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5 out of 5
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2012

I am a recent graduate of Stanbridge and waiting to get my authorization from the board. I loved my instructors - Ms. A, Ms. W, Ms. R, Ms. P and Ms. D - THANK YOU for showing me the way and for all of your hard work. On to the Respiratory Alumni class and getting ready for NCLEX - I hope the Career Service team helps me with a job - they have been great so far with the resume & ACE the interview workshop.

5 out of 5
Degree: Licensed Vocational Nurse
Graduation Year: 20111

Hello, to those of you looking for an LVN program in Orange county, there are a lot of choices and I suggest you visit all the schools that are close to you in person before you decide on what is best for you. I chose Stanbridge because fit is close to where I work by fashion island and also because two of my coworkers are graduates and recommended the school.

I finished my classes in December and am waiting to take the NCLEX. The Judy Miller prep was excellent and the VATI has been good. I am remembering Ms. McDonalds lectures in Med Surg as I study and am thankful for the way she helped put everything together. That coupled with my acute term 3 and 4 experiences really helped my confidence. I recommend the school and also recommend that you have time to study.

Even with the best instructors, I saw some of my class mates struggling because they could not fund the time to study while working full time.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I researched schools intensively before deciding on Stanbridge. I could tell that their standards were the highest of ALL other VN programs I looked at (which was all of them ;)) and I felt comfortable with the challenge. I also felt that their high standards were set to make their students the best, so I trusted them with that.

I'm currently starting Term 4 (the last one!) and am excited to be done soon. Let me tell you one thing- DO NOT listen to these reviews that whine and complain about everything from the nails to the hair to the uniform policy. I have a few classmates that remind me of those reviews and believe me, there's always about 1 or 2 of those REALLY annoying people who complain about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! I am starting to believe these people just like to complain because honestly what they complain about is NOT THAT BAD.

Anyways. I suggest this school for people who are looking to WORK HARD. It is by no means an easy program. You practically give up your life outside of work (if you work) & school in order to study and keep up with the curriculum. But I honestly feel that if you are passionate about becoming a nurse and passionate about doing the best you can do, then you will have no problem. It won't be easy, but you'll benefit most from the program. I work 2 jobs, totaling full time hours and go here part time. I don't have any kids, and to all the moms in my class, I SALUTE YOU!

Let me address some issues that I read a lot in other reviews and I am going to give you my honest, and as un-biased opinion as possible.

1. INSTRUCTORS - Yes it is true, I have had 4 instructors in just one 6 month period (where ideally you are only supposed to have one). Yes, they leave with or without notice. Yes, it can be difficult to adjust yourself to the different teaching patterns of each one but it's not the worst thing that could happen. I've had the same teacher for ALMOST all of term 2 and term 3, and that consistency was nice. However she wasn't the best at actually teaching the material.

2. UNIFORM -Why it is SUCH a big deal to some people, I have no idea. I think some people like to just fight against rules for the sake of it. But let's be honest, we are in NURSING school. Yes, your nails need to be short because they do not want the patients feeling SHARP nails pressing into their skin as you check for a pulse. Plus, it's just not sanitary to work in the hospital with long nails and gather all that bacteria :/. No nail polish, big deal. Yes your hair needs to be up. Again, big deal. You are working with a lot of elderly patients with dementia for the first 2 terms and the last thing you need is them grabbing your hair OR having your hair fall into a stage 4 wound you are changing the dressing on. Now the jacket situation. In term 1, they enforce everything. In my opinion it is just to make a point. You will see other classes with students wearing jackets and you'll complain as to why they get to wear jackets and you don't. Honestly most teachers after term 1 agree with you and will tell you that yes you can wear a jacket in class if you're cold. Just be discreet about it.

3. CLINICAL LOCATIONS -No, they are not ALL in orange county. But when you think of all the other schools competing for hospitals/LTC facilities, can you blame them? The worst for our class was when one group had to drive to Torrance every saturday. Yes it sucked, but what are you going to do. You get over it.

4. ADMINISTRATION -I have definitely experienced the most issues with administration. It's true, they just aren't very organized. Students AND teachers are all confused as to how they lose papers, documents, payments SO often, but it happens. It is definitely very frustrating. The ONE solution to avoid any issues with administration, and please take this VERY SERIOUSLY: MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING! If you do bullet points for a theory absence, make copies of the remediation paper and your bullets! If you sign ANYTHING, MAKE COPIES before turning it in. ALWAYS get a copy of ANYTHING you sign. KEEP ALL COPIES in ONE folder you can find easily. YOU WILL NEED THEM! I almost lost financial aid because they lost my taxes and FAFSA information, I then received an email saying I would have to pay out of pocket what I was supposed to be getting covered, and that if I didn't pay the $5,000 I could not continue with the program. Needless to say I was pissed. And of course this was the one time I didn't make a copy of the paper I signed when I turned everything in. Thankfully after diligently emailing them every day telling them that THEY HAVE my papers, they found it and it was resolved. But it's issues like that that most people complain about. But for me it has never effected my studies. It's just an annoying factor.

I really think that this is the best private school to get your LVN. They provide free tutoring whenever you need it, they have review, certification and alumni classes all the time. They've stepped up their attempt at extracurricular activities and I really feel like they care about their reputation. Obviously they want your money, they are a private school. But they also want their students to do well, they want their students to be the best and I think that's why they are so rigid sometimes.

If you want to do well, and I'm not talking like just-pass-the-tests-well. If you want to make the most out of this (since you are paying $30,000 anyways) then this is how I suggest studying. 1st- READ the material assigned in the books once. Highlight the important information.

