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  • Reviewed: 10/12/2015
  • Degree: Computer Science
"Experiences: 1. I was told that if I made monthly payments of 100 dollars, there would be a balance of about 650 by the time I finished my associates degree,but when I went to do my exit interview there was a balance left owing of 3600 dollars which I thought it to be odd.. I continued to pay that money but thought there was a mistake because the numbers the school people were showing me never added up. Finally after a well hard fight I was able to prove to them I had paid too much and they had to reimburse me some of that money. 2. I applied to a position offered by the company where one of my instructors was working. In fact he was one of the panelists during my interview., After the interview, I asked how I have done, and he said to me "you did very well" so I felt really good about it, Three weeks later one of his colleagues called me and said they felt I was not ready for the position even though it was an entry level position.You see what Im getting at? One of my instructors at SHC with the power to hire me there did not think I was ready for the position!!!(I KNOW IRONIC) 3. I can go on,and on, on.. Some of you will get on here and say that I did not put forth the effort and I will respect that.. But know that I had a full time job at the time and I still finished with a GPA of 3.80 but the degree that I obtained is no "validated" even by the company I work for now. Do what you think is best is your money and life. Im only sharing my experiences at SHC. with you."
  • Reviewed: 9/30/2015
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I thought they had great teachers, who tried hard, I really enjoyed going to school there! It is expensive, but the books, computer, and all of the other benefits that you get are included, it's a private school, the I.T. Techs, tutors, schedulers, teachers, counselors, etc.,were always right there to help you when you needed it! I thought they did a great job, and I learned a lot, They are still very helpful when needed, even as alumni, the college is set up so that you may go back to audit, refresher courses, for free for the rest of your life. If you need assistance finding employment they will help you the best that they can!"
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2015
  • Degree: Medical Office Administration
"Please shut down this place! It is just robbing students! Literally usually with financial aid students will get some money for living but they show us the prices so high that it takes all of the money you don't see a single penny just that it pays your tuition. Then the instructors suck. The degree you receive isn't credible anywhere really it's not worth it. And you can take cna, phlebotomy, MA, pharmacy tech, medical coding and I'm sure the rest of what they offer somewhere else with a better education for MUCH MUCH less and learn way more. They promote that it's a quick way to get a degree and a job at the end. It's so not worth it at all. Go look at your community college first they have tech schools too. If I would've known and there were reviews I definitely wouldn't have bothered."
  • Reviewed: 6/9/2015
  • Degree: Computer Networking
"Was the worst school you could ever go to, didn't learn anything , went for 3 years in computer networking and know nothing about it so my degree is useless, I cant really use it. im sorry three 1 month classes on the basics of computer networking is not enough to under stand what and get a degree under the rest of the classes i took had nothing to do with the degree. Also they would throw you into classes before you even took any of the prerequisite classes took a calculus class before college algebra. I originally went for programming but the incompetence of the teachers of teachers pushed me out of that so had to complete degree under networking. I came to teacher and asked for help and that i didn't understand the logic in the programming language we were going over and apparently that meant to pick on me for every single question until i walked out of class and switched degrees. was too late to quit or waste tens of thousands of dollars on nothing now i have a useless $75,000 piece of paper. oh joy. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU WANT A REAL EDUCATION THIS SCHOOL IS A JOKE AND A RIP OFF."
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2015
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"A stupid college ,only working for money,no good teaching or good classess .no good staff members ,torturing for use if we study something from there also very much costly and education is not useful once completed from their,i never liked their."
Christine R.
  • Reviewed: 3/16/2015
  • Degree: Graphic Design
"This college is not the greatest.... Most of the design elements I was taught at this school I learned in GRADE school. On numerous occasions this college failed to complete necessary tasks on THEIR end to ensure I stayed enrolled. Poor communication and lack of effort on their end caused me to be dropped from their courses a 2nd time. They claimed I needed specific paperwork that I provided with AMPLE time to process they reassured me that everything was correct and my courses would resume as normal. Weeks went by and still no classes, no one called me. I called them and they told me that the paperwork WAS not what they needed and I would NOT be allowed to return to class."
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2014
  • Degree: Accounting
"I felt the teachers barely knew what they were talking about. I applied several places and they wouldn't acknowledge I had a degree because of the school. I tried to transfer to another school but the said I'd have to start all over because they wouldn't accept anything I'd done at Stevens Henager. They charge way too much for such a poor quliaty education. Wish I would have done more research before I started going to Stevens Henager. I tell everyone I know not to go there. Biggest mistake of my life and believe me I've made a lot of mistakes."
Nicole Schofield
  • Reviewed: 8/28/2014
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"While in attendance I was blind folded, I really thought this school would help me get on some sort of fast track to my career.... boy was I wrong! I am now 70,000$ in debt! wait wait wait no I am 50,000 in debt because I qualified for a Pell Grant. These guys promised and promised I could get a job basically in any medical field with the administration program so whether I wanted to be a cna phlebotomist a MA what ever I wanted to do I could do it... Yet I am still unemployed and the only thing I have been offered was an unpayed internship for an insurance company who wanted me to work 50 hours every week. HAHAHA very funny that would not even leave me any time to apply or get a part time job to help pay off them student loans. People please open your eyes and don't even bother with this school. Weber State, U of U, snow college, even UCLA is 10's of thousands of dollars cheaper, and although Stevens Henager is accredited their credits are NOT transferable!!!"
