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  • Reviewed: 12/10/2010
"I am a full time mom of a busy toddler and I have taken classes at UNC and Aims on campus. But when I had my son on campus classes were harder. So I went to College America and enrolled in online classes for Business Administration. College America works with Stevens-Henager online and I absolutely love the school, the courses, and the instructors! I have always been able to get a hold of anyone that I need to and sometimes the instructors contact me from their own homes when I needed help late. It is challenging but very worth it!"
Jacob Estepp
  • Reviewed: 9/14/2010
"I started out at stevens henegar almost three years ago. About one year into it, my wife decided to join as well. My wife decided to do the online courses. at the same time that my wife joined, my wife, and myself had the same class together. the school could not get the E-Book figured out. we both called everyday, and sent several Emails trying to get some info so we could start doing the work. finally, half way through the last week, they got us the info for our Ebooks. the first three weeks were not turned in on time, so we instantly failed. I am still trying to get this fixed, but STEVENS HENEGQAR DOES NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS. the second month, they couldn't tell my wife what class she was taking until the second week. so she was too far behind to begin with. we decided that she should cut her losses, and drop before it got worse. she caled the school to tell them that she was dropping, the faxed, Emailed, and mailed a letter. she left a message with two of the mid level people, and left a message with the dean of the school, she told them exactly why she was dropping out. after a month, she got a call from the school wondering why she was not in class, and that if she didn't log in the school website, that she would be dropped NO COMMUNICATION!!! after that, we heard nothing for almost a year, and then one day, we get a collections notice from a collection agency saying that we owed the school $8,000> the said that the school had contacted us several times on this matter. we got nothing, ne phone calls, no Emails, no mail. this school is a joke, it needs to be shut down, and I hope that no boby else waists their money on it. I am about two months from graduating, but Im sure the nightmares will keep going for many years to come."
Tiffany Byer
  • Reviewed: 9/4/2010
"OMG, Where to begin. I am currently enrolled at Stevens Henaget. When I joined, was in an extremely vulnerable and desperate frame of mind. My husband and I had just seperated, our company we owned together wemt down the draina dn I have 4 kids and I am on my own. I was trying to get finacial assistance from the state and needed to be in an employment program, I chose the going back to school option. Never in my rihgt mind if I owuld hae had time to think this through, have done this. THey have made me re-sign my loan papers several times, which makes me wonder what they are doing with them. They hold classes and learning materials and equipment over my head if I do not re-sign these loan papers again and again. NOt to mention the quality of stehtescope and blood pressure cuffs they give you. I paid 40 thousand dollares and I recieved a .99 blood pressure cuff and a .99cent stethescope. Realy 40 grand and thats all you can afford.Let me now et to the classes, they dont watn you using supplies to learn, they cut back on materials that are suppose to be inclued in that 40 thousand loan. So you reuse things that you should never re-use. Not to mention thousands of students paying these fees and they cant afford demos for class. They have instructors making cardboard hand drawn bones.? to teach with? CHeap. The isntructore are rude, arogant and aggitated if you need help or ant to ask questions to ensure your grasping what tlittle they take time to teach. SOem of the instructores don't even know what they are doing and donteven have a teaching degree.This school is a mess. I am scared to death, I am running out of my lifetime maximum finacial help I can reieve to support my family and i might have to start my education process over with a huge debt hanging over my head.A debt that I was not proberly communicatd about. A debt for education I thought I was getting , that I am actually not recieving. It is a cam. The big dogs of Stevens Henager is a very greedy man. And if they close stevens Henager down, like they might They just better make Stvens Henager pay back all the loans for all the students that are going to have unfisnished degrees and have to start all over. We should not have to start over and pay new loans and loans thfor dgrees we did not get. Stevensa Henager should be resposnible for htose loans, as they falsly advertised and did not have any of us students signing those loan papers on corect pretenses about how the college and the egrees worked.And complaining to the dean and the director of the school does no good, no one in that building is there to care about the students. Please just do your research, attend a traditional community college or universlty . So what, it takes a little longer, at least when it is aLL SAID AND DONE, IT WILL MEAN SOMETHING, WITHOUT YOU HAVE TO START OVER FOR IT"
Iris Flower
  • Reviewed: 6/22/2010
"I graduated from SH in 2007 with a BS in Business Administration. Not only can I not find a job, but not even with SH as an online advisor or whatever online jobs they have. I completed a MS online through another college (accredited) so I have online learner experience, so who better to answer any online student questions than one who has been through it...and has a BS from SH.I leave the recommendation up to you."