2nd- GO BACK and take notes on what you highlighted. If you like working with notecards, I would suggest taking notes and then making notecards from your notes. The more you re-read and re-write the same information over again, the faster you learn it. And you will UNDERSTAND the information.

3rd- REVIEW the power points. I do not suggest only reading the power points before a test. They are meant as a short overview of the material, and if you only read your power points or your notes from your class review before a test- it will only be in your short term memory. Sure you may pass, but good luck at the end of the term when you have to take a 100 QS cumulative test on ALL of the information from the past 6 months.

Try to at least stay on track with studying, if not ahead. We all get caught up in life and exhausted from studying, and I have myself slacked on studying for certain tests, when life got too hectic or I was just OVER school. But try your hardest and you'll do great here ;).
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4 out of 5

Stanbridge has excellent clinical sites - I fell in love with critical care based on my experience at Huntington Beach Hospital and West Anaheim Medical Center. The instructors are high quality - thank you Ms Wanda, Ms. Erixson and Ms. Hypolite - I am starting my LVN - BSN in the fall at Indianna state. The classes were tough - the standards were high but it is worth every bit as the school has one of the highest NCLEX pass rates in the state.

Be sure to carpool to clinical sites - Mesa Verde was a nightmare. Graduation was amazing - Stanbridge made me proud and my family was very impressed with the ceremony.

4 out of 5

I am just finishing term 1 and love how much I have learned - learning to go to school 5 days a week, 40 hours was grueling - but here I am, headed to the end of term and having survived the famous Stanbridge curriculum and strictness.

I loved how much I learned at clinical - loved Brighton Gardens and love how much confidence working with live patients gives me. Looking ahead with apprehension at the tough term 2 and 3 med-surg classes but have heard the instructors are super available with tutoring and really help you.

For those of you looking to go to vn school instead of waiting 3 years at a jc, doing the vn and bridging is a good way to go. Be careful before you commit to full time programs though because you cannot work and need to study every day at least 3 hours after school, I study 4 - 5 some days.

Stanbridge is a school known for excellent results and you will need to work hard but the teachers are very helpful and go the mile with offering tutoring - even student services is always calling to check on absences and helped schedule tutoring for me once. I also love the amount of community service programs we are able to participate in - the school is very involved in giving students chances to volunteer.

4 out of 5

I am ecstatic - I started my job as an LVN at a SNF in Orange County thanks to fantastic help from the Career Services team at Stanbridge -Shannon was great and went out of the way to help arrange for the interview. For those of you looking to get into nursing, do so only if your heart is in it and you are ready for hard work.

My time at Stanbridge was some of the toughest times I have had - the standards at the school are very high and you have to work hard. The clinical sites at West Anaheim and Garden Grove for acute were excellent as was Helathbridge childrens hospital for peds - Stanbridge has access to the hospitals because of its excellent pass rate and we were working right by RN students. The instructors at Stanbridge were experienced and knew their stuff - I just wish I did not have to put up with the whining of some of the students who tried everything to game the system and usually got caught - ha ha - when nursing administration gets their hand on a slacker, good luck! why these students want to be nurses I don't know - if you are looking to learn to be a true nurse and are willing to work hard and abide by high standards - I recommend Stanbridge - their pass rate is excellent and they know their stuff.

4 out of 5

I am an IT student at Stanbridge and have received outstanding assistance from the career department. They have helped me with my resume and a portfolio before I graduate and I am in job interviews with their help.

My 3 instructors Tim, Phil and Virgil were oustanding. They work for fortune companies as IT drectors and bring incredible experience when they teach the class. The Cisco class in class 4 with all the racks and servers was as hands on to a live data center environment as you can get and the constant focus on the hands commandline training on routers with Virfil was brutal but great.

You need to study to pass the cert test and the Testout practice tests in the lab are great. I would recommend stanbridge to anyone wanting some hands on traiing with cert prep in IT. I will be going on the AS degree to take the wireless and security classes.

4 out of 5

Prepare to be sold on a lucid pipe dream of success and legitimacy upon inquiring about stanbridge college. However,plan on a year of misery and ultimate self confidence destruction. The nursing administration belittles and criticizes students on a daily basis. You WILL BE PUT DOWN. YOU WILL FREEZE because you cant wear jackets. YOU WILL HAVE YOUR FINGERNAILS inspected and hair up at all times. 100s of bullet points will be made under the circumstances you are tardy.

Every day thee is a massive cloud of negativity that floats over stanbride college. You will learn to HATE it. THERE IS NO STANBRIDGE PRIDE. THE VN ADMIN ENJOYS PUTTING YOU DOWN AND WATCHING YOU SUFFER. This school is in the business of making money,and once they get your money, the smiles stop there. Dont be fooled by the sales pitch like i did. I made deans list throughout my stanbridge studies,however at the expense of many severed relationships and personal sacrifices. Go join the marines instead.


4 out of 5

I am a recent grad and can tell you this program is excellent but tough - not for slackers. The school has held a NCLEX pass rate near 100% every quarter since their program started - its on the nursing board website and the school website also and I know I will be well prepared to take the exam and get my license the first go through.

The career department reps have been amazing and have helped with rewriting my resume and given me a portfolio cover and really gone out of the way to help me. I know they will help me with job leads as soon as i get my license. Also great classes for alumni - love the trach/ventilator courses and wound care.

4 out of 5

I was attending their IT program and found out within the first couple classes that I could have done it all on my own! They really don't offer that much hands-on experience. Everything I learned in class I could have gotten straight from a 25-dollar book at borders. It's a total rip-off! Now I know why the CEO drives a brand new 7-series.

I thought the administrative staff was also very rude. I think they are all related to one-another, and they are obviously over compensated. If you are interested in IT you are better off at community college than at Stanbridge. You also wont be in debt when you are done.

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