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Student & Graduate Reviews

vince Kitsmiller
  • Reviewed: 12/22/2015
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"The academics are research focused, specifically if circuits fabrication is important to you. The faculty and staff are extremely accessible and work hard to accommodate your needs as a student. Research and general engineering facilities are rather good especially the clean room. However course selection and research areas are limited. Additionally the local area is mediocre."
Fernando Turrent
  • Reviewed: 12/22/2015
  • Degree: MBA
"Pros people here are great! Cons Career services lacks quite a bit"
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2015
  • Degree: Cultural Studies
"Notre Dame is a wonderful community, filled with passionate students that love working and learning in various disciplines. Especially in the College of Arts and Letters, faculty are passionate about you and helping you succeed in college and beyond. The student body is very motivated and kind, I have made many life long friends here that at the start of my time at Notre Dame I would never have thought I would meet. Overall, Notre Dame is a wonderful place for both academics and a social life."
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2015
  • Degree: Biology
"I love Notre Dame. The beauty of the campus, the family atmosphere, the school spirit, the rigorous academics, together they form an incomparable and unforgettable experience. The religious nature of the University, and some of it's attendant rules, are not for everyone, nor its emphasis on community and service, but for those who go here, it is transformative."
  • Reviewed: 10/13/2015
  • Degree: English
"I have never regretted choosing Notre Dame, though I'm not convinced I would make the same decision over again. The faculty is fantastic and I got a top-notch education, but the older I get the more I realize how limiting "the Notre Dame experience" was. At a time in my life when I was starving to learn more about the world, I closed myself into a small campus full of people rather like myself. Study abroad was a crucial experience for me, partially for this reason, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Go to ND for a really excellent academic experience, but challenge yourself to gain exposure to new people and things, too. And study abroad. Definitely study abroad."
  • Reviewed: 9/29/2015
  • Degree: Business
"Couldn't have made a better decision on where to attend college. Academically challenging, great student life, lifetime friends, lots of ways to get engaged on campus."
  • Reviewed: 9/29/2015
  • Degree: Religious Studies
"Notre Dame is a school built on tradition. It's a school with many rich kids who come from well-off backgrounds. The Catholic presence is obvious, but it's culturally seen as a personal choice on an individual level. Because it commands a good amount of respect, there are pretty cool opportunities to work with important professors, attend prestigious events, and, as an alumni, network with powerful people."
  • Reviewed: 8/19/2015
  • Degree: Biology
"Great school! I made life-long friends and great memories. I had upon graduating (and still have) plenty of fantastic opportunities based on my degree."
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2015
  • Degree: Marketing
"Honestly a life-transforming experience. Notre Dame took a quiet, socially-timid kid who was average at school and turned him into a socially-adventurous scholar who's getting his master's degree. Then onto med school. Truly became a second home."
  • Reviewed: 7/20/2015
  • Degree: Biology
"There will never be a university that can compete with ND in my eyes. I also have a doctorate from another school, but my heart belongs to the Fighting Irish. The sense of community and family there is great, the academics are excellent, the campus is beautiful... I visit once a year, and it always feels like going home."
graduate 2010
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2015
  • Degree: Accounting
"Great school. The reputation and network of Notre Dame made it really easy to get a job after graduation. My only worry is that the university administration is becoming too extreme in their Catholicism and conservatism and not caring as much about their students."
Graduate 2011
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2015
  • Degree: Biology
"It was an amazing experience. Every part of the human experience was cared for at Notre Dame. I received a top-notch education in multiple fields from some of the best researchers in their fields. I developed lasting friendships with people in my dorm and across campus. I was given amazing opportunities to grow spiritually, academically, and socially."
2013 mechanical engineering grad
  • Reviewed: 5/29/2015
  • Degree: Mechanical Engineering
"Take advantage of the career fairs. This is probably the most important thing you can do to help secure a job in the field of your choice."
  • Reviewed: 5/26/2015
  • Degree: Religious Studies
"I can honestly say that Notre Dame is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I loved every minute of my four years there. The people are amazing and there is nothing like the campus life at ND. There is a definite feeling of family there. Once you're a part of the student body, you are forever in the ND family. The faculty are amazing and are really dedicated to supporting the students and fostering their passion for learning. I also loved the faith community on campus. Notre Dame teaches servant leadership and focuses on using your gifts to serve others. It's an amazing community and has equipped me so well for my life after college. In addition to intellectual knowledge, ND teaches morality. I can't say enough good things about Notre Dame. I haven't met anyone who attended who didn't absolutely love it."
Michael Clark
  • Reviewed: 5/5/2015
  • Degree: Public Health
"The MS in Global Health program at Notre Dame offers a fantastic professional degree. The science-centric required courses prepare you to be incredibly competitive upon graduation regardless of whether you choose to pursue Global Health immediately or further education, i.e. medical school. All of the faculty are accessible and happy to provide any help they can. If you're looking for a mentor, you can easily find one among the renowned faculty. The year culminates in a capstone project that immerses the student in a foreign country to perform novel research that can be submitted for publication or presentation at a national/international conference! How exciting!! The only drawback to the program is that it is incredibly fast-paced by necessity, but many people view this as a positive, too. The campus is georgeous, and the surrounding city is active and friendly. I whole-heartedly recommend this program."
Arnaud Bacye
  • Reviewed: 4/3/2015
  • Degree: Mechanical Engineering
"Great education system, more career support and diversity will be appreciated"
Scott Klein
  • Reviewed: 3/24/2015
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"It is a great program, although it is still a relatively new program so they are working out some kinks."
Elizabeth Jackson
  • Reviewed: 12/14/2014
  • Degree: Philosophy
"Pros: Academically competitive, high quality of other students (both smart and social), really enjoy the professors and have learned a ton from them Cons: South Bend isn't the best town"
Louise Williams
  • Reviewed: 12/9/2014
  • Degree: Philosophy
"Lots of resources, full funding, great undergrads to teach. The program is really focused on Western Philosophy, but its possible to do some multi cultural stuff as well"
Rachel Jonker
  • Reviewed: 12/9/2014
  • Degree: Philosophy
"The University of Notre Dame's philosophy program is one of the best, with particular strength in philosophy of religion. Faculty are generally accessible."