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5 out of 5
Degree: Nurse Practitioner (NP)
Graduation Year: 2014

Overall, my USA experience was very good. I'm sure my complaints would be common to many other most-online MSN programs. The online classes and the format of the online classes were easy to follow, some instructors more organized than others. The degree plan was a very good roadmap for graduation and I followed it to a "T". After graduation, no problem passing both Acute Care and Family boards, thanks to the preparation of USA MSN program. Will this program guide you through to be prepared to pass boards? Yes. Can some nursing programs change? Yes. If you are self-motivated, and a hard worker, you'll do well at USA and it will get you through to your goal of being a nurse practitioner.

5 out of 5
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2013

USA has in excellent online and on campus program. The program and staff prepare students to past the boards on the first try. I felt more than prepared for the NCLEX. I already had my RN, I was enrolled in BSN ONLINE program this was perfect for me.

2 out of 5
Degree: Geriatric Nurse/Nursing
Graduation Year: 2018

As a current student, I submit my impressions after three semesters. This course is designed to be totally online. Many of the faculty are self-important, insulting, and very disorganized. After the first semester, you will come to understand that University of South Alabama (USA) has no teachers. The self-aggrandized faculty at the school seem irritated if you attempt to contact them by phone, and the assignments are a maze of announcements (one afterthought following another & the student is expected to make sense of this puzzle). The rubrics and the syllabus become generalized dogma that they will use against students (do not accept anything the instructor says as true unless it is in writing). If I lived in Alabama, I would file a lawsuit for financial damages because the faculty requested additional work that required out of pocket expenses and then would not make good on the agreement because it was not in writing. My complaint that I did not receive adequate technical support was met with the Department Chairs assertion that quantitatively I had received more than my fair share of digital responses to my issues. If that support was not helpful to me in my specific situation, that is not their problem. If you are absolutely terrific at writing error free papers in APA format, and easily work with many audio, visual formats, then this program can expedite your journey to an MSN or DNP. If you are not perfect in using APA format, major multi-tasking or mind reading...Steer clear of this program, it will crush you, mind and spirit.

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