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4 out of 5
Degree: Science & Math
Graduation Year: 2020

I am currently a student pursuing a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. The school campus is relatively small for a University and is surrounded by a wrought iron fence for safety. The main graduate office seems to lack continuity with its particular graduate programs when it comes to paperwork. As for the Physical Therapy program, the curriculum rivals any other program. I would also say that it even exceeds the level of rigor compared to some others. The professors are excellent in teaching their respective subject matter. One drawback is the lack of enough current technological equipment for students and teachers. Although the school may not seem to be the most attractive on the outside, the professors and the curriculum makes up for it such that I would recommend it to anyone. If I had to rate the school on a 1-10 pt scale, I would rate it an 8 out of 10.

5 out of 5
Degree: Education
Graduation Year: 2012

Hands down the best university out there! Great environment to learn about life, academia, and yourself! Plenty of history to be proud of, and partake in! TSU has amazing extracurricular activities which will make your collegiate experience more than worthwhile. I've met many of lifetime friends by way of TSU! Go Big Blue!!!!

5 out of 5
Degree: Sports Studies
Graduation Year: 2012

TSU is one of the best universities out there. So much history lies behind this marvelous institution. After stepping foot on campus I knew at that very moment I would not go home. The campus was full of people who were so liked minded it was crazy, the campus gave off this relentless vibe of success! Not to mention its an HBCU giving her even more respect. TSU has produced some of the most influential people in our communities today. I recommend that if you have the chance to step into the land of golden sunshine, and truly be great! Go Big Blue!!!!

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2 out of 5
Degree: Educational Administration and Supervision, Other
Graduation Year: 2016

Needing to complete my doctoral degree at Tennessee State University is extremely challenging. I have not felt well supported, advised, or helped. I wish I could finish my dissertation up at another college. Most of my degrees were completed at Tennessee Technological University (TTU), which I enjoyed attending. Being that TTU is local, friendly, and helpful, I wish I could complete the degree there, but since my course work was done at TSU, I need to complete it there. Trying to communicate with the professors and my advisor at TSU has been extremely challenging in the past. I had to set my dissertation completion aside since I was dealing with so many personal issues, and sincerely did not feel that there was a high level of support from TSU. I truly wish I was given a message such as one that was given from a TTU professor, who told our cohort class, "I will take you to the Promised Land!" I set out to do my dissertation about Service Learning, and after I completed a lot of research and work, my current advisor said that was not a good topic. When I asked repeatedly why that was said, there was not a great response. I enjoy teaching students about citizenship, helping others, and achieving success academically. Since I have set it aside for some time, I may have to start over, and just take on another topic, so I don't have to deal with so much criticism. I did not feel well supported through this program. Several others in the cohort I was in, or the one before, have still not completed the requirements, especially since it is so challenging to work through TSU, and is very costly. I do greatly appreciate TTU, the helpful professors, and the students in the education programs, who work within our school system. Although I want to feel proud to wear the special cap and gown when I graduate, I'm not sure it will be meaningful to do it when I complete the program, however, I will consider it a milestone accomplishment and the completion of one of the greatest goals I've tried to achieve. Since I love education and learning, I want to achieve the highest goal I can attain, then allow God to lead me to the path He wants me to follow, find happiness, pride, and success. I truly believe there is something I'm meant to do in life, and feel completing my dissertation, and earning an EdS is part of what I'm meant to do. I also tried to pursue help with veteran benefits, but no useful information was provided, and it was very frustrating to try to find out what I'm eligible for, how to apply for the benefits, and receive what I'm entitled to. Tennessee Tech. did help me through that process, and helped make sure the benefits I was entitled to were found and used, to apply to my financial obligations.

3 out of 5
Degree: Health Sciences
Graduation Year: 2015

I took the online program, so I didnt recieve the on campus experience. However, the staff is very friendly and will help in any way possible.

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