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Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2015

If I can save but one soul from going to this excuse of a college, I will not have lived in vain! The advisors here are absolutely horrible and make decisions, that affect your life, with reckless abandon. Mine didn't apply my transfer credits for over a year, he didn't want to meet with me, and he barred me from a required class three times for which I had the pre-reqs. The professors do not care about their students and Nearly everyone on campus acts like they are doing you a favor when they do their job. The nano building was supposed to open fall of 2013 and there was all this promise of integrating nano into the curriculums; I'm on campus and I have no idea what that plan is. Two years later and there is still nothing going on in there. It's vaporware, despite what Cuomo and SUNY PI tout. The school seems proud to be an accredited business school, but that does not reflect in the coursework. Professors and advisors alike actively discourage students from going above-and-beyond and do not have any programs in place for excelling students. It's a poor learning environment. Also, the internet and wifi is spotty at best and the library is almost useless with its lack of needed texts or magazines. For such a small school, they aren't sure what's going on: my financial aid information and my transcripts were "misplaced" twice and my health records had to be sent in three times. Every student I've talked to there HATES it, absolutely hates it, and this is from top-tier students all the way down. Please, for the love of all things holy, go to any other school besides this wretched place.

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