Touro College Reviews of Doctorates in Physical Therapy

  • 7 Reviews
  • New York (NY)
  • Annual Tuition: $13,258
0% of 7 students said this degree improved their career prospects
71% of 7 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Doctorates in Physical Therapy

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  • Reviewed: 5/29/2018
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"The New York campus is a joke. The physical therapy department needs serious renovations, the equipment is ancient, the bathrooms are disgusting, and there was never a quiet room to study. Lazy, rude, incompetent staff - especially the financial aid office. Self-absorbed, condescending, arrogant professors who can?t teach and who play favorites - they are definitely not there to help you if you don?t constantly kiss up to them. They had no trouble failing a third of the class out, some people over 1 or 2 points. The education was also subpar, I felt like I had to reteach myself a lot for my clinicals and for the boards. They waste your time with irrelevant, useless classes and assignments and don?t spend nearly as much time teaching you actual physical therapy techniques. Overall, do yourself a favor and don?t go to this school."
Yael Gordon
  • Reviewed: 10/14/2014
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"Great location! Clinically savvy professors who teach you really useful clinical skills along with the basics. Reasonable tuition for a private school."
Shannon Lange
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2014
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"What I like most about my graduate program is the quality of education given and the help and guidance from faculty members. They are constantly there for support and encouragment especially through challenging times. Graduate school can be overwhelming with the amount of material, but at Touro College the professors do a great job at breaking down the classes and information. They teach it in a way that easily gets the message across and can help us retain that information when we enter the clinic. The only cons of my graduate program is the surrounding neighborhood, but that does not influence my learning experience."
Michael Sowinski
  • Reviewed: 5/11/2014
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"The education is sufficient, but the aesthetic and social environment is substandard."
Yael Gordon
  • Reviewed: 2/17/2014
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"Reasonable price for a private grad school. Profs are pretty good and knowledgable in their subject they are teaching. Campus is in a nice area with lots of public transportation."
Laura Marsh
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2013
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"I think that the pros of this college are that they give an opportunity to students that are truly passionate about the career field they are entering, but do not necessarily earn straight A's through their undergraduate programs. However, being a small school, there is less funding to provide some of the necessary things needed to run a successful program."
Amy Feder
  • Reviewed: 1/15/2013
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"Touro College is an awesome college. The faculty and teachers are really there for the students and want us to succeed."