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  • Columbia (MO)
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Elizabeth Utterback
  • Reviewed: 9/17/2019
  • Degree: Agriculture
"Attending the University of Missouri was one of the best decisions I made in regards to my education. The College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources was such a personable environment where everyone worked together to make sure that the students were able to achieve success. I truly enjoyed my time at CAFNR and in the Ag Ed program."
Jayla Head
  • Reviewed: 8/15/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"The University of Missouri provided great resources for its students. Being a Research I Institution provided for great research and library services. There are also hundreds of organizations to get involved with to further master your major. These organizations prepare you for internships and full-time jobs."
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2019
  • Degree: Business Administration
"The University of Missouri is a beautiful campus. Mizzou fosters a great sense of school pride and does a great job at encouraging participation in school activities. I met some of the best friends of my life while at Mizzou. The business school is beautiful and has many great professors with great experiences to provide students with."
  • Reviewed: 12/6/2018
  • Degree: Law
"The problem with a "Do you Recommend? Yes or No" is that it's too black and white for a law student to really make a good determination. However, I will do my best to help future law students with this transition. Overall: I love Mizzou. I would recommend you visiting and going to the University of Missouri School of Law. Pros: - Professors are (mostly) great, there are a few, just like at every school, that do not seem to care about their students and really are only into their paycheck or prestige. That's everywhere though so just assume you will have one or two professors that you just don't work well with. - Small classes. I think they are around 90-100 students, so you get to know your classmates well. They call it Hulston High for a reason, it can become like High School in there so be warned. However, this is another "Most law schools are like this". - Center of Campus: Listen, you will be in that law school at least 90% of your time on campus. That's just a fact. You have to study, go to class, and talk with professors. The Law school is right next to Brady (MU Student Center, sorry) which is the main Student Union. That means you get restaurant options, pool tables, and other student activities just yards away. So put your stuff in the locker and go to the Union and have a study break, it does matter. The proximity to the center of campus makes it feel like you're part of campus, despite rarely leaving the building. Cons: - Ranking: Unfortunately, rankings do matter. While being ranked 65th in US News is very good, it's not Harvard. Only a few big firms, mostly those in Missouri, interview Mizzou law students. If you want a plethora of Big Law firms to choose from (why? Are you a masochist?), Mizzou doesn't have many, and even kids in the Top 10 don't get Big Law offers. Most do, but beyond the Top 10%, Big Law offers are few and far between. - Financial Aid: I have HEARD things are getting better, but they aren't great. I didn't get many scholarships, and I even heard Transfer students didn't get ANY scholarships. This is absurd. So you might get lucky and get the full ride, but don't bank on it. - Location: I love Columbia, it's an amazing College Town. But it is a College town, and most firms are in big cities. So networking opportunities are few and far between. Career Services does their best with events in KC, STL, and Chicago, but you aren't in those cities often, you're only a one time meet and greet with email and phone being the consistent communications with those connections. Lawyers easily ignore those messages because they got clients, insurance companies, and other office BS they have to deal with. Again, it's all about what you want. You want a respectable law degree that people will know it's a very good law school and you want to stay in Missouri? Mizzou is for you. If you want to practice Big Law in NYC or California? Probably should look elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2018
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"Don't let the University of Missouri being a state school turn you off of this great school university. It is very reasonable and it has programs to meet any interest (and I mean any interest- I was a Classical Humanities major!) and has one of the best journalism schools in the country. Even its medical and vet schools are top notch. I always found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgable (I have even been pleasantly surprised to find their published articles in several publications I read).The campus is beautiful and many of its dorms and buildings have been recently renovated, which is quite nice and I still miss the rec center pool and rock wall. I loved my four years at the University of Missouri."
  • Reviewed: 4/11/2018
  • Degree: Communications
"Overall I had a wonderful experience at the University of Missouri. Columbia is very much the quintessential college town where everything a student would need is a short distance away. I felt like the school had a wide variety of courses, extracurricular opportunities and resources. Although extremely expensive, I did appreciate the fact that Mizzou put a lot of money back into the school for updated facilities, residential halls and state of the equipment."
  • Reviewed: 4/9/2018
  • Degree: MBA
"Not only are the professors and other staff members great, but they also care about our futures. It is a welcoming environment where we are pushed to our greatest potential. In addition to learning about all of the core concepts that we will need for our future careers, we also learn how to foster and develop relationships that will last a lifetime."
Ash H.