Mannie Ortega
  • Reviewed: 7/30/2014
  • Degree: Graphic Design
"Love this school! I graduated this year & they helped me get into my current job! I can't tell you how happy I am now that I work in a career that I love and I would recommend this school to anyone!"
Bill Lucas
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2013
  • Degree: Nutrition
"Stevens Henager College used deceptive trade practices in duping me in to enrollment with their college. Additionally, their financial aid office committed fraud in processing my student loans and Pell Grant. I was contacted by telephone from Stevens Henager College in late October of 2012 to consider enrollment in their online college. During my enrollment process I was repeatedly lied to by my admission adviser, his superior who claimed to be the manager of student financial aid and other school officials. Said prevarications included promises of being provided full eBooks and text books that I could download and text books that would be sent to me. Additionally, I was promised that I would have access to the colleges learning portal for life so that I would be able to come back and use the resources to help me 'brush up' later on the things I had learned while attending their college. Finally, I was promised a $3,500 rebate on my tuition upon completion of my third month of attendance with their college. On January 15th, 2013, in response to a financial award letter I received on 1/14/2013 from the colleges financial aid department, I sent a letter to the colleges financial aid department requesting that they cease all activity in obtaining funding from federal student loans and a Pell grant. On February 4th, 2013, the college withdrew funds from the US Treasury in the amount of approximately $7,500 without my authorization and in direct conflict with my demand that the college cease all activities in obtaining federal student loans and a Pell grant in my behalf. This is a violation of Title 34 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 634, and constitutes theft. On 3/19/2013, I sent an email to the college’s financial aid office asking them to return the aforementioned funds to the treasury department. The college replied very rudely informing me that they denied ever receiving my aforementioned letter to them, a fax and or email concerning the same. The college demanded that I provide proof that I sent the aforementioned letter. In response, I replied back to the college stating that I would initiate a lost letter claim the USPS and encouraged them to do the same. Additionally, I conveyed to the college that regardless of whether or not they had received said letter, that their reply proved that they received a copy of the letter from the email they replied to. Therefore, under the aforementioned code of federal regulations, I further requested that they consider the letter they now admitted to have as a request to return my student loans and Pell grant back to the US treasury and or whatever source they received it from. As of this date, my wife and I have sent several more emails to the college concerning the same, but they have never replied to us again. Both my wife and I called the college on numerous occasions and have repeatedly been told that there was no one available in their financial aid department to talk with us. On 2/25/2013 my wife called and asked to talk with the Director of the College. A man answered the phone and told her to "stop f-cking calling the school." In March of 2013, I contacted several of my class mates to find out if they were experiencing similar problems with the school. Numerous people have told me that they were lied to by their admissions advisers during the enrollment process. One student told me that he was also promised a life time access to the learning portal for educational resources so that he could come back at later times to brush up on what he learned. He also told me that he was lied to about being provided eBooks and text books. Additionally, another student informed me that she had been contacted by someone at the school claiming to be a compliance person who asked her if she would file a complaint against me for harassment for my contacting her by email asking her about her experiences with the school. She immediately told them that I had not been harassing her. The person she talked to became very belligerent with her and threatened to expel her from school if she did not cooperate with them. Stevens Henager College is nasty organization to get involved with. If you are currently thinking about enrolling with these scumbags, do not do it. They will lie to you, rip you off and who knows what the heck they are doing with your personal and credit information. Stevens Henager College does not train their people for compliance with FERPA. Though federal FERPA regulations require the college to train their financial and records people for FERPA compliance, the administration of Stevens Henager College and their parent company, College America, consider the same an unnecessary expense."
