learned some valuable skills to take with me into the industry had I not taken this course and tried to get an a&p license through an apprenticeship ship working for hours at a hangar with no real mechanical training prior. Cons: My biggest complaint is that some teachers certainly feel like they are merely filling in an unfilled gap for a class. Whether it's a lack of experience on the subject or very poor teaching skills you will absolutely notice and it will become very easy to lose faith in an instructor. I've had classes where 50% of the time spent was watching YouTube videos about airline ticket prices, or how airline companies are made in a carburetor class. Classes where the instructor did not have an answer to my question on my project and gave me the answer from their master copy instead when the value of the answer was irrelevant because it was based on an assigned engine and what you measured for the spec to see if it was within tolerance or not but required a mathematical formula that the teacher did not have or know (cylinder bore taper). I've also had classes where the teacher left us to our own devices for far too long while we did projects unsupervised. I've seen an instructors have a shouting match with a student, an instructor tell me he was putting in a resume for another job, and an instructor playing solitaire/blackjack on their computer/phone while students did projects. Extremely unprofessional but I will say that this is a small group of the instructors and a couple of them did really try their best with what they had to work with but really shouldn't have been teaching that class. IF YOU HAVE BEEN TO HIGHER EDUCATION BEFORE, GET YOUR CREDITS ACCOUNTED BEFORE YOU START. When I started this program I had half of a 4 year degree completed. I successfully completed 2 English classes, a speech class and and environmental sociology class that included debates with great grades at WSCU. I was only credited with one English class and I feel that I was cheated out of my time and education. The history, speech, english, sociology and other general ed courses were mind numbingly easy and at best at a middle school level of difficulty, but time consuming. I cannot even consider them refresher courses. When trying to ask if it was possible to still use my credits from WSCU after I was enrolled and realized what other general ed courses I could have skipped I was told that it would be too long of a process and it would make things too difficult to amend my Gi bill too. Which felt like a scamy response. Student cohesion can be good but it certainly can be an annoyance too. I would suggest keeping your general fellow students at an arms reach and eye out key study partners. But at the same time absolutely give no attention or energy to students who have nothing to say but toxic comments about the school and rubbish political opinions. The classes I've been in can tend to get over burdened with complaint that don't reach the administration or if they do they are too aggressive and unprofessional as well. It can be easy to fall into the negative attitude party, but it accomplishes nothing but agitation to other students, instructors, and administrators. I get it, I've seen some rubbish instructors and comments from administrators that make me scratch my head. But professionalism is king to changing minds and getting your best educational value. Lastly preparations for your license exams and and practical tests has been a pretty foggy situation as I enter the later stages of the program. I don't feel like I've really been throughly explained the course of action I need to take to set up and pass these exams. I'm currently relying on a lot of self study and working with another student in and outside of class to study asa questions and prepware. I feel pretty lost otherwise. Which is fairly pathetic in my opinion being that I don't get a test and review class or guidance."
David Villalvazo
  • Reviewed: 9/13/2019
  • Degree: Aviation
"The school is great to attend, I particularly enjoy the environment and it really is great in terms of teaching the material mandated by the FAA. I am currently attending the program with plans to get my AOS in aeronautics and technology to be able to become an AMT and this school so far has not let me down. Staff are helpful and students are mature and friendly."
