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  • Annual Tuition: $18,300
29% of 8 students said this degree improved their career prospects
25% of 8 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Certificates in Pharmacy Technician

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  • Reviewed: 1/31/2020
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"Horrible experience I still haven't got my license and it's been months. They don't care what happens to you once you are out. I wish I didn't attend that school. They are very unprofessional and favor certain students. Worst experience ever save yourself the trouble."
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2018
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"Misinformed teachers. Took our class to a museum funded by the Church of Scientology. Offers false promises, wasted $16 grand on this poor excuse of a school. Could have got same certificate and better education for $900 at a community college. Don't make the same mistake I did. Do the research before they manipulate you onto enrolling"
Stay away
  • Reviewed: 5/21/2017
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"I only worked for a year as pharmacy technician because I received better offers in manufacturing, that's what I used to do. I don't regret graduating from this school only because the school loans helped build my credit, as for a new career they will not help you find one. When I worked my first job as a pharmacy technician UEI found out and contacted me asking if I can tell my employer to take interns. I just started working there I wouldn't ask that, knowing they would deny that demand. UEI asked assertively, not politely, like if they wanted me to do their job. I'm writing today because they sent me a letter saying I owe them $500....six years later and want to settle for $250, sounds like a scam. They have caused nothing but financial burden to me."
Kourosh Ghaheri
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2016
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"I graduated and I was mentor in this school. I did not have any problem at all in fact I am very proud to be graduated there. I still have my job and Thanks to the teacher and the staff with out their help I would still sitting and trying to figure what I am going to do. thanks to the campus President of Encino and their staff . I would be nothing without them. Thanks UEI I am proud to be your Graduate . Kourosh Ghaheri"
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2015
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"Cant find job after graduating, no assistance from school. Dont go to this school. Only thing I got from this is more debt. They was no assistance from school to find one even though they state they will. Got behind in life and more debt by attending UEI"
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"A friend recommended me to come to Encino campus. At first, I was really scared. I didn't do well in high school and barely got to walk the stage. I went to orientation and this lady who ran the school was really funny and inspiring. She seemed like she cared about all the students and even knew my name a few days later when I bumped into her at the hallways. I think the best thing about this school is that everyone really cares. everyone from the lady who enrolled me, to the president of the campus, especially my teacher and all the directors. My teacher stayed on my butt and made me come to class on time. I was always late to everything in life but this teacher< Ms. P motivated me to get to class on time. I honestly owe to her that I got a job in pharmacy and is still keeping it because I take being on time seriously now. Career services had usesful workshops that helped me with my interview skills and resume. My career service rep, Vi, was real cool and took time to listen to my issues but also told me to suck it up and get the job. I like this school because they paid a lot of special attention to me. When i left, I knew they cared. The Director of Education, Ms. G processed my graduation papers. She was the one who always knew my name and told me to keep up the good work. I was always amazed how she knew my name. So that's the personal attention you get from going to these types of school. Yeah I know. you might get ripped off by going to vocational schools but in my case i made the right decision. I'm hired and working at UCLA Medical Hospital as a Pharm Tech."
Joe D
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2013
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"To those who are interested in the pharmacy technician program. It doesn't matter where you get your education from you will still get hired whether it be at community college or "UEI" your presence and your abilities will be the factors. Now, if you are a person that has a lot of aptitude I say just skip going to school and just buy an exam book to become certified. Yes, that's right! You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to be a National Certified Pharmacy Technician. In fact the most UEI can give you is a state license. It won't matter where you will apply to. Most employers will be looking after experience, knowledge and PTCB Certified (Nationally certified). Hospitals, closed door, or even retail could care less where you went to school but being PTCB certified will bump you above the rest as been told repetitively during class and from other pharmacy technicians during externship. Most practical things you will learn at work will more than likely be trained at where you're employed at. The only thing UEI will offer is teaching you about typical things like drugs, calculations and pharmacy procedures which can be easily learned online. During my externship I had a small training course to learn about the system they were using and how be part of the workflow that had nothing to do with what I learned at UEI. Even if there may be success stories it still ends up being "up to you" so with that kind of attitude regardless if you pay less at community college or bought a book on getting certified at least you didn't risk wasting money or picking up a loan. There's plenty of ways to get an education. Always research and spend wisely. I sure didn't it and it's one of my deepest regrets. p.s. One thing is for sure, they sugar coat everything to get students. They like to sweet talk to applicants and lie just to get students signed into a classroom."
  • Reviewed: 1/7/2013
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"I went to school and worked for this school the staff members will talk shit about you and about all the students. They hire people all the time and have a fake smile they will do anything to get you enrolled. During orientation they will make it seem so good and they tell you that you don't pay anything 6 months after you graduate then month after you are in school they send you a letter telling you that you have to start making in-school payments if you don't pay all what you owe then they won't give you your diploma or be able to walk. I guess they have this new school policy where if you miss 1 day of school it counts 5% of your grade and are only able to miss 5 days a mod or else you fail and only able to miss 14 days total the whole time in school this counts weekends too. The staff will constantly check on students in class and harass them like they are little kids they have a strict dress policy if you wear something they don't approve of you can get kicked out of school. They don't let you show your piercings and tattoos they will tell you to take them out and to cover up and nothing you can do about it. They say they are so concerned about you and once you tell them something personal they will tell the whole staff and laugh about it. You can not eat or drink in class you will get kicked out and every time you come to class you have to sign your name and the time and if your late it will count toward your grade and attendance. You have to do 180 hours of ex-tern and if you don't finish or miss a day they will call non stop and harass you and won't be able to get your diploma. This is at the san marcos location PlEASE don't waste your money and time."