University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Reviews

3.87 out of 5 stars
(21 Reviews)
  • North Dartmouth (MA)
  • Annual Tuition: $29,141
94% of 21 students said this degree improved their career prospects
90% of 21 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
Naomie - 3/11/2017
Degree: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2014
"Umass Dartmouth was a safety school out of all the schools that I originally applied for. Coming from a low income family, college was very important to us as a family. So choosing the school was based off of affordability and closeness to home. My 4 years of college at Umass Dartmouth ended up great. The professors really were into the major and teaching all the information they know to pass along to us. The student life was very lively and diverse. I was involved with as many groups as possible because not only do you get to meet alot of people but you learn important leadership skills that are useful later on. The only thing I wish the school would work on is the career advising. Students often have to take the initiative to see someone for help. So make sure when you're in your last year 2 years of school, talk to as many people as you can at the school to obtain career opportunities."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Chukwuma - 3/1/2017
Degree: Biology
Graduation Year: 2010
"University of Massachusetts is a state school and very affordable. As an immigrant, student diversity was a good thing that I experienced. There are students from all over the globe. The location of the school is also great. North Dartmouth is a quiet and friendly city."
3.3 out of 5 stars
Andrew J. Viera - 12/10/2016
Degree: Performing Arts
Graduation Year: 1998
"UMD was a wonderful school for what I wanted to get out of it. Professors ranged from highly engaging, knowledgeable and enlightening to lackluster and arrogant. Though I thoroughly enjoyed my college experience and learned a great deal in the realm of world literature, professional writing and film technique, so much of what made my experience wonderful was study sessions with friends I made during my four years and my involvement with the theater company. The outside-the-classroom experience is what I gained the most from and carry with me to this day. UMD is not for everyone, but remember that the college experience is very much what you, yourself, make of it."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Matt Viera - 12/8/2016
Degree: English
Graduation Year: 1995
"My years at UMass were some of the best of my life. When I started my freshman year I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but quickly because involved in the theater company which helped focus me on what kind of education I wanted to have while I was there. The English department was full of fun, interesting and smart professors who helped expand my vision and knowledge of the major I had chosen."
3.8 out of 5 stars
Laura Mancini - 12/7/2016
Degree: English
Graduation Year: 1999
"UMass Dartmouth was an excellent University. Classes were small which allowed me direct guidance from my professors. The campus and buildings are constructed within a circular design so that you daily connect with fellow students from all majors, widening your pool of social interactions. Along with engaging curriculum and supportive faculty, there were excellent job opportunities on campus. These jobs often extended into the summer allowing me to live on campus year round and focus on the responsibilities I would undertake after graduation. The education I received gave me the courage to move across the country 3 weeks after receiving my diploma. I highly recommend this university and encourage a visit to the campus."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Benjamin Adewale - 7/9/2016
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2016
"Umass Dartmouth isn't for everyone, but for everyone looking for a good college experience as well as a great institution that will give you a great hands on experience for whatever career path you choose, this is a great choice. The school has a lot of resource centers dedicated to student development as well as career centers. The instructors are down to earth and are willing to meet with you one on one anytime upon request. But like any other college, what you put in, is what you get out. It is good and well advised to get out of your comfort zone and interact with others. In the business world, networking is key, and being able to present yourself is an ability we will need to possess. With Umass Dartmouth, there are opportunities that will be given to you to practice such things and develop yourself. So this school is definitely worth looking into. I recommend it."
3.5 out of 5 stars
Hannah - 7/6/2016
Degree: Art History
Graduation Year: 2016
"UMass Dartmouth had a very small art history program with many passionate and devoted professors. All of my professors were entirely willing to dedicate their time to help me. Dartmouth offered a lot of scholarships and made my education affordable."
3.1 out of 5 stars
Joni - 5/31/2016
Degree: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2015
"I could connect, talk with, and develop meaningful relationships with all of the political science faculty. Once you go through the customary phase of hating all the concrete you look up and are amazed by how light it seems."
4.9 out of 5 stars
Elise D. - 9/1/2015
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2013
"Don't judge UMass Dartmouth by its looks! The opportunities for leadership, group involvement, and hands-on learning are definitely worth getting used to being surrounded by concrete. The professors are generally down-to-earth and personable, students tend to be kind, and you get all of the advantages of being part of the big UMass system without sitting through two years of 200 person lectures (you will probably only have a handful of large lectures before you get to smaller class sizes). Specifically, the psychology program does an excellent job of preparing students for counseling through a 3 semester internship track that mirrors graduate-level counseling programs and gives you a leg up when you graduate with a year of supervised experience in the field. There are also abundant opportunities to assist a professor with their research, if you would prefer to pursue research in the field after graduation. Additionally, UMass Dartmouth offers master's degrees in research and ABA, which can make your transition into graduation school much smoother (who better to write your recommendation letter than a professor on the master's program admission board?). The English program is also awesome, with a wide variety of courses to choose from and two distinct tracks that let you decide whether you want to focus on literature (aka, a career in teaching) or writing. The creative writing courses are challenging and intriguing (especially Professor Blitefield's classes!) and tend to be made up of small groups. There is also a 4+1 option in which you can complete a master's degree in English with only 1 extra year, which will save you a significant amount of money and stress in the long-run (but it requires a bit of extra planning, so talk to your advisor about it early!). The English program also does a great job of feeling like a family, with frequent events and trips to local plays, poetry readings, and places of literary significance. UMass Dartmouth also offers a lot of opportunities to get practical experience related to your English degree, whether you are writing for the student newspaper (which pays!), contributing to their literary magazine, working as a teaching assistant, or designing the layout for their semesterly news-style magazine. The department also prepares students for 21st century writing jobs by requiring that you take at least one technology course. At first this requirement seems annoying, but I actually learned a lot about how different writing for the web is compared to writing for paper, as well as skills for podcasts, film production, and wiki collaboration. And believe it or not, I frequently see in job posts a line like "Must be knowledgeable about displaying information for optimum website readability." It's cool to have a project on hand that proves it! A final note: If you are someone who has gone above and beyond in the community service realm, UMass Dartmouth offers some very competitive scholarships up your alley. I personally knew 15 people while I was there who had full rides to the school. No joke!"
3.3 out of 5 stars
2010 grad - 6/30/2015
Degree: Human Resources
Graduation Year: 2010
"UMass Dartmouth is overall a good school. The campus is a little different looking as all the buildings are concrete. Some people find this to be cool looking, others may view as scary/dark. Some of the classes are lecture style so it is best to be self motivated when coming here. I'm not sure if the food has improved since 2010, but it was pretty bad when I was there! Overall, depending on your major this could be a good school for you."