Jonathan Transfalgas
  • Reviewed: 7/20/2018
  • Degree: Aviation
"I attended Spartan College of Aeronautics between August 4, 2008 and June 6, 2011. I will always be thankful to Spartan for its training, as I would say it is second to none in the world of aviation. I attended Spartan after living what some may call the "college dropout" life. I was originally enrolled in the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Temple, TX. I had a 3.75 average my first year with a promising outlook as a math and computer science double major. However, I still had some growing up to do. I moved off campus and watched my GPA fall to a 1.5 and I was put on academic suspension for my actions. After moving back home with my parents, and determining to live out my dream to be a pilot like my father (an F16 driver), I enrolled in Spartan College. I was drawn to it with the positive outlook to one day be doing what I do now, flight instructing. The road was not an easy one however. The program is very demanding, and I would say that only those who truly invested all their effort made it through the training. In fact, I find those who have negative comments on sites such as this one are those very students I remember not studying and cancelling their flight lessons constantly. Like any college, Spartan demands individuals to be prepared for their training, which will always mean cracking open a book. After two and a half years or so I graduated the program. I look back on my training and realize that Spartan gave me more than what I paid for. It gave me a true chance to grow up. You learn to always gain knowledge and strive to achieve success every day. There is nothing I can thank the college for more than that. Believe me; the flight training I received through the program is second to none. I would gladly go back and make that same life changing decision over and over again. So, if you plan on attending a flight college in order to one day live the dream of being a professional pilot, I would highly recommend my alma mater. But, I would caution you to know what you are signing up for. Do not attend this program, or any for that matter, thinking that it will be a breeze. You will be tested and you will be pushed to achieve greatness. You will have times or great triumph, like when you experience the joy of becoming a certified pilot, but you will also times of frustration, like after failing a stage check. However, it is those experiences that account for the skills and knowledge you will possess once you graduate and join the community of aviators. At the end of it all you will be able to look back on your training and hopefully feel the same thankfulness I feel now. Spartan is challenging and tough, but it makes you a better pilot and one determined individual once you complete the program! Best of luck in your selection of a professional program! Maybe one day we'll see each other at FL350!"
  • Reviewed: 3/29/2018
  • Degree: Aviation
"It is a big scam to scam the federal government out of money because they keep 100% of your loan the teachers are not teachers but factory workers ,, the dorm rooms are located in t A bad part of Tulsa,, I was entirely stressed out purposely by the staff the entire time I was there"
This school is a scam
  • Reviewed: 8/9/2017
  • Degree: Aviation
"First, let me say these reviews seem suspect. If the person has a degree, why would they waste money at Spartan? Another review openly admits the college isn't accredited. I assume their (Spartan) recruiters are hard at work to make the 'school' look amazing. I attended from2003 to 2004. The only thing I learned here is how to scam nave, young adults out of money. Most of the instructors are extremely nice, but teach at easily a sixth grade level. None of my credits transferred to an actual institute of higher learning. The non-credit transfer is a silver lining in some ways. I took physics over at a real college and fell in love with it. Financial aid/ bursars office: I do not have any idea how that worked. They would issue a refund check under shady "you have checked these boxes to deserve YOUR money back circumstances. When asked how it works, the reply is ambiguous. I do know someone in the financial aid office signed a loan for me. Housing: If you are female , please stay away! I cannot stress this enough. The female population is almost nonexistent. The school also allows whatever low life that has the means to pay in. I was sexually assaulted by another student. He held a knife to my neck and tried to rape me. Luckily, a few other guys threw him off me and gave me a chance to run into a friend's apartment. The school did nothing more than victim blame for me not "being more vigilant". The apartments are cheap and disgusting on a terrible side of town. It was a common occurrence that someone's car was broken into. My boyfriend at the time had his car broken into on three different occasions. The equipment/ facilities: The pilot program is located at Jones Riverside. The building is a trailer. The planes are extremely old and constantly needing repair. There were several times we had to land early or cancel due to some sort of maintenance problem. I apologize for such a long post. If anyone has kept reading this to the end, I hope you will do some investigating before spending so much money to attend. Knock out your private with a part 61 school, it is so much more cost effective. If you do want the part 141 qualification, look at OSU, OU, TCC. These colleges have the right accreditation and are a better value with a degree you can use. I hope I can save someone from a life lesson that will haunt them for years to come; from when they try to transfer to another college, to paying back an extremely large loan."
Jesse Carter
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2015
  • Degree: Aviation
"When I completed my college degree I was stuck. I wasn't sure what my next step was going to be. I was always interested in aviation so I decided to enroll at Spartan. Spartan gave me a well rounded education. I was able to get a good job and move up quickly."
Emily D
  • Reviewed: 4/22/2015
  • Degree: Aviation
"I enjoyed my time at Spartan College. Their was a hands on approach that made it fun and educational at the same time. I really loved the fact that my peers came from all over the country and the world. I still have friends that live across the globe."