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  • Riverside (CA)
  • Annual Tuition: $42,819
92% of 36 students said this degree improved their career prospects
83% of 36 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 2/22/2021
  • Degree: Computer Science
  • Graduation Year: 1992
"The MS CS program is not worth it if you are an international student like me. 1. There's hardly any effort by the career center and the department to help you get jobs. 2. The course is research-oriented and will not teach any skills that are used in the industry. 3. The course is inflexible. You are required to take 3 courses per quarter and you need to complete your course in 4 quarters. Not only this hurts your studies it affects your ability to do an internship. 4. International student department has slow bureaucracy, the number of delays has given me many headaches. My advice would be to enroll in cheaper universities like SJSU and SDSU since instruction and career opportunities at UCR are awful anyways. At least you will save money and will not have to suffer through the horrible quarter system."
  • Reviewed: 8/27/2020
  • Degree: Computer and Information Science
  • Graduation Year: 2024
"I would not recommend UCR to anyone especially students who are considered poor. UCR University does not put emphasis on quality education but gears all its resources towards alleviating all funds from students pockets. UCR appears to follow the Trump guidelines for greed. The University will nickel and dime you for every cent they can. While in a current pandemic the housing unit of UCR kept my deposit because I changed my mind about staying on campus isn't safe. I'm poor and had to struggle for that 200 dollars yet their only concern was money. Please do your research before choosing this University check out all the fees they charge while a lot of the services are unavailable because of virus."
  • Reviewed: 11/30/2019
  • Degree: Biology
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"This school is known as the university of rejects. It definitely lives up to that name. This whole university has a vibe of incompetent and "i dont want to do this" Parking = won't find any. On-campus housing = cockroaches, break-ins, OVER-priced, unsafe. Cafeteria = fewer options than a state university. tuition = give me your money. I mean this school have teachers, and you go to class, and get a degree, like all the other school... School websites are poorly developed. Really pathetic that this school has so much funding, yet my state school is better than this place. No matter how crappy everything is, people will always come here and money will keep coming in. So congrats UCR, you can keep sucking without repercussions. Just ride on that UC label. Really regret choosing this over-priced school, should of went to state."
Matthew Butkus
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2019
  • Degree: Biology
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I'm a proud University of California Riverside alumni, class of 2019. The four years I spent at this university was truly life changing, I learned how to come out of my shell as a leader. I learned how to play the great highland bagpipes, and I learned a great deal about Biology as a Biology major. The faculty are there to help you succeed and especially to help you accomplish your goals, which was huge for me. With all that I have done at UCR it was worth it. I will be pursuing my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Marcos in January 2020. Honesty, I don't think I would have got this far in my education if it were not for my experience at UCR. My advice is to get involved! UCR has an abundance of opportunities socially and professionally, All you have to do is go for it."
Desiree Cervantes
  • Reviewed: 8/16/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"The undergraduate psychology program at the University of California, Riverside is a rigorous undertaking because the school wants to ensure each student leaves well rounded, and you will. During my four years I learned how to research and write proper scientific papers, and studied broad topics like child and overall human development, but also very intricate and detailed areas of concentration like neurotransmitters and brain functions. The psychology department is lucky to have such a wide variety of professors from different fields of expertise who genuinely care about the success of their students. I never met a professor or TA who wasn't willing to go the extra mile to help me, and I was presented with many research opportunities that I feel I may not have received at other institutions. Overall, my biggest issue with UCR was that it was so far and different from the life I was used to, but over time the education, experiences, and friendships I cultivated in my time there truly made up for any deficits. I would give this school a 9/10 and highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their education."
Jennifer Stephenson
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"I got my degree in Psychology and I absolutely loved it. The professors were helpful and engaging. The academic advisors were very accommodating and gave great information. The campus itself is very beautiful and had great places to study. The only thing I would of preferred was smaller classes, especially since you could be in a class with 500 students."
Undergraduate Student
  • Reviewed: 6/11/2019
  • Degree: Business Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I loved UCR. Make sure to take advantage of all the resources they provide you with. Join clubs and organizations to meet other people that have similar interests to you and to build connections. Go to all of the fun events that are put on by ASPB, COSTO hall, etc."
Gayle Palma
  • Reviewed: 3/31/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
  • Graduation Year: 2011
"I believe that undergraduate level schooling is the beginning of figuring out where one wants to take their career and at the same time explore their interests. It is a time to take different classes and find what your true passions are. From academic counseling on changing your major, to joining student organizations, the undergraduate experience is well-rounded and opens up more people to the world. My undergraduate experience at UCR was a great one. I was able to take a variety of different classes before I decided on my Psychology major. I have always been interested in how we think as human beings, and how certain life events or our environment affect the decisions we make. I also was very active in Filipino-American student organizations, which molded me into the community organizer I am today. Our organizations also put on annual cultural shows, where we could tell our stories as first generation Filipino-Americans, in a creative way. My acting and dancing experience during those shows directly contribute to my ability think on my feet, and solve problems in creative ways. My college experience, directly contributed to where I am today."
  • Reviewed: 9/10/2018
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"This college is not to nontraditional students despite what the admissions people tell you. They will make you pay money then tell you that they don't have classes for you. If you are a transfer, your first quarter you are paying for bottom of the barrel classes."
Ethan Inren Chen
  • Reviewed: 2/13/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"My experience at University of California, Riverside has cultivated an desire to contribute to social welfare and pursue a career in the law. The student body is among the most diverse in the nation. The collective set of backgrounds and experiences shared between students has gifted me with empathy and the humble desire to learn from my peers. I attended the School of Business Administration, where many of the university's brightest faculty teach. Notable faculty include Professor S.J. and Professor A.S. They have provided myself, and many other students, the guidance necessary to find success past the undergraduate career. The day of my graduation, I was hired for a full-time position as a project manager at a translation firm. The knowledge gained during my undergraduate career has endowed me with the skills to perform in the workplace. The financial services at University of California, Riverside can be slow at times. I've spent my fair share of time at the university registrar. However, the employees are kind and courteous. As with any public institution, you must be patient when dealing with financial services. In sum, University of California, Riverside offers an established faculty and a diverse group of students. I can say with confidence that my undergraduate experience has prepared me for a life of success."