  • Reviewed: 1/25/2013
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I went to Stevens-Henager Murray Campus before they moved to the new building. I was told my repayment wouldn't start until I completed the course. It actually started the day I graduated even though I didn't complete the course until 3 months after my graduation date!Job placement, they set me up with 1 interview, that job was so far from where I live that it was not fesable! No assistance after that!I had financial aid through the state who paid the extra fees, when I graduated I didn't get my physical associates degree paper because all the sudden I owed them $400.00. I wouldn't pay the extra because the state had paid them. I still don't have my paper and have not been able to get certified because the paper is required!Then a couple of years ago I tried to go remediate and the curriculum had changed. The school reps got me in the office to set up remediation and I was excited thinking I might finally get some assistance. The school wouldn't call me back to be able to remediate!They also failed to mention my credits were non-transferable to any other school that wasn't Stevens-Henager!My tuition $20,000.00Still paying for degree I cannot use!Very Bad School"
John Rasmussen
  • Reviewed: 9/28/2012
"Where to start. I found out through investigation that the only positive reviews in here are from current employees! Of course, that is there whole mantra over there - deception and gullibility. There is a reason why they actively recruit the less than intelligent individuals. Yes - I am calling myself stupid as well. I should have done my homework, but didn't and now I am in debt and a worthless degree. Why is it worthless? Because, they enroll the less intelligent. They pass the less intelligent. As such, the less intelligent get jobs and utterly destroy this school's reputation. I know of many hiring managers who see our school and then throw our applications away. They laugh at us first and then throw it away. Do yourself a favor and avoid this school. Or, if you are less intelligent and just want a degree - by all means go here because you won't earn the A; they will give it to you :)"
  • Reviewed: 7/8/2012
"I graduated from SHC in 2011 from the medical specialties program. I currently work as a CMA in a hospital. I did get a job right out of school, and I have not had trouble finding other MA jobs. I did very well in school, nothing below an A-. I felt MOST of the teachers were competent and helpful. I did learn what I needed to start working as an MA. I have been able to go back and "re-take" classes that I felt I needed a re-fresher in, which is a great benefit. I am actually still using the "free" laptop.I do NOT make as much as the "counslers" said I would. I DO owe a ridiculous amount in student loans, which I just had to start paying back. I do not feel like the school was up front about the costs. There were a couple teachers I had that did not know anything about what they were teaching (I actually had to teach the computer teachers a couple things about Windows Xp). I do not feel that the "medical specialties" program is worth the time, or $$. If you want to be an MA, just go to an ATC. At least know what you are getting into. Know that it IS expensive. Know that they do NOT have the best facilities. But also know that if YOU are willing to put in the work, YOU can make it worth it. Just like YOU will have to do the work when YOU get a job. I find it disgraceful that most the people that I have seen post "negative" reviews just seem to expect everything handed to them, then expect to get a cherry job and make a lot of $ right out of school without putting any effort forth themselves!"
  • Reviewed: 6/19/2012
  • Degree: Management
"Anyone that shares the dedication to their education Stevens Henager is the place to go. The courses are paced so that the students are forced to stay dedicated in order to do well, thus enabling the school to tell if someone is serious about their education. I would recommend Stevens Henager because the staff are very helpful and are willing to help students with any difficulty they may have and Career Services are very persistent in helping you find a great career upon graduation."
  • Reviewed: 5/31/2012
"The quality of education that I have received with SHC is bar none and worth every single penny I have spent. The people that come to the college and sign up have to realize that school is NOT a one-night stand. They have to realize what they are getting in to and know that they can and will be, successful. They need to just keep on trying and taking one day at a time. That's what I did. I could not have picked a better school to get my education at.I can't even begin to tell you or explain in words what SHC did for me. I gained a new love for the word, "Education" and what it means to me. SHC has given me the opportunity to do and be the BEST that I can be and I KNOW that I can accomplish anything in my future endeavors. Oh!.y the way,I started my Master's Program on 2/13/12. Love it."
Sue Greer
  • Reviewed: 4/4/2012
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"I don't know what you all are talking about. This school is a good school. The teachers are all great instructors. They do make you do your work and give you a lot of homework to do, but isn't that what college is all about... The one's that are complaining the loudest, I have found are the one's that don't do their assignments or homework, and are just wanting grades handed to them without actually doing the work. I don't know which area the person is in that states that they have to use cardboard for demonstrations...I personally think that you are full of $%#@!!!!The only thing that I would like to see change here is for the administration make it a MANDATORY policy that if you are attending the medical program that you must successfully pass a drug test as well as supply random drug testing through out the program."
  • Reviewed: 2/26/2012
"This school is a joke. From the beginning it has been and now I know it is time for me to quit. The teachers do not teach you and you pay way too much to teach yourself. If you want help they won't give it to you.I already know that if and when I graduated with my degree I would not be able to find a job. I have heard from many people that went here, that can't find jobs. Also, many people who work at hospitals and universities will not even look at your resume if it says you went to this school.I wouldn't even call this a school because you don't learn.I feel bad for anyone else who goes here. They have lied to me from the very beginning and I know I am going to be paying for this for the next ten years I'm sure. I feel this is a scam school that only wants money. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.Please don't go here."
joshua rubatt
  • Reviewed: 10/11/2011
"Actually the student services is awesome laptop coming to you takes some time , but what do you expect there are many students.Overall great job. by the way the classes are not all that easy the beginning classes are but they do get difficult"
Tyler Anderson
  • Reviewed: 7/26/2011
"Extremely expensive, very poor student services, lies to students, charges hidden fees, attacks credit rating by charging fees without notification, staff unknowledgable. BEWARE."
Anthony Ekenstam
  • Reviewed: 12/15/2010
"I'm here to tell anyone who reads this, "My" expectations are met and challenged everyday, and I absolutely love the Respiratory Therqpy program at Stevens Henager.I knew exactly what I was stepping into when I joined, I have "NO" complaints! I know I made the right decision."