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  • Pembroke (NC)
  • Annual Tuition: $7,495
67% of 12 students said this degree improved their career prospects
83% of 12 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 6/10/2023
  • Degree: Accounting
"I will for sure be transferring to another school next semester! My experience since starting this school has been horrible! To start, with the application process, I was told either unofficial transcripts or official transcripts would work. Then they came back and told me I needed to send official! Why not just say that during application?! I paid for 2 sets of transcripts (4 colleges). THEN they lost one of my transcripts (the most expensive one!) which was sent electronically! How do you lose an electronic transcript. It took them 3 weeks to find it! When they finally found it, and after having a meeting with some type of director, she told me I would not have to do Gen Ed classes because I have an AA, Transfer degree. So as I start registering for my classes, I notice I am getting a kickback telling me I need to complete gen ed math and gen ed english. I reach out to this director person and she told me I was getting that error because of a "system update". Well I finally had a meeting with my advisor, who they gave me no information on, I had to reach out to them and get my advisor's information. She told me I was getting the Gen Ed kickback because they put my degree in as an Associated in Applied Arts! I'm like "no that is so off!!" I clearly have an Associates in Arts, Transfer. She called them and they fixed it, but they completely lied to me about some "system error"! The icing on the cake is my refund. They shorted me my refund a few thousand dollars! When I finally figured out what was going on, I learned they refunded me for the wrong semester! They refunded me for 23-24 summer session 2. I should have been refunded for summer session 1 which is 22-23. And not add, most of the people who answer the phone are RUDE!! I have never attended a school receiving service as rude as I have received here! I will forsure be taking my education elsewhere! There is a swift reason why there is a 92% acceptance rate but only 42% graduate. And the graduation rate includes maters, BA and certificate programs. They also disabled their google reviews for a good reason. I would NOT recommend this school to ANYBODY!!"
  • Reviewed: 6/2/2021
  • Degree: Social Work
"Pro: The application process was simple and smooth. All of the Grad School personnel and SW faculty were kind and helpful throughout my graduate experience. This MSW program is a Generalist program. Therefore if you are a student who is undecided about your concentration then this program is for you. They do have a School SW, Substance Abuse, and Child Welfare track. They also have a licensure prep study group for SW students that's FREE! The curriculum is taught from a rural perspective that prepares SW to work with rural populations. The professors are knowledgeable and kind, but there are some who could be better. UNCP is also has a strong Native American base but is still pretty diverse. Overall, I enjoyed my graduate program (advanced standing) and made some great connections with the professors and classmates. This program is also one that is very affordable than some of the other MSW programs in NC. The 2nd semester was challenging but doable. Professors recommend that you not work full-time while completing the MSW program full-time. It is challenging but doable. Cons: They don't have a lot of resources or scholarships for minorities (African-Americans). Honestly, they really don't have a lot of scholarships at all, but the faculty are writing grants to win some money for SW program scholarships. This is a Native American school, so a lot of resources available for them. The second semester was bit much regarding workload. However, it was doable. There is one professor who teaches a class that MSW students need to graduate and he is the only one who teaches it. He is not a great professor, he's not good about providing clarification on assignments and his assignments make no sense. The course itself is not hard, but you will be teaching yourself the material. He also gives a lot of unnecessary busy work."
Sadeja Wooten
  • Reviewed: 6/29/2019
  • Degree: Biology
"The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is excellent if you are seeking a Bachelor's degree. Nestled in southeast North Carolina, my university was founded by Native Americans in hopes of training teachers to better educate their youth. The University of North Carolina at Pembroke had purpose since her initial establish date and she carried purpose with her through her current years. A Minority Serving Institution (MSI), the minority is the majority at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Along with this, my university is known to be the most diverse university in southeast North Carolina. This is a fact that is most prized within the university community. The community that surrounds the university is one that is strong. The Lumbee Tribe, whose origins are traced to Pembroke, NC where the university was founded, is that strong community. The Lumbee Tribe graces the campus with their spirited dances and noble story telling during different points of the academic year. The Lumbee Tribe reminds the university community of the importance of embracing history and culture.Putting the history and basics of the university aside, academically the university is great at providing the necessary tools needed to help each student succeed. As a biology major I was worried about the course load and the interaction between student and professor but my worries were alleviated once I had set foot inside a UNCP classroom. With small class sizes and intimate one on one time with the professor, the university sets a perfect atmosphere for academic achievement. The University of North Carolina at Pembroke sets the standard for where a university should be: strong, brave and unwavering."
