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Student & Graduate Reviews

joann white
  • Reviewed: 5/18/2022
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"First I would like to say I am an older person who decided to go back to school later in life and with that being said I probably had more questions about how everything worked. I would of preferred to go to a brick and mortar school but I could not find one near me that had my area of study. I researched online schools and decided on SPC and I have never regretted my decision. I found everyone at this school to be very responsive, which actually suprised me alittle. I almost attended another school but they would not return calls or emails so I decided against that school. I found my professors to be very informative and they answered my questions every single time even when I am sure they were probably thinking " not her again ". My advisor met with me multiple times to make sure I understood my classes, choices and career path. The financial aid person returned my calls to go over everything and when I dropped a class and had computer issues the office was very responsive as well. I can't say enough about this school and I would definitely recommend them to others."
SPC nursing student
  • Reviewed: 9/28/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"DO NOT take nursing here, go somewhere else and pay the extra money. The teachers do not care and will not teach you the material you need to know for the exams 50-70% of the students are failing in ALL level and they push then to withdraw so there pass/fail rate does drop. YOU will learn nothing unlee"
  • Reviewed: 8/31/2021
  • Degree: Environmental Science
"Automated, Electronic phony online school. Nothing more than online accreditation thru third party financial aid subsidy programs, cant reach an advisor or anyone in financial aid department. AVOID at all cost. WASTE of time and resources. You will regret signing registering at St. Petersburg College"
Kalena Warren
  • Reviewed: 7/24/2021
  • Degree: Respiratory Therapy
"I hate this school I regret going here I keep telling myself I am just here to get my associate degree the Professors and the management are incompotent when you have problems with someone they flip it around and blame you they work in clicks and the President isnt any better"
  • Reviewed: 1/23/2020
  • Degree: Healthcare Informatics
"This college really jerked me around. There were three professors in the medical field of learning were completely awful. The program director was a joke. They did me so wrong...they mailed me a Certificate I didnt even apply for because they caused me to have a nervous breakdown for classes from my degree."
  • Reviewed: 12/19/2019
  • Degree: Business
"Worst. Place. Ever. My experience was OK 7 years ago. I’ve received a Masters degree since that time, from USF where I had an entirely different and much better experience. My husbands current experience at SPC is horrible. The staff are unreliable and the lack of knowledge and ability should be embarrassing to SPC leadership. When my husband calls the financial aide office, it’s almost as if a high school level educated child is on the other end, if that. They will intentionally set you up for failure. Or, maybe they are just that unaware of how to do their jobs, that they don’t even know they are ruining your entire academic career."
Stephanie Phelan
  • Reviewed: 11/26/2019
  • Degree: Environmental Science
"Amazing and life changing, to say the least. Thank you St. Petersburg College for creating this spark inside of me that allows me to be passionate about what I learn in school. I feel so confident using the skills I've learned to help create the next steps for my career."
Worst Registered nurse Program in Florida
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"What they dont tell you is last 6 months of their program they fail 40-60% of their students. Please ask them. The teachers refuse to teach, they treat students like dirt with a lot of racial type discrimination. The students arent stupid. Please look for other reviews. We had one girl talking about killing herself no one cared. The President of the School (Tonjua Williams) and the Board of Trustee's (Katherine E. Cole) even know whats going on. They dont care. Its really sad. There is a waiting list and you need a high GPA the cost is 1/4 of other programs in the area, trust me pay the extra money go anywhere else."
Celeste Hudson
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2019
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"St. Petersburg's Dental Hygiene program was extremely challenging but rewarding at the same time. The faculty and staff demanded excellence from the students at all times. It was nice to graduate from the first and only baccalaureate program in dental hygiene in Florida and one of the largest degree completion programs in the nation."
Celeste Hudson
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2019
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"St. Petersburg's Dental Hygiene program was extremely challenging but rewarding at the same time. The faculty and staff demanded excellence from the students at all times. It was nice to graduate from the first and only baccalaureate program in dental hygiene in Florida and one of the largest degree completion programs in the nation."
  • Reviewed: 4/22/2019
  • Degree: Biology
"The accessibility services at this college (most experience with the accessibility services at the Gibbs Campus) doesn't help or even care if you are disabled. This college only cares if it can barely pass ADA regulations. The financial aid office communicates poorly and does not word anything well. The foundation scholarship due date for the next semester is always in the middle of your current one, which can cause you to miss the due date. The college sets how much pell grant you get, and this amount is often less than your tuition. The cost more than triples if you are considered out of state, which means that you have not lived in Florida for one full year yet (if the point at which you have lived in Flordia for 1 year is in the middle of the semester, then you will be considered out of state for that semester) or do not currently live in Florida. If you end up with any college financial difficulties whatsoever (sometimes because the college decided to accept less of your pell grant or because the price of classes increased), then this college recommends you take put loans. This college does anything it can to get you stuck in debt. While I have had many decent professors, others were less good. However, I have heard of others having had a teacher grade tests "weirdly" (which I have experienced) or putting questions on the tests about material which is not covered, not in the online study guides, and not in the textbook, causing most people in the class to get a lower grade. Many of these professors have terrible communication, leaving a student not knowing what is expected of him or her or even when the next homework assignment is due. I have seen and heard many terrible things about the academic advisors. If you want to, just hang around where people go in to see them, especially around the beginning or ending of a semester. My own experience is that the quality of advisor can range from cry-inducing to decent. A lot of the staff at this college is so bad at communication that it can take one of them a half hour and several information packets to explain something that can be said in a couple of sentences while still not being helpful. As someone else who attends this college said, the mentality is very "sink or swim", as in they don't help, but expect you to understand everything on your own. They do not help you with anything from financial aid to disability accomodations (even with extended time testing for example, you usually have to set an appointment at the testing center for every exam you take). The motto for this college should be "Go help yourself," as this best describes the help they give you."
