University of Maryland - College Park Reviews of Bachelor's in Biology

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  • College Park (MD)
  • Annual Tuition: $39,469
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Biology

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Pooja Doshi
  • Reviewed: 4/3/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"Taking my first steps on the University of Maryland, College Park campus for the first time was definitely one of those life-defining moments for me. I did not know how many experiences and memories I was going to gather in the next four years. It was exciting, yet nerve-racking. Over time, I joined many different organizations that the college offered from becoming President of a social sorority to leading volunteer groups to perform eye exams on elementary children. The vastness of the universitys potential was in the palm of my hands and all I had to do was reach out and grab it. And I did just that. I networked with leaders and professors with a variety of backgrounds and thrived to become educated on numerous subjects outside my major as well. And that was the best part; being given the chance to learn about anything and everything while at the same time pursuing a specialty. Incorporating those new teachings with your own and having the opportunity to create my own major if I wanted too. I will always have UMD to thank for the opportunity to network with a diverse crowd and teaching me that its good to be different it helps you stand out. Whichever degree you pursue, from business to biology, each and every member of the UMD community wants you to thrive and be passionate. And they want nothing more than to help you reach your potential. I hope to one day teach at UMD myself and be able to give back to future generations what this diverse community has taught me. Go Terps!"
Greg Combs
  • Reviewed: 3/28/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"Great program at UMD. I found that it was extremely rewarding and challenging. The Department of Biology and Chemistry were amazing. There were tutors constantly available and organized study sessions that were very helpful. I am extremely happy with my education from University of Maryland"
Abhishek Patel
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"The university itself is amazing! There are many departments, recreation spots, events that are mostly free for students. However because the campus itself is so large, the classes reflect that. It is hard to get to know the professors. This usually isn't a problem later in the degree program because the classes get smaller and you are able to interact with professors in and out the class"
  • Reviewed: 12/14/2016
  • Degree: Biology
"Going to UMD college park was the best decision I've ever made. Its a mix between incredible academics (we're ranked fairly high) and a fun atmosphere. The teachers are for the most part pretty awesome and helpful. Yeah, the campus food is a 5/10, but the food off campus is fairly decent. Out of the thousands of people I've met here, I've only heard of 2 transferring, THAT'S BECAUSE THIS SCHOOL IS AMAZING. You can find any club, activity, sport, whatever you want UMD is bound to have. If you're thinking medicine is the route, you're in luck. Great classes that really prepare you for your future. Also, Maryland Athletics is incredible. All sport games are free to students. I cannot say enough good about this school. If you are blessed with that acceptance letter, I don;t see how you could choose anywhere else."
Laura Thomas
  • Reviewed: 4/14/2015
  • Degree: Biology
"Horn Point Laboratory is a small but diverse environment for studying Oceanography and Fisheries Science. It is in a small town, but the student community is very close and there are ample social opportunities. The faculty are very accomplished and excellent resources for young scientists."