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1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2017

Stay away from the Masters in Teaching program!!! This degree program is replete with professors who are woefully ill-informed about the subject matter within which they allegedly have expert knowledge. In this program one will learn about all sorts of theories, be required to read the works of educational leftists, and will be exposed to all sorts of leftist propaganda designed to indoctrinate future teachers into an extreme-leftist state of mind. The student is also required to write one paper after another in order to determine the effectiveness of the indoctrination upon ones points of view. Those students who express a conservative viewpoint are systematically targeted for removal from the UNG Masters in Teaching program through the use of documented false allegations that facilitate expeditious removal from the college. Throughout the course of the program, while undergoing all sorts of exposure to leftist twaddle, that which is beneficial for new teachers to learn is nowhere to be found. As a result, completion of this degree program fails to prepare future teachers for that which they will encounter as they enter the teaching profession. To say that some of the professors within the UNG College of Education are disgraces to their profession who routinely exercise very poor judgment is an understatement.

4 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2018

I chose this school because it was one of the few in the state that had a Forensics Program. The location of this school is amazing. It is located at the bottom of the mountains. The traditions and activities that go on on campus are that of any college town. As for the school, they had a poor thought process with their building plans. The school has very limited parking for commuters and residents but that can be expected. The issue was that they cut the park spaces in half to build a convocation and a parking deck at the same time, in different locations on campus. '

4 out of 5
Degree: Biology
Graduation Year: 2016

I attended the University of North Georgia Gainesville campus. It is a small, yet expanding campus. There are currently dorms available only for the Dahlonega campus. Every year more opportunities become available to students; unfortunately for me, I feel that better and a lot more opportunities will be available to students post my graduation. However, I had opportunities to network, because I attended science conferences. Preparing for these conferences helped build leadership, organization, and communication skills, and you also learned how to work with a team. As far as Professors, for the most part, they are willing to help you and give you advise. As to be expected, the upper level classes are rigorous. I recommend mostly studying on your own, because studying in groups can be more confusing at times, unless you have a "study buddy". Overall my experience there was a good one, and I would recommend this school to prospective students.

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4 out of 5
Degree: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2015

I very much enjoyed my experience at the University of North Georgia Dahlonega campus. The classes are great, and the college professors and helpful and friendly. There are many resources available to help you out if you are having trouble in a class, or a re stressed about an assignment, and the social possibilities are endless.

4 out of 5
Degree: Teaching
Graduation Year: 2010

Dahlonega is a small town in the mountains but offers you a great environment to go to college. Not a lot of distractions with a big city close by. North Georgia was a great school to go to for me. I liked the closeness I felt there and could actually walk on campus and say hey to people because it was small enough.

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