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4 out of 5
Degree: Social Science Teacher Education
Graduation Year: 2017

I appreciated the flexibility and corporations of the teaching personnel. As a Navy veteran who recently transitioned back into civilian life understanding that our work weeks were never only 40 hrs made completing homework and tasks much more manageable.

2 out of 5
Degree: Cyber Security
Graduation Year: 2017

I have been very frustrated with this program. The interaction is very limited, with no response from the University for any problems. I've been automatically dropped from classes by some decision in the system 2 or 3 times for example... very frustrating. E-mail to program director, no response. E-mail to school president, no response. Tell tech support, student advising or teacher in class dropped from, gee, sorry... nothing we can do about that. During some courses, with perhaps a hundred pages of required reading per week, you are often given the actual reading list just at the beginning of the week. Assuming you wanted to read it, this likely means that you will not be able to read the required reading. Labs too, for this IT class, can often not work. Technical support does indeed answer the phone and try to help, but on more than one occasion I have been told that they would try and get back to me within 24 hours! Teacher can't help. Hmmm, lab is 20% of grade, due tomorrow night. Rise in blood pressure. The assignments have apparently been used for years, so there are many copies of completed assignments returned with a Google search (sadly not the reading list, however). What will a future employer say about a degree from such a program? Not sure, but it is a worrying thought. The syllabus has been out of synch with the class in a couple of classes, and the teacher wasn't aware of this. Again, missed work, missed learning experience, and increased frustration. The material covered is interesting. The price is low. Just wish they'd fix a few things... and there seems to be no way to send feedback to the system.

5 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2016

University of Maryland University College online staff are very interested in students succeeding in their class. The administration is very helpful at guiding students to the destination of need and providing courteous services. Everyone are always pleasant and will answer all of your questions and will direct you to the person who can if they are unable to answer your question. My education with UMUC has been a successful and pleasant experience.

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