  • Reviewed: 6/16/2010
"When I enrolled in this school I thought that I would be getting an education, boy was I wrong. During the 3.2 years I attended this college there were continual problems with instructors, finance counselors, deans and most of the office staff. Please DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY - this college is a huge rip-off. Their reputation is so bad that even if you do graduate from the college your degree isn't worth the paper its written on."
maryanne kaimuri
  • Reviewed: 6/1/2010
"I attended the masters in healthcare administration programme and I must say the programme was the biggest rip off i ever encountered. I am from a third world country and we get far better education than what i got. i came here seeking to advance my knowledge but instead i got substandard education. The teachers are not qualified. esily hand you grades and cancel classes at their own pleasure. The program costs and arm not forgetting that they promise job opportunities only for you to get here and discover its a lie.They threaten you with deportation.For those applauding the school, you clearly do not know what a good education is and you are okey settling for substandard knowledge.I paid $8000 dollars to get to the school with $4000 paid for the well paying job they were to get me. all a bunch of lies. Its one thing to offer substandard education, its a totalll whole other level to rip bright students from struggling countries.shame on you and i hope the utah school board closes this school once and for all."
Gary Clark
  • Reviewed: 5/4/2010
"As a recent student from Stevens-Henager College, I would definitely confirm the fact till date I had no problem with the people over here or with the faculty. The instructors are polite and generally very helpful. Also, their online study material helps manage study and personal commitments. I had absolutely no problem finding a great job after my graduation or with my degree being accepted by my employers. Also, the employment assistance program was of great help. All good reasons."
  • Reviewed: 3/24/2010
"This place is the worst school. It is WELL worth the extra year or so to attend any other college or university for your degree. I would never recommend this place. They are insanely expensive and the faculty are incompetent and rude! You will always be treated like an inconvenience anytime you need help. The instructors are decent. Well educated in their fields and generally very helpful. The courses are adequate. Not too hard, not too easy. However, the administration in this place is a joke. They do not offer a "personal" experience like you always hear advertised. I have been attending for 3 1/2 years (I took a few months off when I had a baby) and I keep getting the run around on my grad date and financial status with the school. They just keep piling on more fees! Go ANYWHERE else!!!"
Jennifer Jensons
  • Reviewed: 11/12/2009
"I have just completed my Masters degree from the college and now I am well placed with a company of my choice. The accelerated facility allowed me to complete my master’s degree faster, within 15 months. Also, the MS degree enhanced my educational qualification and allowed me to reallocate myself to the kind of job I was looking for."
  • Reviewed: 10/29/2009
"I have a long story, I won't waste your time with the details but in short I would never recommend SHC. It blows my mind how they ever became an accredited school. Beware of the scam, and it is a scam, they take advantage of students and their money. I attended the respiratory therapy program took a few months off because my wife was having a baby and now I cannot get back in. Not that I want to try hard to do so. In fact, I am relieved that I do not have to attend that school. Just stuck with the bill. Don't fall into the trap. Go to the Weber program if you are going into RT. It is worth the wait."
Veronica Bostic
  • Reviewed: 8/19/2009
"the overall experience at the community college of philadelphia was excellent the course was was very easy and formatted in it alphabetica orders and everything was easy to find and understand . None of the coursework was online .some of my experiences at the community college of phila was quick and instructional the advisors and student are very polite and helpful.this school allowed me to accomplish most of the computer networking systems through this effort i have received an a in all three classes one micrsoft word and excel and powerpoint i also received an a in keyboarding and skills and a c in professional keyboarding and skills the reason for this was that this term was a short summer class of about seven weeks long. if i am accepted at this school i hope that these courses will lead me to a better experience from an online college."
International Student
  • Reviewed: 3/10/2009
"I have around 18 years of educational experiences in different countries, compared to all of these, this was my worst experience. Especially the SLC branch for international students. I'll never recommend SHC to anyone- waste of money. Finally, a piece of paper never matters, it is only the knowledge you have that matters."
  • Reviewed: 7/4/2008
"I decided to attend College because I was able to receive my degree online. As a full-time mom to three children, I just could not find the time to return to school and get my degree. I chose this school because the program was excellent and my degree would have integrity because of the school’s outstanding accreditations. Even the core courses (English comp, math, social sciences) could all be taken online. I also received credit for previous Allied health coursework that I had taken a few years earlier. If you are thinking about attending this school online, I must warn you- the courses are extremely challenging. However, it was great to be able to work at my own pace. The instructors were available through both e-mail and phone. Overall, this is a great school and I feel very proud when I tell people that I graduated from Stevens-Henager."
  • Reviewed: 6/20/2008
"Being able to got to school at Stevens-Henager in the evenings was extremely convenient! The teachers were very knowledgeable & the classes were small, so I was able to get the attention I needed. I did notice that the school seemed a little un-organized, but it was fairly new to Boise when I attended. One example of this was when I went in to speak with the "recruiter", I was un-aware that they even offered a bachelor degree in business management. They were using out-of-date material, so I signed up for a business program that offered an associates degree, which wasn't exactly what I wanted. Luckily after only a few classes I learned that they did offer the business management program and I was able to easily switch programs. After attending classes for a year, I unfortunately had to quit due to a divorce. I was unable to concentrate on my work & left promptly. Even though I didn't finish, it did however help me get my current job. I work as an Administrative Assistant/ Office Manager with no previouse experience. I loved my experience at Stevens-Henager College! I will definitely go back and finish getting my degree!"