Lauren Pinto
  • Reviewed: 10/27/2017
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"I transferred from Keiser University to SPC and my experience so far has been much better, I feel like I am getting the help I need, the tutors at the writing center at the Clearwater Campus are so helpful and knowledgeable . I would highly recommend SPC"
  • Reviewed: 10/2/2017
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"Horrible student service for online students. Most of the time you can't just call with a questions because the operators s don't know it. You have to set up an appointment usually days ahead to get a simple answer to a simple question. My financial aid was taking forever to post and when I called I kept getting "Oh, it's just takes a while to complete" After a ridiculous amount of time I finally got an answer, "oh, it was completed almost a month ago but they just didn't bother to update your account. I can't do anything about it except send them a message reminding them to update and that can take 7 business days. No there's nothing that can be done to speed this up and there is no one in financial aid that you can talk to directly" I decided to go ahead and register for classes because I was getting dangerous close to the six other mark because of how long this was taking. Nope, I need the exact class numbers, I cannot look them up by name and no no one on the phone can help me. I simply must set up an appointment and wait to get the numbers to star my classes. Why can they not have a system for operators to look up class numbers? I came from Liberty university and I could easily get whatever information that I needed in one simple phone call. No setting up phone appointments and waiting days just to get one simple question answered. This college has a horrible system that can make getting critical information difficult and make it very difficult for online students. If this is how they operate then they should not have online programs at all."
  • Reviewed: 7/3/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"I had a horrible experience in Nursing School. I found this primarily to be the cause of the instructors who discriminated against students, bullied students, and with one teacher plain out right refused to teach the class at all repeatedly stating "it's in your reading" When I confronted her with the fact that the information I asked about was not in the reading and that the tuition I paid was paying her salary so she had a contractual duty to teach the curriculum she told me to "see me after class." I never got my question answered and the administration told the students wait and see how you do on your finals then complain and then told them it was too late to complain and if they did they'd be tossed out of the program. And that was the least of the problems with the teachers...."
Unhappy Student
  • Reviewed: 3/2/2017
  • Degree: Business
"This college is sometimes a joke! Their website is constantly down for hours on end without warning. Today I have a very important assignment due, and I need to get on the website to look over the essay guidelines and submit it online, but I cant because the website is down yet again. This is the second time this has happened when I really needed to get on the website! To make things worse, the instructors do not care that the website was down and do not allow extended due dates because of it. I rarely have time to do most of my assignments before their due date, so I do the majority of my work the night it is due. I can't help this, but my instructors do not care and use it as an excuse to not extend the deadlines when the stupid website is down. This is the school's fault, yet I must accept a lower grade due to their incompetence when it comes to simply having a working website!"
Ardit Samarxhiu
  • Reviewed: 12/29/2016
  • Degree: Architecture
"St.Petersburg College was my first college of choice because it was a great school with many different fields to study. I grew to love the campus and it's still my favourite even though I'm pursuing a graduate level degree. I didn't know what I wanted to do until 2 years later then choose to go for architecture. The Architecture program at SPC was two years and the classes for the program were tough but they more then prepared me for the graduate school that I'm currently in. Great Program and an Awesome School."
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2016
  • Degree: Fire Science
"I started this journey late in my life, but found that the administration staff for the fire science was excellent as long as you visit in person. The options for a degree are so diverse that e-mails will not make your experience enjoyable. The Fire Science Department was very helpful and worked with me to achieve my degree in a short time frame. They work directly with the State Fire College, which makes things much easier."
Juliet Just
  • Reviewed: 11/13/2015
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"St. Petersburg College, College of Education was a sought after educational program as it was one of the first junior colleges to become accredited for their Bachelors of Science in Education program in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The rigorous program was tough. There were 22 students that started off in my cohort and 12 stayed the course. Their academic program allowed for me to graduate and be fully competent in knowledge of content, discipline, ethics, assessment and pedagogy. It allowed me to flourish as an educator which ultimately led to being a leader. In addition, I wanted to give back to their program and took professional development in clinical education. This allowed for me to mentor teachers and have teachers engaged in their practicum with my class for three years. I wanted to give back to the college that taught me the disciplines of being an educator."
  • Reviewed: 4/25/2015
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"The online program for both the AS and BAS degree is structured but still provides a lot of flexibility. The Professors all work in the field in addition to teaching so they have relevant information that teaches you more than just "book knowledge". In my opinion this is vital when applying for a job after graduation. The Dean is very involved in the program and is available for questions. There are also really cool study abroad opportunities to help animals in other countries, like Sea Turtles in Costa Rica."
Mary M.
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2015
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"While I attended this college, I enjoyed my professors and classes, but I had issues with administration. The professors were amazing and always willing to help. The administration was difficult to deal with. There were long waits to meet with advisers and financial aid staff. Once in with an administrator, they had an attitude. Also, when I chose my degree path, I was on track to finish it until they switched the required courses & didn't inform the students. Once I found out, they made excuses & told me to change my degree. I was an online only student & they changed a required course to a coures that was at the school & at a campus far from where I lived."