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5 out of 5
Degree: Human Services, General
Graduation Year: 2013

I absolutely loved the Community College of Baltimore County. My only regret in life is not going there straight after high school. Instead I went to Salisbury University where I racked up a debt of $7,000.00 for one semester and when I wasn't able to get a loan, grant or scholarship, I was forced to come home. To save the headache (and the almost two years of my life that I spent paying back the semester), I should have went directly to CCBC after I graduated in 2007. Either way, I made it to CCBC and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Two professors made a huge impact on my life and I am forever grateful for not only the lessons taught in the classroom, but, for the life lessons that I was fortunate enough to learn. Mr. Eric Washington was my Speech 101 teacher back in 2009-2010. I will never forget his class. I took it on Saturdays from 9AM-1PM. The first day Mr. Washington sat in the class and pretended to be a student. We all walked into the class and he sat in the back with what looked to be a book bag and he was dressed in jeans, a tee shirt and tennis shoes. 10 minutes into the class when the "professor had not shown up" Mr. Washington stood up made a ruckus saying, "what kind of teacher shows up late on the first day?" and "what kind of teacher doesn't give notice of an absence?" and then told us the truth. What did I learn with this simple lesson? To put life and people into perspective and not to judge a book by its cover. When Mr. Washington gave this speech about how the class would be uncomfortable, but that if we stuck to it, it would get easier, I listened. Each speech that we gave in front of the class became easier and easier. Before I knew it I had the confidence to believe in myself and to stand up for myself. During this time I was just getting through a difficult, abusive, domestic violent relationship. I chose to do my persuasive speech on my story of the relationship urging other women who were just like me to get help. I firmly believe that this speech and Mr. Washington's feedback gave me the courage to take that final leap to get over that relationship. Although I did not keep in touch with Mr. Washington after the class, his life lessons gave me confidence to say what I feel and to stand up for myself. I will never forget that class or how it made me feel and if I could thank Mr. Washington personally today, I would. The second influential professor that I had with Mr. Lester Burney. I had the pleasure of taking a few of his online classes and one of his in classroom classes. I enjoyed Mr. Burney's classes and I fully believe that he is the reason that I was finally able to make it into my dream job. I believe that I retained the most information from his classes. He always taught in a way to make it so we really understood what was being said. I have always been more on the introverted side and dreaded raising my hand to ask a question let alone give an answer. However, with Mr. Burney I didn't feel uncomfortable. He honestly got to know us and let us get to know him. He wasn't stern or strict which, I liked. I find it easier to learn and perform when I am able to relax and focus. Even after I had graduated this past December, Mr. Burney kept in contact with me and asked me how I was doing. No other professor has ever even bothered. Let's face it. Each professor teaches hundreds of students per year. I get that, but, the fact that Mr. Burney reached out to me, made me feel like I actually made an impression on him but most of all that I mattered. It's nice to feel like you made an impact on someone. I mean after all, my Associates Degree is in Human Services, that's what I have a passion for! I am so grateful for CCBC and the chance to get my Associates Degree. The road was difficult at times (especially financially) but the fact is I made it. My next goal is to pay off my credit card debit (that I accumulated from paying for my classes at CCBC) and apply to UMBC to get my Bachelor's and eventually, Masters in Social Work. I am forever grateful to Mr. Washington and Mr. Burney for their time and effort in teaching me these valuable lessons. I will never forget my time at CCBC and will recommend the school for years to come!

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