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2018
  • Degree: Performing Arts
"Great campus! Quaint and easy to get around. The entire city of Columbia revolves around the University so there are plenty of student discounts and deals. For those interested in persuing a theater degree, the summer stock theater program is a great way for students to get an idea of what it's like to work in professional theater. The playwrighting program is amazing and there are plenty opportunities to showcase your work in various workshops and contests."
Taylor Janisch
  • Reviewed: 1/22/2018
  • Degree: Special Education
"The undergraduate, special education program at the University of Missouri was outstanding. They prepared me for a future in special education and gave me a well rounded approach to education, with a focus in evidence-based practices. I was prepared to work with students with varying disabilities from mild to severe."
Alicia G.
  • Reviewed: 12/21/2017
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"I would highly recommend the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO to any potential student who might be considering enrollment. I was a student studying Health Sciences in the School of Health Professions at Mizzou and I feel fully prepared to enter into the next step of my education in physical therapy school. Almost each class that contributed to my undergraduate degree, whether it be a general studies course or a course specific to my degree, was taught sufficiently well and left me with knowledge that I will be able to carry with me into the next phase of my education. One part that was discouraging to me during my undergraduate studies was the climate of the general science classes. In my general chemistry and physics courses, the class size was around 300 people and the professors were not very concerned about each of us individually. I found this to be less prevalent as I took more specialized classes geared towards my degree and I found that professors for my degree program were concerned about me as a person and student. Apart from classes I enjoyed being on this campus for many different reasons. To get to experience a big campus with a large population was very important to me, and there were many ways to be involved here. Some of the ways I was able to get involved included Greek life, service opportunities and professional organizations. I would highly recommend this school to any potential student, whether just starting or as a transfer. It is a great community to be involved in, no matter what program you're studying or what extracurriculars you want to join."
  • Reviewed: 11/22/2017
  • Degree: Sports Management
"My Degree is hands down top 5 at The University of Missouri. From a department head that cares about the relevance of every class. But a program that works hard to place students in correct and effective internships to show how their degree works. If anyone were to ask me in surprise interview, I would recommend my degree to anyone at my school."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: History
"The city of Columbia is a wonderful place to be for your studies. The campus is beautiful and just a wonderful environment to be in. The history department is very helpful and full of knowledge."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Public Health
"College provides the opportunity to discover new interests and get involved in a variety of organizations."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Architecture
"University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural resource is an amazing school to attend. They have lots of opportunities for hands on experience and great people leading."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Social Work
"I really enjoyed the University of Missouri. There was a diverse mix of students and they had flexible class times which allowed me to work full time and attend school full time."
Amand Hardiman
  • Reviewed: 6/26/2017
  • Degree: Management
"Every institution you go to you can find exactly what you are looking for. The University of Missouri has been a window of opportunity for me to get a degree. More importantly the network of individuals that have provided unbelievable opportunities for me to see the world in a different light was crucial to my life. If someone questions your judgement to come to this university remember to always respond with "why would I not follow a great opportunity?" Getting an education at Mizzou in Parks, Recreation and Tourism was an investment and opportunity. This campus has a wide variety of opportunities to help you become the person you want to be. If you are wanting to alter the trajectory of your life, the University of Missouri has the resources and people to help you do just that. Good luck!"
Nikita Smith
  • Reviewed: 6/22/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"I may say that Mizzou was not my first choice for attending undergraduate, however it was the best choice. I was challenged and most of the faculty I was involved with, truly cared about my education. Mizzou is a positive environment for learning and allows people to grow as individuals. If I had to re-do my undergraduate career, I would still choose the University of Missouri."
  • Reviewed: 5/26/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"The University of Missouri is a great school and they have a wide variety of degree programs that you can pursue. This Spring I graduated with a double major and double minor. There is a lot you can do on Mizzou's campus and everyone is very involved with the school. Now I am moving onto the University of Missouri-St. Louis to pursue my masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice and I couldn't be more excited. UMSL will be a different school environment, but I am excited to meet new people and further my education in the pursuit of my dreams. This scholarship would be a huge help to pay for the tuition costs of graduate school."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Business
"A great college with caring professors and programs valued by employers. A bargain education for in-state residents."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Communications
"Love the atmosphere, the world-class education and the access to high-quality professors and instructors. Campus life is enjoyable but plagued by discrimination and other issues. Overall, I enjoyed my time there enough to get two degrees and have made connections that have truly helped my career."