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Dee Mulloy
  • Reviewed: 1/13/2012
"I just want everyone to know that It's What "YOU" put into it!!! If you go there to learn and better yourself, YOU WILL!!! If you are going there because you still want to collect your wellfare check & really don't want to be there, Well Shame on you!!! Do NOT blame anyone but yourself!!! I had a GREAT experience & have found a Fantastic Job as an MA in a Hospital making good $$$... I would like to Thank my favorite instructor, Mrs. Schultz!!! I had her for Intro & Phlebotomy & she was awesome and gave me the knowledge I needed and a great reference while I was looking for a Job! If you are serious and want a change GO TO THE NORTHEAST CAMPUS!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2011
"I am a student ready to graduate from Star. I have found it to be an extremely rewarding experience. As with anything you only get out of this class what you put into it. I have found all the instructors that I have had the privelege of having, Melyssa for CT, Ronnie for intro and Dorothy and Joy for phlebotomy to be very helpful and informative. In 7 months I have learned so much and have found the curriclum challenging and rewarding. I am confident now to be going out on my externship and I have all the above named instructors for my training, success and guidance to thank for that. I can't begin to express my sincere gratitude to the entire staff at Star. If you are considering in furthering your education in the medical field, I would definitely come into Star Academy in Brick,N.J. for a tour. You will find the staff and this institution extremely fair and professional."
Jennifer ruiz CTday
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2011
"I am currently attending Star Career Academy in Brick NJ, As a Cardiology Technician. My experience has been by far the best.I have learned so much about the medical field, that I never even imagined knowing, I also learned about becoming a more mature woman in the process, thanks too my favorite instructor Melyssa. She helped me to look at things in different light, she always has been there for all her students and myself. Over all the instructors and staff were great. They were always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that we excel in our field and be our best... I would highly recommend Star Career Academy.... The only question is... Are you??? When your Ready they're waiting."
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2011
"Star Career Academy (Brick, NJ) Cardiology Tech - Instructor: Melyssa Munch; All of you that are bashing this school are the joke. This experience has been more than what I've expected from the beginning. All the instructors are great and the curriculum is acceptional. I came here not knowing much about the medical field now I amaze myself with the knowledge I've aquired. It guided me in the right direction, not only taught me professionalism but has given me what I needed to excel in the fast paced enviroment of the medical field. Anyone with a negative outlook about Star Career Academy was probably here for the wrong reasons and unfortunately did not use all of the resources that were available for them. I highly recommend this course as well as any of the other courses being that I have friends in all classes that are just as satisfied in their class as I am in mine."
  • Reviewed: 2/8/2011
"Star career Academy is only after one thing , your money, school does not teach you enough to get a career."
  • Reviewed: 11/17/2010
"I have been a student for some months now as a cma & I can honestly say I have not one complaint. I look foward to going to class everyday to learn something new & also because I have built a bond with most the teachers & students. Unfortunittly I have read a bunch of negetive reviews about the school & the truth my be said that everyone who was written a negetive review was either a bad student who refused to get along with others or someone with no professionalism OBVIOUSLY. I would and already have recommended this school to friends & family who also love the school. Positions as a cma, cna,ct and ect are highly in demand right now and the reason these students with negetive reviews cannot find jobs is because of there attitudes and or failed there externships also because of there attitudes. I'm 20 years old and a mother of 1 & couldn't have found a more understanding helpful school. All Instuctures are willing to take time out of there personal lives for after school toutering, also willing to financialy help some less fortunate student with fieldtrips out of there own money. So yes I would recommend this school to anyone !"
  • Reviewed: 10/13/2010
"Star Career Academy is the worst school i have been too if you want to call it a school this is just a scam full of con- artist who lie from the begining to the end and when their truth comes out the are completely nasty after they have taken 16,000.00 from you they promise externship and they dont have any this this school is a complete disappointment please please dont go to this scam its nothing but fraud from the admissions reps to the directors now i have to go to another school take out another loan and retake this course they wasted my time and left me in a finical bind..."
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2010
"There always seems to be someone complaining about their experience at these schools but my experience (and most of my classmates) find the school to be excellent!!!Our instructor cares about how well we are learning and the staff is alway there when we need them.And by the way, the school remodel is very very nice. We love our school, instructors, admissions and the campus staff!Star Career Academy - Newark Student Day Class."
  • Reviewed: 7/25/2010
"this so called place of higher learning (brick,nj campus ) is a joke . no real leadership from instructors .just read the book and do the handout .surgical tech. lab was a joke. it felt like we were in a traffic jam in manhattan rushing to go no where.not enough clinical time . i feel that the curriculum is not keeping current with the industry and with what the industry wants.further more ever since this recession hit and obama put additional money out there for student loans its places like this that jumped on the band wagon and put the money trough out in order to get those potential students and the federal and state this place ever got accreditted is beyond me.all i can say is that i will not recommend this place to anyone ."
Hear my plea: Do not answer the adds to this horrible experience
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2010
"I can not began to explain how saddened i am and how i feel that this school has let me down. You want to know my experience over-all? Hmmm... I don't have the time. there aren't enough giga-bytes of space and hard drive for me to take the time and the detail of just one issue. I will say do your research. Research the Class of (late) 2009 and 2010 students of Clifton and Newark campuses. We ALL have a story to tell, as well as a picture to paint. And it's a sad story. Our lives have been played and toyed with. Trust has been broken, and our hopes have fallen. Majority of us are all discouraged and have nowhere to turn. Now our claws have retracted. So..NO! No recommendation from me."
  • Reviewed: 1/5/2010
"I feel as though I was taking a home study course. Very little if any classroom leadership from instructor. All we did was read our books, powerpoint, and tests. And the only time we got any instruction was in surgical clinacals, and everything was crazy rushed from the time you stepping into the lab. Never enough clinical time and the class that I was in had 23 people in it. Normally the classes are 12-15 students. With 23 students it makes it harder for the instructor to get all of the students through clinical as well as the student getting a fair amount of clinical time without being rushed. The school is a joke. All they want is your money. The impression I got was that the instructor was running behind schedule and in turn we were rushed. Save your money and do some research and find yourself a better school."