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2018
  • Degree: Political Science
"It was a good experience. If you're looking for that large school feel, this might not satisfy. But, overall, I enjoyed my time there. The professors were well qualified and the facilities were great. I was a commuter student, so I can't really speak to the dorms."
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2018
  • Degree: Sociology
"You will be just a number, and apparently not an important one. Good luck, you will need it. It took six months of constant effort to be contacted by the school. The contact was less than sufficient. It was clearly evident that there systems are severely lacking from admissions to follow up."
Alejandra Rico
  • Reviewed: 7/12/2017
  • Degree: Physical Education
"Overall I had a good experience at UNCP. However I think there are a few things that need to be changed. The curriculum could use some changes. First it seems kind of outdated and it also feels like some classes overlap because the same professors teach different classes so you end up hearing the same things in two different classes. There weren't many good projects that were hands on to help you get more experience in the field either. The only hard project was doing the thesis/capstone which is very rigorous and will make or break your degree here. I enjoyed the professors they were very helpful and lenient if you were ever struggling. The faculty was probably the best part about this program. When you do get to your capstone project you also get a lot of support from the faculty which makes it easier to complete. They don't offer many opportunities for networking or career fairs which is kind of disappointing. They don't promote them either so if you don't do any research on your own about how to network you or attend different event throughout your time here you will struggle finding a job."
Jalen Cole
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2016
  • Degree: Business
"UNCP is a wonderful college, with dedicated staff and faculty, as well as students, who put a massive amount of effort into improving the campus. I'm proud to be attending classes alongside such motivated people, and it has inspired me to take ownership of my community and work towards bettering it. The business administration program is also full of great instructors who pack the curriculum with rigorous instruction so students get as much as they can out of their classes. I'm very pleased having chosen to attend this college!"
Heather Guyton Thompson
  • Reviewed: 8/8/2016
  • Degree: Teaching
"UNCP was a great experience for me. As a commuter student, the professors were gracious and accommodating. All of the classes were small, and it became a family environment for us, many of us are close today. Attending UNCP opens your eyes to the Lumbee culture and the varying cultures around the country. No one is discriminated, and everyone feels connected."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2016
  • Degree: Psychology
"UNCP was one of the most diverse universities I could have attended. Along with the small class sizes and personal attention it was a great school."
Domonique Reece
  • Reviewed: 7/3/2015
  • Degree: Secondary Education
"The first pro of the Graduate Program at UNCP is the wealth of information provided upon acceptance and entrance. The orientation was immensely informative for a new student such as myself. A further positive of the Graduate program is the wealth of resources available both academically and professionally. Both my professors and colleagues/peers have great knowledge in my professional field as well as my subject matter or course of study. Thus far, this has been very beneficial in aiding me in succeeding. Some cons to the Graduate program are inconsistency in quality professors as well as face to face meetings with advisers. I began my program with a very knowledgeable and competent professor, however, contrarily I encountered a not so positive experience with my next professor. In addition, I am one who thrives on face to face conversations, as I better understand information typically when I am able to discuss situations out loud. However, in graduate school it has been difficult for me communicating solely via e-mail with my adviser on my academic course of study. Overall, although there are some shortcomings, I am thoroughly enjoying furthering my education on a higher level."
B. W.
  • Reviewed: 5/27/2015
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"The campus is beautiful on any given day, even the muggy and rainy ones, the dorms are okay, the newer ones are obviously nicer than others. The theater and psychology departments are amazing both in curriculum and with the instructors way of relating material to the students. The political science (also advanced) and math departments could use some work with the instructors as far as their styles and how personal they are. They felt like robots reading off their scripts all the time. There is an Indian female professor for chemistry (forgot her name unfortunately) that is beyond phenomenal. And the band will constantly play in areas of study (such as right next to the library), but hey, they're technically studying their work that way. In all honesty, I wouldn't go back for the price but I would go back for the memories. Especially if you intend on joining clubs, living on campus, or participating in athletics, Greek row, etc"
Myra Creech
  • Reviewed: 10/11/2012
  • Degree: Education
"I am earning a Masters in Elementary Education. A wonderful hybrid program that combines traditional classes with online courses. Very convenient."