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Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2017

I decided to go back to school once again. I completed the online Masters of Criminal Justice through Boston University (BU) in 2009 but I wanted some management courses which my previous program lacked. I found the Masters of Justice Management program at University of Nevada - Reno (UNR). I will complete the program in Fall 2017. The initial enrollment of this program at UNR was much more personal than BU. The email link on the UNR website is actually for the Assistant Director of the program. She was very responsive over email and phone. She helped me tremendously as the Federal Government was initiating new online school program requirements. Basically, if you were an "out-of-state" student in an online program, the two states had to have some educational reciprocity. Not sure how that makes sense, but that is Government. Huge thumbs up on the enrollment and information gathering process at UNR. The UNR Masters of Justice Management offers a lot more courses than my BU program did, and this excited me. The UNR program offers concentrations in Juvenile Justice Management, Adult Justice Management, and Courtroom Management, or like me you can generalize. The amount of courses offered is very nice and add a lot of depth to the program. The student has a fair amount to choose from. The course presentations and professor interaction is not great. The courses are not taught by UNR faculty, but by working professionals. Each working professional is very accomplished, by none of them are teachers. The courses that I have take thus far do not offer any video recorded lectures, audio recorded lectures, or PowerPoint presentations. I say none, though a couple of courses did have presentations of sorts, but nothing substantial at all, nor were the presentations consistent throughout. The courses heavily rely on student participation to facilitated dialogue and thought. Most teachers do not interact with the students in the weekly forums and I have not received substantial feedback on the majority of my assignments. This program has disappointed me. I was excited to see the variety of courses; excited that it was a management program; excited that the program would not break the bank, and excited about the initial contact with the Assistant Director. However, coming to an end in the program, I am very disappointed with the quality of the teachers and the structure of the courses. The UNR is very much a self taught program, where the BU program was heavily involved and attributed to by the professor.

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